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Are they making a season 3 of Sword Art Online?
Do you think it is okay for women to be topless at the beach?
What show/movie/book/anime/ect. makes you legitimately cry?
Have you ever read/written a fanfiction?And if you haven't than would ever consider reading/writing one?Why or why not?
Favorite fairytale(s)?
Scariest/weirdest memory/event(s) that's happened to you,family,or a friend that's 100% true?(Tell it as good as you can.)
How do you handle people who are rude/basically evil?
What is your favourite eevee evolution?
What Kind of Car Do You Want?
What episode of dragon ball do I NEED to see
Who do you look up to on qfeast?
Who is your fave dork diaries character
Do you like warrior cats?
What do you think of the new song ex's and oh's?
how do I get her to talk (1)
how do I get her to talk
How many people are on qfeast?
What is your least favourite animal?
Are blue eyes and brown hair attractive?
Is there such thing as a black person with blue eyes? (no offence!)
How can i prevent qfeast making my questions profile?
What is your favorite Dork Diaries book?
Bf Help (girls only)
Should trans* women be allowed to use woman-only gyms?
HeLp! PlS!
Do you know what Cupcakes is?
Do you know any good anime I could watch?
Do you want me to write a FNAF P.O.V story?
what is fave animaltroic?
Your amazing just the way you are!
What are your opinions on Imagine Dragons?
Who is your favorite of the elemental dragons? Why?
Do you like Nicki Minaj?
Would you want ONaF 3?
can you make a clover with your tounge
What's Freshman Year Like?
Which Anime show is your favorite?
Which fantasy movie (series) is your favorite?
What is your favourite Pokemon? (1)
Witch is your favorite puppy who could not bark book?(for now)
I am goin to school in a few weeks?
Don't you just dislike it so much when parents procrastinate?
What do you think of Qfeast?
If you got a tattoo, what would it be of?
What is your favorite candy brand?
Does anyone watch the show Charlotte?
What do you think of the relationship Borealis and Zircon had as kids?
What would happen in a world were you didn`t exist?
What FNAF character do you like the most?
Why are people Gay
If you can go to a new dimension, where would you go?
Have you ever heard of Cryaotic?
Would you want a new series for FNaF?
Can anyone help me regarding anger issues?
How was Fifth Grade for you?
Is This a Good Idea? (1)
Are there life in outer space? How would the aliens look like? and lastly, describe their planet
How do you be more active on Qfeast?
Are you a good muliti-tasker?
How Did You Find Out About Poke'mon?
How many kpop bands do you know?
If a boy teases you, does it mean they like you?
What is your meaning of life?
Are there any possible way to body swap and in that case, how?
Is there a possible way to make a timemachine and in that case how?
Do you know any running tips?
Why are there giant corns in Dublin, Ohio?
What is the funniest gaming adventure you have had?
What is your favourite anime character?
Who likes back to school shopping
What are your thoughts on romance?
Do you watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt?
Do you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine?
Did you know of the new Latina Princess?
Did you enjoy reading "Glitched?"
What's your favorite screamo band?
Why are there so many car crashes lately?
Does anyone want the game The Idolmaster one for all translated in to their language?
Would you be best friends with a vocaloid, if so who would it be?
Anyone else get this?
I need help with friendship
What was your most embarrassing moment?
How can I get more muscle? (Read below)
GMM fans, how do you feel about the Season Seven Finale
Whats your favorite TV shows?
Who was the first to discover uranium?
How do you deal with anger/sadness?
Where did you get you best pizza ever?!
What was your best year(s) of school?
How do I Pm?
Has this ever happened to you before on Qfeast?
Who was the best batman?
Why does Qfeast always make my " hedgehog" stuff profile?
Do you like music?
Fav tv show?
What does this emoji mean?
Who part of the juggalo family
What's your favorite 'ball' sport?
What is your favorite Steven Universe character?
what is your worst lie you ever told?