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What makes you loose your temper?
(for people who don't live in America.) What do you think of when the word "Americans" comes to mind?
what time do you go to bed?
Do you like Narwhals?
Which hetalia character would I be?
Hetalia Fans: Which country do I act like mostly?
Which song do you like the best?
Is it wrong to not go to a Acquaintances birthday party
I am 11 years old and I'm still sleep with things at night
What do you think the song "bohemian rhapsody" is about (by queen)
Riddle Number Thirteen
Riddle Number Twelve
Riddle Number Eleven
When did you start puberty at what age (girls only!)
Why is my cousin such a tattle tale?
Riddle Number Ten
Riddle Number Nine
Is Cole MacGrath really dead?
do you still love china anne mcclain?
What are ways to conserve iPad battery besides turning down brightness?
What do you think is the most popular fandom on Qfeast?
What is the initiation?
People make fun of me :(
What is your favorite type of pie?
Are zebras awesome?
If hydrogen is flammable, and fire needs oxygen, why does H2o put out fire?
who likes fun2draw on youtube?
Do I need to stop complaining?
Just wondering,
Are you good at keeping things clean?
Why is MLP so popular?
My knees randomly buckle?
Why do you or do you not believe in God?
How do you block someone on qfeast?
If I were to write about a girl super hero who would she be and what is the storey
do you like this picture?
What do you think of Prayer In C?
What Books do you recomend? (1)
Enlighten me, what is Hetalia about?
How do you celebrate Easter with your family?
Do you have a crush on Qfeast?
Who is your favorite person in Dumbledore's Army?
What's Your Lowest Grade?
What Harry Potter Couple Do You Ship?
is shrek YOUR senpai
Why can't we put metal objects in a microwave?
What's your favorite Broadway play?
What was is your favorite character of frozen
What are good songs to play at 8th grade graduation?
Which five nights at freddys is your favorite?
What are your favorite Fall Out Boy songs?
Do you think it is annoying when you comment on someone's story and then they ask you a million questions about it?
What is your favorite mythical creature?
Is faith really enough?
What is your favorite weird snack?
Why do people not support marriage equality/gay marriage?
Does anyone else like smelling nail polish and nail polish remover?
Has anyone beat 5th night of FNAF 3
What's your favorite Disney movie?
whats your favorite video game
When's your birthday?
This has been bothering me for awhile, so does anyone else have an obsession of apples?
What the hell kind of dog is this?
what Skyrim guard is the coolest(in the major citys
whats the coolest thing in skyrim
whats ur fav saints row character
What is the longest you've ever played an instrument?
What is your favorite band? (1)
I can't fall asleep, any tips?
How come sometimes when you eat, it can hurt your chest a little?
what's your favorite way to spend Saturday
Did you hear that Zayn Malik left One Direction?
Some good anime...
Are there ways to help with anxiety
What to wear with this black dress?
So, I have no friends at school.. How do I make them?
What are goo things to write about for a metal song?
why don't people love me?
Constipation Problem
What flavor cheese do you like most?
why do people have to be so judgey to appearances?
do you like reading
are gender roles bad?
are u allowed to to wear white during lent?
If you are on social media, are you obsessed with it or hardly get on?
Black Butler question (Read Below)
Has Anyone Heard of Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple?
how old were you when you had you're first kiss
What is your favorite month?
I have been nightmare prone. What is the worst nightmare you've had?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
Do you know anything about Paul Revere?
Which do you prefer? coke In a can or coke in the bottle?
what's your favourite season?
Do you like zodiac signs? Get some advice from me right now!
What are your favorite breakfast foods?
What is your favorite movie? (3)
What are your thoughts on subjects unnecessary for life forced to be taught?
Is there a difference between Black Rock Shooter OVA and TV?
What is the dumbest thing you've heard about the lgbt community?