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Do you think females should be forced to go into the restrooms to breast feed babies in restaurants?
What do you plan on being for Halloween?
I think the Steven Crewniverse is coming out of ideas for making an episode called 'Nightmare Hospital.' who else thinks that?
How can I look older?
Do you think if Frozen didn't have so many songs, that it'd actually be good?
Is there a ghost following me?
What Do You Do When You Are Upset?
I need named for a book I'm writing called Luna's Adventures.
How can I stop my cat from getting to my hamster?
What cartoon character would you ship me with?
What is the answer to life, the universe and everything?
What Is Your Favorite Type Of Fruit?
Whats your biggest pet peeve ?
Do I have a HUGE friendship problem?
Do you believe asexuality/aromanticism is a real thing?
Is this creepy? (1)
Does anyone have a good idea for a Steven Universe story?
opinion on ed
How do you change your pic? On my iPad, it just isn't working!
What Colors Do You Wear The Most?
What Are Your Favorite Things About QFeast?
What Are Your Favorite Animals?Like The Ones You Love The Most?
What do you think I look like? (3)
what should my next quiz be?
Look to your left, the first thing you see is your weapon against an oncoming zombie. What was your weapon?
What is the most stupid thing you have ever done?
How do I get interested in anime?
Are you gonna watch the new series We Bare Bears tonight?
How much weight does she need to lose?
Can we suggest future updates for this website?
What's your favorite opening for an anime?
What do you think of prisons getting more high maintenance systems so that people can not escape?
What was that voice Marco heard in The Blood Moon Ball?
What are your top 5 favorite dog breeds?
What was it like in 5th grade?
Do I need professional equipment to become pro at drawing?
What song(s) describes your life?
Do You Have Any Life Questions/Therioes?
Do i have a problem? It's not anger issues or something like that, but...
Where in The World Would You Want to Live/Visit and Why?
If You Could Live/Visit Anywhere in The World Where And Why?
What Type of Friend Are You?
Has Any of Your Friends/Family Tried to Set You Up?
What do you think Heaven looks like?
Best low-budget phone?
What does LKR mean
Do you ever feel like changing your look or the way you act?
Do you believe in gender roles?
What are your favorite clothing stores?
Do you believe in Zombies?
What do you think about rain?
Do you think bigfoot is real?
How would you react if your crush confesses to you?
If you could change your name... what would your name be?
What is your life's motto?
What is your opinion on Justin Beav-Beiber
WHat cam first chicken or egg
Other than the obvious three scenes, what was your least favorite scene(s) from the Hobbit 3?
What do you think of Moonstone?
What is your favorite quote from Keystone Motel?
what's your favorite song from the 90's
What are some funny gaming easter eggs?
Could you colour this drawing for me?
Who is the most popular girl singer?
Do you guys think Mermaids are real?
What if You Became Your Favorite Animal?
What if You Could Make Three of Your Biggest Wishes Come True?
What If You Could Travel into Your Favorite Show/Book?
What Three Words Would You Use to Describe Yourself?
Riddle Number One!
Why do shows end the episode or do something to make two characters who should`ve kissed not kiss?
Your thoughts on Akai Dalia
What are some good movies to watch?
How Do You Make a Grandma Happy?
What is the Stupidest Thing you have Ever Heard/Seen/Done?
Write what you did last then add with Bonnie
Anyone else wanting the old Soul Eater back?
What Is Your Creepypasta Lovechild?
Can you do a cartwheel?
What Is The Most Embarrassing Truth/Dare That You & Your Friends Play?
Favourite FNaF Character?
Is Pearl Lonely? Steven Universe Question
Who Are Your Favorite Youtubers?
What Is Your Favorite Creepypasta Shipping?
What do you think of Sardonyx now? (watch video in description!)
What's Something You Find Rather Annoying?
What manga/book is your favorite and why?
What's your favorite nut?
how do you get one directions phone numbers?!
Nentendo 3DS Help?!
Which is your favorite Animal Crossing animal?
Who's your favorite animatronic? (Fnaf)
anybody have a good book title? (read description!)
What is the best book title?
Does Laughing Jack the creepypasta use a weapon if so plz tell me
when will I get my first period (3)
What To Put In Project "Aincrad"?
major EOS lip balm problem!
What is the Funniest Thing You've Ever Done?
What Anime Do you like?