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Do you get that feeling when your laughing/facepalming at yourself when you read your past work?
What is the first letter...
Can you guess who this is?
What do you do when your friend says they think they love you?
what in the auditory system are rods and cones in the visual system comparable to?
Anime/Manga Recommendation
Are there any more Laytonites on here?
Re-askined question: when will my first period come
favourite singers or bands.
A question for Christians
has anyone met jordan witzigreuter?
Favourite song of all time?
What's the best Christmas song?
things have changed....
What pet have you always wished for?
What would you do in this situation???
if you could chose what friend to have on total drama revenge of the island would you be friends with dawn or Anne maria
zayn or harry
why do some people do not like 1D
why do people cut
I open my Computer but the screeb is Blank ? What can i do ?
What is the best TV show?
Book Recommendations
Can you please help me! (bullying problems)
What's the worst part????
Hello everyone I plan to start a youtube channel, but everytime I try a name it already exists any suggestions?
can you help with my stuttering problem?
What does this riddle mean?
What does WWE stand for?
What is the best song to you?
13th Birthday party ?
What are your favorite songs ?
who watches the show dance moms?
A COLLECTION of Riddles!!!
An Easy Riddle!
Good Band Names (Punk, Rock Genre Etc)?
Another Riddle For You Qfeasters!
Can You Solve This Riddle??
Have you listened to Salute by Little Mix?
what is s.m.a.r.t in business
how do you sleep on side,back or belly?
Should I get a Macbook Pro?
Harry Potter - New movie?!
What IS this game? Its really bugging me...
What do i do? (1)
What does my boyfriends dream mean?
What are good online virtual games to play?
The Journalist
Does anyone like Fifth Harmony?
Do you think I am Ariana's number 1 fan???
When is your birthday?
Which singer and band do you love?
How Music Effects You
A Number Question
How do people create such good quizzes?
I am stuck on this equation. Could you please put workings out as well: 5y-12+2y+15 ?
lots of people like 1D, so click.
does anyone know about and/or like the show "My Babysitters a Vampire" ?
boy help !!!!
Does he like me more than a friend
Doctor Who 50th moment?
What are some really good books for teens?
how many of you like minecraft?
Creepy pasta wikia
What do you think about science?
What Are Some Good Books That You Like To Read..Or Do You Read?
What are Hybrids?
What is a good idea for a history day project?
What car is better a BMW or a Lincoln?
about Samsung Galaxy s4 mobile phone android 4.2.2
What should an 11 year old girl directioner and mixer get for Christmas?
What do you think of katy perry's new song uncondtitonally
Would katy perry song unconditionally be good for beauty and the beast
From where can I obtain Vitamin B12 (I'm vegan)
can i induce my period?
How old do you have to be to get a YouTube account??
this is a technique to get ur period to come faster i want to see if it works
How do I teach aikido confidently?
what im going to do if the hard drive did not function?
Help with Microsoft Word 2007
itching/burning sensation in vagina is it normal pls help
why are crows ugly and black
how many times have youll read the Hunger Games trilogy
Do you have a nickname?
If you were a famous artist what would you do?
Can a penguin live in Canada not in zoo?
when will discharge or period come
What's the best Nickelodeon show?
What beauty and the beast character would you be
I open my computer but the screen is blank. What can I do? i like this guy but i have no idea wht to do about this...(read the description)
any recomendations?
Do you know what this book series is?
What life you want to have a rich life, a normal life, or a crazy life?