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What do the symbols by things mean?
Do you guys have the guts to speak or sing infront of a crowd?
How do I break up with someone I don't want to break up with?
Whose ready for the new Alice moive to come out?
Any tips on how to draw mobians?
Why do people dislike Christians/Catholics?
Underswap Sans or Underfell Sans?
Describe Donald Trump In One Word
Who is your favorite character from any anime?
Who here plays Flight Rising and/or loves dragons?
Which harry potter book do you think is the best and has the best scenes and events?
What's your opinion on online dating?
Qfeast Red Queen parts for story?
If you could go anywhere in time when and where would you go?
Book Ideas?
Why do people have shadows?
What would amortentia smell like to you?
How to make a story popular?
Can someone translate this?
when people cry, why do tears come out?
How old were you when you had your first gf or bf?
Should the government have the right to determine who can get married or whether people can marry?
What if we are the only intelligent beings in the galaxy?
what if Hitler said i don't like juice not i don't like jews (0_o)?
Who closes the door when the bus driver gets off?
Which undertale character do you think I'm most like?
How Do You Upload A Photo?
What are some EDM songs that you like?
When will i get to live on the moon titan?
Why can't I upload a photo on a story? (Answered)
What is your biggest fandom? And who is your favorite character in that fandom?
I need Help finding this vocaloid song that's been stuck in my head for a while now
Describe Donald Trump
Out of Ten how much do you use Qfeast?
Can you give me tips on how to cut back on fast food and electronics?
Can you help me be less self-conscious?
Is the Funmatrix website a scam ?
How many of you like TWAIMZ?
What is your oppinion on religion?
Do you think Buttercup and Brute are sisters?
If you could be able to bend an element would it be?
Are you going to cosplay? If so what anime are you going as?
who likes Disney channel?
What is your favorite Pocky flavor?
Do you celebrate Easter?
What's a good quiz topic for an original quiz? *please be appropriate*
What are your thoughts on The Other Kingdom?
What are some good April Fools' Day Pranks?
Say you were going to watch a YouTube video, what would you want it to be about?
What are 3 things that piss you off?
What is your favourite thing about Easter?
Which demigod/Demigoddess is you favorite?
Which is your favourite God/Goddess from the Percy Jackson series?
What is your favorite Legendary Pokemon?
What is your favorite Kpop/Jpop band?
What Is Your Most Favorite Pokemon?
How would you describe your ideal man (girls only)?
How would you describe your ideal woman (guys only)?
What is the best type of romance?
Can you guess the name of Mystic's new crush?
Are Espurrs really cute? :3
Favorite Video Game If You play Them?
How do you reconnect a Wii control to the Wii?
Do you like Meowstics?
What Is Your Favorite Video Game Genre?
What Is Your Greatest Fear?
What is the hardest video game you have ever played?
Is anyone actually a moderator with the new "Point System"?
How is James Bond better than Harry Potter?
How do you get to your saved drafts?
What would happen to your body in space without a spacesuit?
Can you hear sounds in space?
Are there any mary sues, gary stus, or ops?
What anime is your most favorite and would watch over and over again?
What do you think of privileges?
What is your least favorite fictional character's death?
If you had to choose between your birth and raising families what would you choose?
Do Wisdom Teeth extractions hurt?
opinions: what do you think of people with autism?
Does anybody know of any free photo editors?
If someone were depressed or being bullied, would you help them?
Boys what do you think a girl likes, and girls what do you think a boy likes?
Does anyone else find R.P's stupid?
Does he like me? (8)
What's the difference between Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 ?
if you could marry anyone or thing what would it be ?
What anime character would you like to marry?
What anime character would you like to sleep with?
Is it weird that I get super stressed over every single thing?
How do you feel about people using famous figures as their profile pictures on the internet?
What Anime Character Do You Think I'm The Most Like?
Could someone help me?
Is Elsword and Aura Kingdom good games ?
Would Darth Vader vs Superman be a good movie?
What Anime character would I be best compared to?
What pokemon would i be mostly like?
who's ur fav youtuber?
how do u react when someone insults what u love?
Favriote forigen saying(s)?
who has me it there bio?