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Do you know any good supernatural, mystery and sci-fi anime?
is it normal to feel guilty when haven't even done anything?
Are you into "Big girls?"
is birth control bad?
What do you do when some one hurts your feelings really badly?
Why are people against the confederate flag?
ur life's annoying stories, tell here!
What is your favourite anime art style?
Was/is high school different than expected?
What is your ideal world?
Is Mangle male or female?
if you could get a million dollars that you can't spend,would you still want it?
If you read manga, who is you favorite manga artist?
What is the most Motivational thing you have ever heard?
Who s your favorite metal/rock band?
What is brown and sticky? What tastes better then it smells? What 2 things can you never eat for breakfast?
How often do you think about Harry Potter/ are you obsessed?
A cat had three kittens named April, May, and June. What was the mothers name?
How many languages and which languages do you speak?
Are you Jehovah's Witness and a Christian?
What character should Nintendo add in the next smash bros game?
How do I make Lenny face?
Why USA does not require employers to provide even a day of paid leave to its employees?
What do you think of The Pixar Theory?
What in general annoys you?
Ever have a fake friend?
Do you think Princess Zelda is Illuminati?
What do you think of Zircon's Raging Titan form?
Do you think that Bree is an overdramatic singer?
Have you ever been bullied?
hermione, ginny,luna or cho?
What R u getting ur dad for Father's Day ?
Do you like homework?
What is your favourite anime movie? (Not show)
What do you feel when you enter someones meanlist ?
When someone enters your meanlist what do you feel ?
If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
If you could choose the apocalypse, and you HAVE to choose one, which one would you choose?
What is the best episode of Gravity Falls?
What is the creepiest episode of Gravity Falls?
What would happen if Link met Chica?
Who will you be for Halloween? Are you exited?
Any Good Horror Anime? *Read Description*
On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you for school?
If Bree were to go insane, why should she?
What would happen if you put BEN and Jeff in a boat and pushed them out to sea?
Anyone else think Mangle is still a mystery?
what is your favorite game series and why?
What is your favorite Creepypasta story?
What do you think is the best thing ever created?
If you could choose ONE invention, what would it be?
whats your favorite fairy tail episode?
Favorite Book/book series?
Do you obsess over one anime?
Have You Ever Broke The Repeat Button On Youtube?
What is your favorite 2015 movie?
What is the worst sound EVER?
How Many Qfeasters Are You Following?
how old were you when you got your first girlfriend/boyfriend?
If you could get a Body Modification, what would it be?
Does anyone else like Hurricanes?
Mystery story plot?
What do you think this Story will be like?
who is this?
is this wrong?
What magical girl from Madoka magica is your favourite?
What is your favorite dog breed?
Have you met any celebs IRL and in that case wich and how was it?
Would baning all social media from the Internet would make our generation have less anxiety and depression and people who sucide
Who is your favourite actor
Why don't I have anything to create anymore
How do you become Qfeastie of the day
Can anyone tell me if I possibly still have anger issues
When are you most active on the computer?
What's your favorite franchise?
what is life?
what is love?
Who has a crush on me? (Don't be shy.)
How is 5th grade like?
What's your favorite song from Disney's Descendants?
What rhymes with orange?
How is middle school?
Who's the question who you always ask yourself?
Why do people like Minecraft?
Should dork diaries ever end?
What do you think should happen in the next Dork Diaries
Other Animatronics, what is the funniest thing you have ever seen?
What are some things that Qfeast could change?
What manga series is your most favourite?
Are they making a season 3 of Sword Art Online?
Do you think it is okay for women to be topless at the beach?
What show/movie/book/anime/ect. makes you legitimately cry?
Have you ever read/written a fanfiction?And if you haven't than would ever consider reading/writing one?Why or why not?
Favorite fairytale(s)?
Scariest/weirdest memory/event(s) that's happened to you,family,or a friend that's 100% true?(Tell it as good as you can.)
How do you handle people who are rude/basically evil?
What is your favourite eevee evolution?
What Kind of Car Do You Want?
What episode of dragon ball do I NEED to see
Who do you look up to on qfeast?