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do I look like ennard's sister or not ._.?
what do you think about my avatar right now?
opinions on smosh
do u want me to follow u on insta?
What's one of the worst things that has ever happened?
What do you call suspicious spaghetti?
If you were an animal what would you be?
is anyone almost like me, who is of ghanaian descent, has some autism and is from the bronx all together?
What does this look like to you guys?
Was there once a recently viewed section?
Spanish or Vanish?
Have you ever had an encounter with the police?
How do you feel about licorice?
do you like creepypasta? (1)
Drawing requests? (3)
Do u Guys think I should be a baker?
Why do some people dislike gay or lesbian couples?
I need advice! (kinda complicated situations)
are you a fangirl of my bf BEN DROWNED? Okay
What meme is better for the next vid-?
If you got a note from Slendy would you go?
Whens ur bday?
What is your favorite anime? (11)
anime recommendations
Why can't I upload videos?
How do I know whether my friends are real or fake?
How many of you want to go back to school?
Who here doesn't like How to train your dragon?
What's your favorite Anime? (4)
Do you believe in Astrology?
How many active users are on Qfeast?
what's your favorite color? (2)
If you consider yourself as my friend whats ur name?
How often do u go on qfeast?
If you could date any creepypasta who would it be?
Who's your fav creepypasta?
does anyone ever say something dark out of nowhere?
Petition for the OG emotes
What's your ultimate theme song?
Is the Kool aid man the jar or the liquid?
Is it a bad thing that I wouldn't mind having a Joker x Batman x Harley endgame?
whats Fav movie?
Whats ur fav book?
Question please answer!
Do you stress too much?
Do u like McDonalds?
Im only 13 and I still 5 feet tall is that normal
what is momo's weakness?
What is the first things you would do if you were left home alone?
Does anyone have that feeling that they are being watched?
Why do you still use qfeast?
What would your final meal be?
why are school uniforms so ugly?
What Are Some Good Mangas?
Do you ever feel like you're capable of anything, but yet so unable to achieve anything?
What is the dumbest thing you've done as a kid?
What are you most afraid of?
don't u think furbys are evil?
What's your favorite BTS song?
Why does colored ketchup exist?
If you where pulled into your favorite show /movie what would you do?
What's your favorite way to kill time?
Whithout saying their name, what is your favorite character?
why you built like that?
Favorite kind of chocolate??
What's the best time of day, in your opinion?
What's your favorite Nightcore song?
What's your favorite FNAF song?
Do you like Donald Trump?
Who is this? (1)
who was the first royal scientist in undertale?
What's the scariest thing you ever seen?
Do you like FNAF? (2)
What is one thing you would tell your younger self?
I want YOU to ask something! Ask Percy Jackson
What's the dumbest reason you got in trouble for?
Does anyone here play Roblox?
Should schools reopen amid the pandemic?
How old is this site?
What is your Hogwarts house? (2)
What is the best way to face a test?
What is a test?
Yall ever heard of life of boris?
What's your opinion on Lisa Gaming RBLX?
What do you know about Harry Potter and the wizarding world? Write 5 sentences.
why do the songs we get forced to sing in music class at schools so lame?
What's a good insult for a purple being?
What is your Zodiac Sign? (2)
Why do people bully? (2)
What is your politics?
What is Qfeast? (1)
Whats your favorite caramellagirl?
Why can't we just yeet into 2021?
why is he following me?
Who is your favorite singer? (3)
do u want ur pc to get the blue screen of death?
Why can't I make some of my pages public?
What are some tv shows yall r binging?
help! HElP!
what is your opinion on papyton?