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give me song ideas
What is the meaning of life? (7)
ANybody a fan of My Hero Academia (BNHA)
I need two (female) characters for my Reader X Yandere-Chan story
What is the most spoken language other than english in QFeast?
How do I politely tell this person they are boring?
What do you call a person who cheats on a test?
babyfur or no?
What ould you do if not only I posted in english, but other languages too?
What is the weirdest rule in your house?
Whats your most bizarre inside joke?
What is the stupidest rumour passed around your school?
Recommend manga please
What do you think about cosplayers?
What is your favorite Star Wars animal?
anybody has the Hanahaki disease?
Who is your favorite Joker?
My neighbors are a bunch of psycho hippies
What would you do if you lived in your favorite fictional world?
How much do you know about your parent's lives as teenagers?
If you dated you - what would be the deal breaker that makes you break up with yourself?
What is the women's equivalent of a guy going up and using the urinal directly next to another guy?
You can make any one thing punishable by death. What do you choose?
What's everyone's zodiac sign,I'm leo.
Would you convert for your s/o?
How much do yall like jack the skeleton?
Does anyone wanna hear my life story cause...I'm bored.
What is a song you used to dislike but now like?
What would you do with mind control?
What are ideas you never used for a story that you still think are good?
What type of kid are you in school?
Do you think ths kitten is cute?
If you could swap two characters from different series, what would make for the most interesting swap?
mixed people, which side of your heritage do you wish was more prominent (in looks) and why?
how late is too late for an abortion ?
What video game gave you the feels?
Which fan theories are more interesting than the actual canon?
What's one small thing that could make you h*te a person forever?
In what ways did you change from when you first joined qfeast?
What did you not learn until an embarassingly late age?
what was the shadiest moment in history?
Do your parents treat your siblings differently?
What's the most worrying thing anyone's told you?
What pet do you wish you had?
What is the funniest joke ever?
Favorite Chips?
What is one word you will say to Donald Trump if you met him face to face?
What sounds bad but is actually good?
Im curious and trying to find out my sexuality, was wondering how some of you found out? I'd love to hear your stories/ideas!
What fandoms have been ruined for you?
What has made you stay/ come back to qfeast?
What's your fav boys name?
Which curse word or insult has lost its impact?
Whats your worst habit?
Do you guys remember me?
w0ts an obscure kink, but also the weirdest in your opinion?
Who would you not mind being your kidnapper?
What movie always makes you cry?
Which anime tropes would you avoid dating?
is it possible to file a restraining order on someone on the internet?
What's your favorite candy? (2)
Where did i go wrong?
What were the worst essay topics you were made to write in school?
I need answers for a q and a
fav singer (1)
Who do you think will make it to the SuperBowl?
Whats the best solution to eating placenta?
You have 5 seconds to ruin a date. Wyd?
Do you guys know how to share the animation project from Flipaclip?
What would you respond with if Gordan Ramsay slapped two pieces of bread to your ears and yelled 'WHAT ARE YOU?!'?
Is putting an (old) ill cat to sleep a sin?
I go back to school today what do I do and do I not do?
This is a riddle) Easy
do you have sidleings?
What makes your crush / partner special to you?
I fed up of people going out with me then blowing me off when the next girl comes along! Is there anyway I could get one on Here
What is your best memory?
How do I follow my dream of becoming an actor when my parents think I'll never be able to do it?
What was the best day of your life in 2019?
is there any way to change the notification noise?
I'm writing a story about a girl called Becca willows and I'm stuck for ideas any help?
I like a girl but im shy even though anyone would say im not what do i do? she knows i like her.
Who is the epicest person on this site?
Which one do you think would be the safest to summon?
What are your goals for the 2020s decade?
How many creepypasta fans are there here?
How do you feel about head massagers?
Bf/Gf applications?
Who is in an interracial relationship and why?
Tips on how to hack phone cameras?
give me hints to drop
what is the first thing that pops in your head? (I'm honestly wondering)
Who has it the worst in real life? (What's your story)
is he dropping hints?
help brea get laid club
What creepypasta character do i look like? (1)
Sam in different outfits?
What creepypasta character do I look like?
l (read description)
Why do you guys like me and why is it so hard to stay my friend?