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What is the Funniest Thing You've Ever Done?
What Anime Do you like?
What is your Favorite time of year
how many friends do you have at school?
do you think fnaf 4 will be a prequel or a sequel?
What do you think of this awesome Steven Universe/Shut Up and Dance music video?
What Other Social Media Accounts do you Have?
Is it Okay to Be Annoying?
what are some ways you could stand up to a bully?
What's the Dumbest Thing Anyone's Ever Said to You?
What would you do if today was your last day today or words?
How do I deal with my OCD?
who do you ship mangle with?
what is mangle's gender
What is your favorite gemstone?
What's Your Favorite Fantasy Television Show?
Which Grade Are You Going. To Next Year
If you could flip a switch that made every newborn child a lifelong heterosexual, would you do it? Why or why not?
Would you please share some of your other Favorite Websites?
What Steven Universe episode is your favorite?
What's with people and posting Steven Universe stuff now and days?!
Do think this is a fair way to see who's it for a game?
DO you think being gay is okay?
What negative things do you think about yourself?
What is the capital of Romania?
Do you think the Americans should have treated the Indians the way the Americans did.
Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched?
What is your favorite song from 2014?
Why do people become veggies?
How do you think a guy should be? emotion wise
Which are better twin names?
how old do I look? (1)
who wants to see WHOLOCK?
what is type 1 diabetes?
what's your favorite cartoon/movie or animated movie?
what kind of pets do you want to have?
do you get angry if your friend tell your secret to someone else
what is your favourite fruit?
whats your favourite ice cream flavour?
does anyone know who @animekitty123 is?
What do you want to happen to the world?
What are your favorite chips?
Do you like math or english
What is the best pre-hardmode gun in terraria?
Does anyone have suggestions on teen rated video games?
which skin disease is this
What type of Exercise?
how do i share pics that someone eles posted for cumputer
Need a good anime! Please HELP!
who do you believe is the best Hunger Games tribute?
Does couple of Varun dhawan and ileana d'cruz looks good?
if you could get highlights what color would it be?
Games for Mac?
is a ghost hunting me?
when do you know when god is with you?
how did you find out about homestuck
what is a nerd
What are the best names to use in stories?
Do you have any Summer Reading Book Recommendations?
If u had any wild animal as a pet, wat would it be?
When do you think Steven`s birthday is?
the question is, which Steven Universe character is the best? (background characters included!)
Why is Disney Junior so stupid
Does Raven love beast boy or not
What is the greatest pet in the whole entire world?
Is This Quote Basicly "you"
How do I make more appealing stories?
What is your favorite thing about the new Steven Universe theme song?
What is the best super power?
How long does it take to learn wiccan and witchcraft?
Divergent boys formal outfits?
what do you think happened to Malaysia flight 370?
Do you known One Piece Online?
There's this guy that likes me and I like him too, but will he still like me when schools starts back up?
Who was your first anime crush?
What would be your unrealistic wish?
What is your ideal Summer?
What kind of art is your favorite?
*french acsent* favorite ice cream flavour?
when will i start my first period?
Do you have a catchphrase?
What is the function of a rubber duck?
what would your last meal be?
If you could be the sidekick to any superhero or villain, who would it be?
What's your favourite action movie?
Who's your favourite celebrity?
Does it upset you when your favourite celeb kisses a girl/guy in a movie?
what is your daily routine?
Whats your Dream House?
What would you do if your boyfriend said that he loves you but hast feelings for another girl?
What are your phobia(s)?
what sort of torture for your enemy?
What should she do?
If you could have a fictional pet, what would it be and why?
What are some good anime or manga?
Do you think its ok to lie about certain things?
Is it ok to be a jerk sometimes?
Who is the best Anime character?
Are you a gamer gal?
What class are you currently doing worst in?