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Aproxamently how many Qfeasters are there out there?
when will Qfeast become an app???!!
Why do tampon have the sharp points in them?
Janet Devlin or Elton John?
Which is bigger , the internet or the world?
why is there gravity?
Riddle Riddle! 2 (in description)
riddle riddle! (in description!)
am i sick?!!!?!?!?
Which Sonic guy would be perfect for Starr?
why do we wear cloths?
How do you feel about High School story?
What's your favorite parody on youtube?
What's your opinion on Emo?
What's your fave dog breed?!
Does my brother have a mean streak?
How to delete cell formats without losing the cell content in Microsoft Excel?
is it ok to have a crush on a video game character
what are the peoples names in BTR?
Do guys like to cuddle?
Would periods be less scary if we bled a different colour?
The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Divergent?...
what is the best tf2 class?
Jaffa Cakes- Are they cakes, or biscuits?
How long it takes you to write Story on Qfeast
What weapon would use for self defence in The hunger games?
Does he like me back?
Are there any movies like Rise of the Planet of the Apes?
Is it possible to determine a dog's age?
does the moon from legend of zelda, orcarena of time really pose a threat?
do insects sleep?
The meaning of RP
How To Earn Money Fast
Who Invented the Word Nerd?
How was the speed of light measured first?
I just want to let you know that in more formal way?
How to get rid of muscle fever?
We all knew that Mt Everest is world's highest mountain then what it' height?
What is the world's highest mountain?
Can someone explain me the dice game in The Witcher 2 game?
Mindless Behavior or 1D
Why is Africa still so underdeveloped?
Why are Israel and the Palestinians fighting over Gaza?
Why do people just keep asking questions they could look up on the internet?!?!!?!?
Why do many countries in Asia end with -stan? e.g. Afganistan, Uzbekistan
What's the difference between sarcasm and irony?
Do you think some cars are overpriced?
Should humans be taking inspirations from animals .
Does a Payday bar give you energy?
When does Marco Polo leave Venice?
What is the appropriate age for the "Warrior" series by Erin Hunter?
who is the best lab rats character?
how many languages do u know,speaks or write?
What is the biggest number?
Are there people who actually use their friends
What is 0+0?
Do you think school is important in your whole life?
have you sneezed on a date befor
Favorite How To Train Your Dragon Song?
how wants to start a conversation with me?
How do you change the name under your username?
First Period? (1)
What's the meaning of bellow proverb? (English is not my first language)
Can the Milky Way galaxy be seen by the naked eye in a clear sky?
What's yo favorite song from a tv show/movie?
What's is yo favorite musical?
What Genre is Divergent?
How Old Do You Have to be to Publish a Book?
divergent in more than 3 factions?
Do you think cats are smart?
Casting for Hear The Crickets Calling
Why does everyone think that the Sonic 2006 game was bad?
What is the poorest country in Africa?
Did anyone beat Nastia Luikin in gymnastics?
On the Hunger Games, how Do You Know Their names?
Can you take something to grow taller?
Till what age does a girl grow in height ???
Do you think girls should wear makeup to look prettier?
Is this a good theme some for Jackie's Dauntless side?
What is the difference between insanity and sentience ?
Why Do People Talk to Themselves?
Gravity Movie Curious?
When does school start/finish in your country?
Does my crush like me or am I just kidding myself?
Can best friends become more than friends?
is eminem the best rapper alive?
Can a song make you cry?
Do you think slow cars are so not cool?
Villain ideas anyone? Please read description.
when will i get my first period (2)
Has anyone else seen the Delirium film?
what song is better?
How do I tell them they took it the wrong way?
iz a ghost watchin me?
Why do people blame cruelity on animals?
How do I get back out into the world?
do yall think teen tains go is better than uncle granpa
please help im confused
Another Riddle!!!