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Waffles or pancakes? (Vote 1)
which is the best little mixer?
Why boys always lie?
does anybody know the game candy crush saga?
How do you post a video on Youtube?
How do I track down a missing Kobo?
should i ask him out? (1)
what do you think of Halface?
Have you ever had a cat that was SO fluffy it felt like heaven?
Have you ever moved away from a friend and you tried to call her but you called the wrong number?
Favourite Book Series?
How do you record your iPad screen for free.
What is the best movie you. Have ever seen
In an orchestra, is a conductor really necessary?
Why do people lie about their age!?
Who has an idea for first impression?
What Hogwarts House do you think you would be in?
Favourite book ever?
Favourite character from Harry Potter?
Are you a Goth, emo, girly girl or a tomboy?
i just fell off my bike today and broke my arm what can i do for fun?
What is the deal with celeb?
Can anyone suggest a good computer virus fixer?
What do I do with my ex
Can anyone tell me what ' bad wolf' means????
Does anyone here play Wolf Quest???
Does anybody know the song Oath by Cher Lloyd???
Bigfoot sighting
Which evee evolution is best?
which color is your fave!!
what Korean band is this
Who is the hottest animated babe?
What is the funniest anime moment you've ever seen?
Who on Qfeats, drinks?
Do you believe in 'the unknown'?
Where do U live in the world?
Whats the weirdest or creepiest dream you ever had?
Who else is a ginger?
how listens to skillet
do you always get a ban of 12 months for drink driving?
is anyone else bored???
Iampretty, why did you hurt Hanna?
Can You Guys Help Me?
A question ive had since i was a kid
What are your fave songs????
Does anyone have a idea as an unpleasant surprise for my next chapter of The mystery of the Golden key??
How do people signal batman during the day?
Who had a Miracle happen to them?
Party emergency!
what to wear.
What do you think about this drawing 3?
What do you think about this drawing 2?
What do you think about this drawing?
does this sound like a past life memory?
Why do people like candy?(read description before you give me answers!!)
Any advice about something?
Do you beleive cryptids?
Weird question time!!
Vampire spell did it work im paranoid..
What shall I do- please help!
What television shows do you watch?
help! help!! help!!! Help! Help!! Help!!! HELP! HELP!! HELP!!!
I don't know what to do
Why do you think Dr. Eggman is fat?
One Directions new song: Best Song Ever. What do you think?
who's watching teen beach movie?
Who else thinks that Kate is a very common name?
If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be and what would you guys do/where would you go?
Why Is Being Non Religious Such A Bad Thing.. When Every Day I'm Forced To Be?
Name your favorite...
try my riddle it's really fun!!!!
My Cat had kittens!! I dont know how to clean the bedding!!!
who has their own laptop/computer?
How do you bypass all the pop ups online
Has anyone else signed the No Hot Pets pledge on
Has anyone heard Tiptoe Through The Tulips by Tiny Tim?
How can you lose twenty pounds in one second?
Comment below if....
Do your milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard?
Favorite song at the moment?
Have you ever been in love?
Who plays an instrument?
If we were buddies (which I am jeff the killer), what would we do?
Do you believe in the paranormal?
Will RED ever meet Ash
When, in September, is the Fishing Expedition in Seattle, Washington?
Can Someone judge my movie Film?
how do you get latois after latais in emerald version?
Are you a popular person?
Which Harry Potter house? Raveclaw or Gryffindor? I cant choose!
Should I Talk To Him
lionel blair is an android
How long did girls have plaits in WW2?
What song are you listening to ???
Who knows what this is?
My cat wakes me up in the middle of the night. How do I stop it?
How long did boys where short trousers in WW2?
Who is the better singer? Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, or Victoria Justice?
If you can have anything in the world, what would it be?
Have you ever break up with someone and wanted to get back?