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whats your favorite band/artist?
About Doctor Who?
what's your favorite animal?
What Do I Do!?
what do you think americans think about germans
Who's your favorite CreepyPastas?
How do you get followers on qfeast?
what's your favorite 1D song?
What helps you sleep at night?
What is creepypasta, and why is everyone obsessed with it?
Are Weeaboos Dumb?
Is Mephiles Shadow's anti?
Argh! I need help on skyrim!
Is it strange that i had my first kiss when i was nine
do you speak german
Who is the best vocaloid in your opinion?
If you could have ONLY have 3 wishes, what would they be?
How long does it take you to get this?
Which celebrity do you think you are most like?
How much do you like books?
Have you ever...?
Can you delete polls? if so how?
Whats your halloween costume?
What do you do with your notifications?
Do you think Ticciwork is a cute couple.
Who else ignores people while they're reading?
If you could date any fo the hetalia character's who would it be?
How did you pick your username
Sonic questions!
im nervous to talk to her
What do you think happened to carol?
Goood oc and bad oc?
Please could someone explain Sonic to me?
Do you love music like u would risk your lives for it?
has anyone been stressed about work/studies?
Do you like crossovers?
what song should i sing?
Who else...?
What would you do?: A theoretical question
Whar video game franchise do you like most?
What is Your Fatal Flaw?
Do you like dolls better or LEGO?
What does this mean? (READ DESC!)
Is this a bug?
Why is he called BEN drowned?
What are you going to be for Halloween?
A boy you like has a girlfriend. What do you do?
How long does it take for hair to grow to above the belly button from an inch below shoulder length?
Do you like tacos?
Are there any other movies like Prometheus?
What do i do? (3)
who is you're favorite youtuber
What is your favorite hobby?
Do you find the His Dark Materials series ending disappointing?
If you're an animal, what are you going to be? Meow.. Try a specific answe like you're in a question and answer portion.
Who's Your Favorite MLP character? (background or mane six, please chose 1)
r u addicted with qfeast?
are you dark?
What Should I do About My Cousin!?
who do you love the most grell or sebastian
I need an OC name!
what is your faviourte amour in minecraft
what would you do if you were being chased by your x-boyfriend with a knife
Who Else Thinks this is Weird?
how many anime freaks are there?
i dont like my long time friend no more.
Any facts about amnesia?
Whats Homestuck about?
This boy stalks me!
I made a painting in Intro to Art today. is it any good?
What one word would you use to describe President Obama?
i dont have much to achieve in my life
Are you an animal person?
How Do You do Emoji Characters like the Update said?
How do i tell my dad i like girls?
What Is A Good Dark Halloween Costume Idea?
Is it bad if i have a mosquito bite RIGHT next to my earring peircing?
I Need an Idea for a Mythical Humanoid With Wings! (Read Description)
What's Your Favorite Candy?
if you could make a weird version of yourself what wound it be?
difference between plant &animal
What do you do if someone you don't like has a crush on you?
If you could only say four words...?
What is it like to die and go to heaven? :O
whos your fav person from pentatonix?
Why is the symbol for qfeast a gecko on a letter "o" which looks like its a "q"?
What's your favorite band?
fav singer
what do u think about ebola?
Have you had something traumatizing happen to you as a kid?
How'd You Find Qfeast?
what is your fav soap
How do you feel about Videogame Speedruns?
who is your fav band?
Who is the cutest couple at Monster High
should america be scared of ebola
do you like minecraft
should 1D all be treated equally?
Is this a RARE PokemonCard i don't know!
What's you're Favorite creepypasta (Ok i know its a Standard question but please answer)