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what's the appropriate age to take a child to a shooting range?
This isnt a question but still please read it
Who's your favourite Qfeast user and why?
Is Dr. Phil single?
Ke ho'omaopopo mai nei 'oe ia'u?
Anyone know any good online games?
How do I find my hidden phone ?
Why is China such a hotspot for novel diseases?
how to start a political revolution?
why is my girlfriend so violent?
What's the best thing to say to someone being an arsehole?
Can dogs have edibles?
Does anybody have a character they want me to make a car from?
any anime suggestions?
Who is having trouble finding hygiene essentials in their local store cuz of cOrOnA?
How are you handling COVID-19?
What's your favorite Musical? (1)
is it gay to be a straight woman dating a lesbian?
How can I become Madonna?
Does anybody know what song this is?? EDIT: SOLVED
what was the original day you joined qfeast?
Who needs love?
Have you ever lie in bed and then suddenly think of something cringey you did once?
If I put legwarmers in the dryer will it ruin them?
Whats the funniest thing in your newsfeed right now?
is it normal for one's husband to buy roses for his best friend?
What's the cheapest quality fursuit maker you know?
How do you stop loving someone?
Why do you think these idiot humans are stocking up on toilet paper of all things because of the corona virus?
Describe a video game in two words
What time is it right now where you live?
Can you die after you die?
What's a song that has no lyrics that I can draw to?
what would make you disown your kid?
Who knows about the Gorillaz ?
who is scared of the Coronavirus ?
Give me good spoof names
Which type of person would you never date?
How to get away from a bully that lives with you and messes with you everyday?
Cancel Corb
what would you do if you were the only thing stopping your friend from dying?
What are healthy ways to cope?
Name something you don't have. (Like a life for me)
How many news feed/notifications do you log on to in the morning?
Do you think that the Chinese authorities exaggerated with the anti corona virus actions?
Are you afraid of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) ? Why yes, why not?
Who is your favourite mascot?
THC gummies are stupid
what was the first meme you saw ?
Weebs, what are your top 5 animes?
Do you read Qfeast's guidelines?
What art supplies do you thing are the best ?
How to calm myself down?
What's everyone's favorite song themed after batim(bendy and the ink machine)
I'm bored and I really like drawing...can you guys give me any idea's for a drawing?
give me song ideas
What is the meaning of life? (7)
ANybody a fan of My Hero Academia (BNHA)
I need two (female) characters for my Reader X Yandere-Chan story
What is the most spoken language other than english in QFeast?
How do I politely tell this person they are boring?
What do you call a person who cheats on a test?
babyfur or no?
What ould you do if not only I posted in english, but other languages too?
What is the weirdest rule in your house?
Whats your most bizarre inside joke?
What is the stupidest rumour passed around your school?
Recommend manga please
What do you think about cosplayers?
What is your favorite Star Wars animal?
anybody has the Hanahaki disease?
Who is your favorite Joker?
My neighbors are a bunch of psycho hippies
What would you do if you lived in your favorite fictional world?
How much do you know about your parent's lives as teenagers?
If you dated you - what would be the deal breaker that makes you break up with yourself?
What is the women's equivalent of a guy going up and using the urinal directly next to another guy?
You can make any one thing punishable by death. What do you choose?
What's everyone's zodiac sign,I'm leo.
Would you convert for your s/o?
How much do yall like jack the skeleton?
Does anyone wanna hear my life story cause...I'm bored.
What is a song you used to dislike but now like?
What would you do with mind control?
What are ideas you never used for a story that you still think are good?
What type of kid are you in school?
Do you think ths kitten is cute?
If you could swap two characters from different series, what would make for the most interesting swap?
mixed people, which side of your heritage do you wish was more prominent (in looks) and why?
how late is too late for an abortion ?
What video game gave you the feels?
Which fan theories are more interesting than the actual canon?
What's one small thing that could make you h*te a person forever?
In what ways did you change from when you first joined qfeast?
What did you not learn until an embarassingly late age?
what was the shadiest moment in history?
Do your parents treat your siblings differently?
What's the most worrying thing anyone's told you?
What pet do you wish you had?
What is the funniest joke ever?