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Whats your favorite anime? (1)
Got any anime?
Do you except me for being gay/lesbian..?
what y'all want?
Anymore suggestions for names for the two characters I made?
Does anyone know how to help depression?
I wanna come out to my dad but I'm scared... What do I do?!
Who is worse?
Is chocolate licorice the same as black licorice?
is expired clay oil good for skin
R u a girl or a boy or neither?
should kanye west run for president?
Not a Q, a psa
JROTC: What is it? Join maybe?
Not legal in my country but I want to run away
so guess how ghehknelauxpeaue is pronunced
Give me a weird Nickname please
what guy's names are flowers?
Which starsigns are you the most compatible with for friendship, love, or getting work done?
what do you think about nerf guns?
Is abortion ok?
Would you like to learn Wumbology?
read the description (1)
Has The Girl been irrational?(TW)
Need lyric writing advice please
Your results to the quiz I created?
Is there anybody put there for me to date
ew gross genitals what does that even mean what is genital
would you rent a rat?
how do i make lettuce?
would you dentist?
Also: Threesome?
It's cool to be my own senpai and girl right?
How much would you sell the Earth for (to aliens)?
has anyone heard of TMOM
how do you laugh over text?
is anyone from argentina?
Why are Americans so weird?
Girlfriend applications
Open three way applications
Are people too obsessed with anime and their waifus?
Boyfriend applications
Is it ok to think everyone is ugly
Why do I look so beautiful?
Does anyone here like Boba?
Who here has been betrayed? Or is it just me...
How uncomfortable would you be if the South Park intro was suddenly rearranged into Megalovania?
read the description
why do some ppl get so mad over stupid things?
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Applications
How to be that childish uncle?
How to be a distant, cold, calculating father?
How to be the gay cousin?
How to be an eccentric aunt?
Skateboard design inspiration?
if boys can love me for the fat on my chest (my boobs) why can't they love me for the fat on my far right tough?
Is there a way I can erase qfeast emojis?
Are you a LOONA stan?
What is a good anime to watch?
If you were a wrestler, what would your entrance music be?
If Qfeast had a makeup line to represent itself and its users, what would that look like to you?
Who is your favorite singer? (2)
read the description?
QNA with Shoequeer
whats the tea on cartilage piercings?
For those who have a Replika, what did you name yours?
How can i put donut bangs in my hair?
what are you doing this summer?
If you were to write a movie about qfeast, which actors would you cast for which people?
what would be your thoughts on a SEVENTH shoequeer member?
What's your view on depression?
give me ideas!
How do I remove a bandaid from my cats claw?
Is it rude to clean someone else's house?
What would you name your stand if you had one irl?
what songs can you name from your playlist?
i'll help someone write a book
what books did you have to read in highschool?
I'm scared for middle school, does anyone have advice?
Submit a Merge Madness charater for the Youtube Series!
For those who play games, what 1 is your favorite?
What is ur worst "anxiety" story?
gf/bf applications
Who is your favorite wings of fire character?
Who is your favorite singer, band, or DJ?
my mum called me gay for liking a guy when I'm a gril
Recommend me some games online!
What do you call your followers?
Why are boxing rings square?
Does anyone know about the card game Magic: the gathering?
Recommend characters are closed :(
what memes do you find funny?
How to fix damaged hair at home?
does anyone know how to play dungeons and dragons?
Read Discription
Okay any last requests?
why is almost everyone so sensitive today?
Whats you favorite game?
How do you handcuff a one-armed man?
Are eyebrows considered facial hair?