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How many friends?
do you go to lincoln elementary/junior high/middle school?
What is your favorite game? Minecraft or Fortnite Battle Royal
whos your favorite stranger things cast member?
Do you like unicorns?
What is your fandom?
Which Mario Kart Course is the best?
Which Mario Kart Course is the worst in the series?
What stuff will there be in the future?
Do you think YouTube changed a lot in the past few years?
What's the best temperature to swim in a swimming pool?
Girl called me retarded?
Are you excited for the new Jurassic world?
Who's your favorite Harry Potter character
Team Edward or team Jacob
Who's your favorite character from the 100?
Your 100 character
What is your favorite thing to do when you are bored/alone?
What is your opinion on todays society?
What are the pros and cons to being homeschooled?
What was your reaction to South Africa taking away all the farmers land?
Losing my Mind Meme help?
I might be sent to Rehab?
On a scale of 1-10 how much are you in Harry Potter fandom
What is your favorite anime character?
What Fandoms Are You Into?
What happens if I set soap on fire?
Does anyone want to be in keinoa's story
If you try to fight me how will you do it?
What tv show(s) are you watching right now?
Favorite type of superpower?
What's your opinion on what the Florida students are doing?
What's going on with my chicken
Do you know the wea?
Do you think the oujia board is real?
When should be used the 'last' word and when should be used the 'latest'?
Which is the last game that you have completed?
How are you doing today?
What do you think will happen in chapter 4 of BATIM?
What would a tv show of your life be called?
What is the point in life?
Is 'Alice' Good Or Bad?
Do You Think 'Alice' Is Going To Get Rekt By Henry In Chapter 4?
If you went on vacation,which country would you got to?
Favorite RWBY character?
What would you say if i got a tattoo?
Does anyone here still like Megaman?
Why is a torch help you where you're going?
Is Violet Evergarden really Good?
What's the hardest part of a human to draw
How Do I Flirt/make a person fall for me face to face?
Does Jeff The Killer Exsist?
How to manage a weather migraine?
What do you think about wallflower blush from mlp eg forgotten friendship?
Hanahaki Disease?...
Does Chromecast need WiFi?
Who Thinks We Will Be Able To Save Boris The Wolf?
If you could would you live forever
You have one wish
Why do people hate Minecraft?
What is your favorite Mario Kart Course Ever Existing?
If you could go back and change one thing what would it be
Describe your fandom in one word
Describe Selena Gomez in one word
Describe your parents in one word
Who is your actor/singer chrush?
Describe life in one word
Describe your friends in one word
What do you think of Taylor swifts new style?
Describe yourself in one word
Do you think Bendy and I are a perfect couple?
My nan is more conserened about my sisters misquicko bite then my finger that could be broken
Your third frequently used emoji is what your chrush thinks of you
Why do we get tired after eating?
Is anyone else tired of all these superhero movies?
What is the worst thing to happen to you at school?
Why does my mum always tell me I smell?
Which Bird or bug egg is that?
I am looking for some good character ideas for my warriors based story ,if you can help that would be great
My nickname from a few friends is Bread... Is it weird? A lot say it is.
Do you like horror movies? >:^]
Cherries or strawberries?
Who is best girl? | DDLC
Chance at Yugioh?!?
What is LIFE? (4)
I just started a new school. But my friend keeps warning me about things.
Top three favorite youtubers!
Do you know any good books?
What's your favorite aesthetic?
Are you depressed?
Who's your favorite undertale charater?
What're your favorite memes?
Funny school moments
What is my cat doing?
What is your darkest truth?
Finding foods spicy
What is your top three favorite movies?
How can I make my friends tell me what they really think of my voice?
What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?
Good usernames