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What are some good animes on Netflix?
Who is your favorite creepypasta shipping?
What's the funniest YouTube video
What are you 4 doing tomorrow?
What are some websites you should never visit?
Why do I feel depressed after a nap? Does anyone else feel this way too?
Would you watch my YouTube channel Mr nice guy?
What's your favorite creepypasta?
Can You Give Me Three words/objects that have to be included in my fanfic?
anypony know where I can find a friend this hour?
How old were you when you had your period?
If P is taller than Q ; R is shorter tan P; S is taller than T but shorter than Q, Then who among them is the tallest
Do You Want a POV In The FanFic?
What is your favorite song? (1)
A vendor bought toffees at 6 for a rupee. How many for a rupee must he sell to gain 20%?
Is there a good book series I should read?
Who would be the leader of creepy pasta? Jeff the killer, Slender man, or other?
Medical Advice about nausea?
In your opinion, who is the best actor that portrays Batman. (In any movie or TV show that you want)
You favorite story on this site
What's your opinion about Sears being defunct and why?
What's the worst battery brand?
What's the best battery brand?
How well do you think My Little Pony is, and why?
What's the difference between liquefaction and condensation?
Whats your favorite part of school?
Do you like new penny wise or old penny wise?
I am getting some new chickens and I need names
Has anyone heard of Icon for hire?
A cat has 3 children. The first two are Ten and Twenty. What is the third cats name.
Someone is lying to me
Anyone wants to be in the future of mobuis keinoa's story
Freddy or Jason?
If you can buy two games what would it be
Favorite Dog breed?
Have you ever been asked out?
Is my teacher a pervert?
What was ur first kiss like? (and if you haven't, what do you hope it will be like?"
What's your favorite Harry Potter spell?
What's your Harry Potter patronous?
What are some moments where you wished people kissed?
What's your best Minecraft build?
How do you explain to your parents that you really want to do something they probably won't approve of?
do you think ldshadowlady should film her wedding?
should qfeast weddings be a thing?
What would your boggart be?
What are your favorite warriors characters?
does anyone know any good pages?
I'm almost done with my book, any ideas on what to read next( teenagers only)?
Are there harmless pranks?
What is your favorite thing about Easter?
How do you get Duct tape off painlessly and with out any red mark?
Addictive, Appropriate, Free Game Ideas!
How many friends?
do you go to lincoln elementary/junior high/middle school?
What is your favorite game? Minecraft or Fortnite Battle Royal
whos your favorite stranger things cast member?
Do you like unicorns?
What is your fandom?
Which Mario Kart Course is the best?
Which Mario Kart Course is the worst in the series?
What stuff will there be in the future?
Do you think YouTube changed a lot in the past few years?
What's the best temperature to swim in a swimming pool?
Girl called me retarded?
Are you excited for the new Jurassic world?
Who's your favorite Harry Potter character
Team Edward or team Jacob
Who's your favorite character from the 100?
Your 100 character
What is your favorite thing to do when you are bored/alone?
What is your opinion on todays society?
What are the pros and cons to being homeschooled?
What was your reaction to South Africa taking away all the farmers land?
Losing my Mind Meme help?
I might be sent to Rehab?
On a scale of 1-10 how much are you in Harry Potter fandom
What is your favorite anime character?
What anime character is your favorite?
What Fandoms Are You Into?
What happens if I set soap on fire?
Does anyone want to be in keinoa's story
If you try to fight me how will you do it?
What tv show(s) are you watching right now?
Favorite type of superpower?
What's your opinion on what the Florida students are doing?
What's going on with my chicken
Do you know the wea?
Do you think the oujia board is real?
When should be used the 'last' word and when should be used the 'latest'?
Which is the last game that you have completed?
How are you doing today?
What do you think will happen in chapter 4 of BATIM?
What would a tv show of your life be called?
What is the point in life?
Is 'Alice' Good Or Bad?
Do You Think 'Alice' Is Going To Get Rekt By Henry In Chapter 4?
If you went on vacation,which country would you got to?
Favorite RWBY character?
What would you say if i got a tattoo?