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Have you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer?
Favorite book?
how do i ask her out?
Whos hotter? out off...
Did you ever read a book and want to cry?
If you could switch lives with one person, who would it be?
In which way atmosphere acts like a blanket around the earth
Does this ever happen to anyone else?!?
What is that little jingle noise?
What Should the Imagine Dragons Fandom be Called?
how do i improve my relationship with my boyfriend?
I need your help
Is fighting really necessary?
who on qfeast has the most follwers?
Who Else Loves Twilight?
It has come to this...
Do you like to work out?
What is your favorite country besides America?
Who is better Ben drowned or Jeff the killer.
What Makes A Better Story?
Small or big tablet?
Are you a collecter, if so what do you collect?
Can you delete a conversation?
What is a good topic or idea to write about? *Please be appropriate*
Sonamy or Shadamy?
How long will it take you to get this? READ DESCRIPTION
Is this a sickness? or depression?
Who would win between The Fantastic Four and The Avengers?
Who would be a better couple for The Avengers?
Have you read The Lightning Theif?
So, whats better? Minecraft, Garry's Mod, or Roblox?
Why do people hate wolves?
Break up! -.-
Are there Grandmas who can't cook?
What do you think Five Nights at Freddy's 3 is gonna be like?
In the book where Hollyleaf died do you think she should stay alive or stay dead?
Which Opening Paragraph is Better for a Fanfic?
how do you get motivated to something?
How do I change the size of your brush in Gimp 2?
Pokemon X/Y Crash
Which pokemon would go good with one of the FNAF animatronics?
Can depression make you sick?
How can I make my nails grow fast?
Does Anyone Know How To Make A Website
how do you keep calm
What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen or watched?
How do i stop laughing and talking soo much?
Should I still call her friend?
I can't edit my quiz!
Has anyone else read 'The Night Circus'?
How do you make your side part lift up/flip?
Who is your favorite Doctor Who companion?
what is the best time of your life
How do I get rid of fleas for good?
How do U subscribe?
why do can't kids do anything that grown ups can do?
what is your character in ever after high?
what dog has black and white fur?
What type of dog is Kermit from Jenna Marbles?
What type of dog does not shed?
What quiz of mine was your fave? (Read description)
Who do you think Melody the hedgebat sould date?
Do I have a problem?
have you done something terrible to a person that you regret doing it?
why does raven queen have to poison apple white when she dosent want to?
what is your phobia?
What creepypasta will you FMK?
can we date eachother?
What are your fears?
Have you always wondered what cats are saying to us?
what would it be like if Sebastian played five nights at Freddy's with grell?
Is it just me, or does Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' video practically confirm all of Bart Baker's Taylor Swift parodies?
Please Please! Help (don't ignore this plz)
What does OC mean?
What Gernres of Music Do You Enjoy?
Any Recommended Minecraft Servers?
So I have a question I assume I know the answer to: is ANYONE still on MySpace?
Have you seen the devil is a part timer
What do you do when you're helplessly bored?
What's the first anime you watched?
Does anyone know how the dino sapien tv series ended?
Help! I'm looking for a book but I don't know the author or title!
What are some of your favorite bands/artists?
Are they're any anime's for creepypasta?
How can i tell my aura color without having to be in the dark? (besides doing a accurate quiz)
what my little pony do you like?
what's your favorite song? (1)
Am i the only person who doesn't want to cry?
Have you read the choclate box girls by cathy cassidy?
I can't confirm my account. Help!
What are readers?
#1 video game question
Favourite Film or Movie
What is your favorite song on Earth?
Do i have anger issues?
Who is best MLP villain?
i started the indianapolis childrens choir but im nervous to talk to people
how do you get songs out of your head?
whats your favorite band/artist?
About Doctor Who?