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I want to lose weight fast
Do you watch doll repaints? If you do who do you watch?
If it takes five minutes to boil an egg, how long does it take to boil 5 eggs?
Have you ever screamed into your headset for fun?
Do you think there is aliens out in space? Are we the only ones?
what is your favorite book? (5)
Okay, here is an epic hypothetical
Can anyone give me any last names for characters ?
If you set your date on your computer as 2004 then uploaded something to youtube, how would that work?
Why is everything melting?
My mom has cancer and I am prepared for her to die but I am not sad. Is it wrong how I feel?
This dude at school is confusing... Help, please?
whats ur fandoms lmao
Do you think my art is bad?
Aesthetic Editing
Any art mediums you guys recommend?
how do u like ur eggs?
Youtube special video ideas
Why do people say dont give info about yourself?
Medical side of qfeast, send help?
How do you add text to a picture?
Do I have an eating disorder? (tw?)
Need Merge Madness vocals.
funny life stories?
is drawing basically just scribbling on paper?
What fandom would I be? (read description)
what if you were in inuyasha anime?
what if you could meet black butler characters?
best question ever
Whats your main fandom?
how do yoy change a profile pic on here on a phone?
what creepypasta boy is your fav and why?
Hi, I'm new here and wondering if anyone would like to give me tips while I'm on here? If anyone does, please don't be shy
riddle me this (1)
How much rep do you have?
What are yalls opinions on Hollywood Undead?
Hey girls what would you do if your boyfriend Was Purple guy?
People are shipping me with a guy i dont like, what do i do?
just so everyone knows Im here for you if you wanna talk about your problems
why do u think it is ok 2 b lbgt?
Can i do an ask blog on qfeast?
What is your opinion on transracial people?
Which British name is pretty special?
Did/Are you have/having a crush on anyone here (qfeaster)
Are qfeast mods active?
If I commitsuicide, will you ever miss me then?
Who's your favorite character from Kuroshitsuji
I need names for my leopard gecko!
who would you be in the qfeast reality tv show ?
Who do you think is the king or queen of qfeast?
Do u guys like Hailey Baldwin? Does she look good?
favourite video game character?
Why is my husband having an affair with another man?
is this abuse?
How do you feel about Trans people?
Do yo like panic at the disco
have y'all ridden a plane
What is your favorite animal? (4)
What's your favorite creepypasta? (1)
Do you like transformers?
what would you do if i ran up to you and slapped a picture of chihiro on you?
Favourite month and why?
what is a pineapple mouse?
Say one word about qfeast
Which would be better to cosplay from BNHA?
why do girls always like the edgy charecters?
Team Arika or Team Axis?
What are your thoughts on PEACHETTE?
Is Mother Gothel (from Disney Tangled) left or right handed?
Nickname ideas? (1)
Whats your favorite idea?
What is my favorite animals I like?
Who likes eddsworld?
What would be the ULTIMATE Nolly meme?
IMPORTANT: How do meteorites hit Earth?
Do any of y'all have an idea on who the hell this is? (image)
How to cosplay cheap & almost freely?
How far can you jog without stopping?
Just A Weird Question
What is your Roblox username?
Advice? (Please?)
why can't i find the one?
Do you guys know Isle of Tune? If you do, what have you created on there?
Who's ready for Halloween, and any plans?
Is it normal to work better on 2-3 hours of sleep then 7-8 hours?
What's your favorite animal? (1)
What do you think about an egoistic person with low self esteem?
How many licks do you think it will take for me to finish this tootsie pop?
What's your hogwarts house?
If a Person who was a girl who is now a "guy" (they haven't had the surgery) and they date a girl does tht make them a lesbian?
Have you ever got the updog thing to work?
Is it weird to be a tad bit obsessed with boy love anime/manga?
Does anyone know ericvanwilderman?
How tall are you? (1)
Does anyonw know how to insert images to Flip a clip projects?
What is the creepiest thing you've ever experienced?
Title ideas
Is Voltron an amine or is it just that style?
Unikitty anyone?
What if your crush (or bff if you doht have a crush) died at this second?