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Who is better? You decide?
Which Psy song is better, Opa Gangnam style or Gentleman?
Do you think i am pretty
Will you join along ?
What is this film called?
Are you popular at school?
Someone calls your name but no one is there?
i am boy i'm 15 years old i love bra.i am wear bra i am wear bra in home . but i Embarrassment to wear bra in street.what can i
favorite animal? tell me!
Relationship Help please?
2 feet or 9 feet? And why?
why does a lot of people bully me because i am lesbian?
Is Hufflepuff and embarassment to Hogwarts?
Running on my period??
If you have your period, Pads or Tampons?
What is the most attractive band?
Why does the moon's gravity affect the ocean tides?
What does it take to become a successful author in life?
Advice For Me!!! -Dallas Wayde
how to tell if a lesbian likes me
How can I reinvent myself
What reasonably priced laptop is good for sims 3?
Do you need help with your pet ??
What should I get on my 12th birthday?
What do u like about new Zealand
Advice for middle school?
Can any of you be more random that I can? Lets see!!!!
Do you have a horse, or just LOVE horses?
Can someone PLEASE Help me?!?!?
Which planet do you think is the best?
why does a cat's tongue roll up when it yawns
Does anyone know any good creepy vocaloid songs?
When will I get my first period
your favorite author/authors?
What is you Fav Music Genre?
Ow My Leg! Helllpppp!
how do you deal with a broken heart?
any other daemians out there?
how to take of DRM protection off a iplayer programe
Boy Trouble With Dallas?
How much does minecraft PC cost?
What do you think of the movie Les Misarab
What Should I Draw and Post On qfeast?
I need help, and my friend...
How can you tell if a guy likes you?
I need help dealing with the girl of my dreams
How do guys get girls?
your favorite song what is it?
What should i do, any of you good with love
waterloo road dote charles
have you ever had a dream that had a person who is still alive?
have you ever been rick rolled
What would you do if you saw Zayn in person
Anybody here watch Skydoesminecraft?
What Are You Watching Now?
What is love for you? Revised edition 2
Who's the hottest animated hunk??
what school do you go to?
do you think dragons are real if so do you think there are different types?
Does anyone watch Pretty Little Liars?
Marina and the Diamonds fan?
Favorite band/singer?
HII! What's Up? How are You?
if you die can you come back alive?
I need advice!!! Please!!!
has anyone heard of the knife game song
What is love for you? Revised edition
who will save the Enderman from the Enderdragon
can vampires turn into bats?
If people were faires, what talent would you choose? and why?
What is Math and how does it work?
Does anybody what to rp?
Who in this hell-hole of a world wish their mom would get off their case????
For anybody really its about writting stuff
what are the square numbers between 1 and 40?
What can escape from a black hole?
Random questions I want answers to
Okay.. this is just random...(READ DESQRIPTION)
I think my mum is cheating on my dad!!! PLEASE HELP ME
what is Harry Style's number
A very important question, if this has happened to you to (which most likely not) can you help me
hiring a friend. is it really allowed?
hi, the other day my crush asked out my best friend, i need advice, i dont kno if i should b mad or!!!!
Help for tired uneven complexion?
can people fly and breath underwater?
Is this love or just friends
Do tree's or plants ever die from old age?
Why a headache after a day of not drinking coffee?
Why do people get a headache from not eating?
Can I substitute all purpose flour for almond flour?
True Friend or Fake Friend?
What is love for you?
Does anyone believe in vampires?
Xbox One vs PS4-which one will you buy?
has anyone heard of the song called "Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Ol' Days)"?
Does my boyfriends ex want him back after two years?
Can You Make A Story Out Of This?
what to do when school is being in just for student rights