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Do you like Shrek the musical?
Are you Christian, Muslim, Atheist or any other?
Who is to blame for Isis?
Can you give me a list of smelly animals
Do you own a pet
Xbox One or Ps4
which anime should i watch next?
Who's you Favorite Pokemon?
Least favourite Fairy Tail character?
What should be in the next Qfeast Times?
Should i Make a fanfic of flippyxflaky?
How do you crack your knuckles?
In what ways could a ( twelve-year-old ) boy be flirty?
Harry Potter Fanfiction Ideas!
How do you edit an already published page
Am I depressed?
Do I make a Cryaotic fanfic
Spooky Nerd Needs An Answer~
Do you feel lonely at times? Why?
Who has pixel gun?
Did Anyone Else Notice This?
are you in a 'more than a close friends'
Help ME Please (1)
What costume r u gonna wear in Halloween?
I forgot my iphone 5c password how do i reset my password on my iphone without deleting anything?
world's deepest lake?
How can I get Facebook?
How do you make more friends?
Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego?
Is it just me or do we have tabs on the side of our screens now?
What's your favorite team in the NFL?
If you could be any mystical creature what would it be?
Why is everybody thumbs downing my posts?
What is a jock?
I Needs Help -_-
Does anyone know anything about GAD?
how do I resist falling in love with a girl?
What are some good online horror games to play ?
Fantage secret passage tour
Who loves Steampunk?
What's your favorite song?
Favorite Harry Potter Book?
Who was the first user of qfeast?0.0
Brony or Pegasister? Girls only!
Are they really my friends?
Help me... I don't know what to do...
What subject un school is the most important?
How do I change the type of question I want on a quiz?
Which magazine should I make?
Is Dr. Who worth watching?
What is a haiku?
Do you think Edward Elric is short?
What was the first word spoken?
what is market multiple
Witch is better Harry potter V.S twiligt
Who Remembers This Movie?
Y is it embarrassing to be seen naked by the opposite gender rather than same gender?
Do you have different sides?
how does qfeast choose qfeaster of the day?
when will my second period come?
Having sore throat, way to cure it?
teacher trouble
Band Names?
What are you a diehard fan of?
Have you done the ice bucket challenge yet?
When you are home alone what do you do ?
What do you use for your internet/browser?
Funny Prank Contest!
Crush Convo starter!
Greek gods
Any fandomers?
Does anyone know Chiara Bautista?
What is your theme song?
What was the first song you heard from your favourite singer?
How do you make a Youtube video?
Did Qfeast change back to the vertical layout?
Does any one else have a crush on Cameron Boyce?
Qfeast changed design
What movie/tv show should i watch?
is there a way to make my first period come faster?
instroments time!
Did anyone else realize this?!
i want to know if people like me
Is this okay in the fandom world?
What is the fastest growing plant?
Guys what can I name a TFIOS page? Read description then send me the suggestion through MESSAGE
What's the deal with Metro Redux, does it worth it ?
Which Dead Space similar games do you know and recommend?
Why do fanfictions almost always contain a kidnapping?
What is my favorite Creepypasta?
If You Could Be Any Candy What Would It Be And Why?
what is more interesting?
qfeast vs facebook!
what do u use for qfeast?
Do You Have a Blog?
Which song would be the background music to your life?
im 11 when will I get my first period
Any silly pranks?
Help me! - Question by anon that messaged me to make this question - You can do the same
If You Could Change One Thing About An RP That You Are Part Of, What Would It Be?