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I don't know what to do about my boyfriend
I'm scared of losing my virginity with my boyfriend & afraid that he's lying about the way I look just so I can lose it to him
Dumbest thing you did when you were a kid?
In what year was basketball invented?
Who was the inventor of the electric light bulb?
Friendship Trouble- help?
What do you love?
What do you guys think of my face paint I did? :3
Warlock imp miniature
what do you do when you're alone?
Does anyone else use pictures to express themselves?
How do you upload a Facebook video to Youtube?
How did Britain change during the Industrial Revolution
What does music mean to you?
Do you love to dance yes or no?
In what year did they start making LEGO Star Wars sets?
If a boy takes your things (pens and stuff) is he flirting or being annoying?
Want a drawing of a person?
On what date did the Civil War begin?
why do friends leave us after breaking friendship
What kind of books interest you? Like what kind of genres and characters?
What's the smallest breed of dogs?
Who else plays gaia online?
What do u think about this drawing?
Help me pick a song!
Anyone happen to be obssessed with Foster The People?
How do i know when my true love will come along?
In what year was the LEGO Group founded?
What is the name of the first successful personal computer?
Can anybody recommend some good books?
is perming hair only for girls?
placement of air conditioners!
Why do we feel tired almost all the time?
What do you love as a hobby?
Guys act like I'm one of them
Do any of you miss LalaLucy?
Must i go for him now?
Do you love china anne mcclain?
Do dreams come true?
what book have u read lately?
smilers!? and others
Anyone like to draw anime people?
what team is better team amazon or Chris is really really hot
if it was pouring outside should the school keep the students inside
I am 17 and i want a baby. Am i crazy?
Whats the best dream youve ever had?
Has anyone got any tips for learning how to cry on cue in acting?
Please can you tell me if my picture of Damon Salvatore is actually good?
What Celebrity would you marry and what would be yoir dream future
Why can Vampires such as Katherine get into The Boarding House when Vamps normally have to get invited in in The Vampire Diaries
What Do Men Like In Females
What's the largest breed of domestic house cats?
What has happened to Miley Cyrus?
What do I do? I have friend troubles at school!
Whats the name of the high school in Detroit Rock City????
What Do Guys Like In A Female
Who likes Megaman Battle Network?
Spot the quote!!!
Guy Advice...?
What do guys look for in a girlfriend
What are some signs of depression?
What is the website where we can vote? (read description)
My crush is dating one of my best friends. Must i wait for him or go for him?
Manipulative girl
Anyone recommend a good song to dance to?
How do you make friends at high school
Why are people so disrespectful?
Whats Everyone's Favorite Video Character?
what is Vistas equivelant to windows xp media player
how can i convince my dad that my depression is real and that i am not being lazy, "taking the easy route, pretending, etc.?
Why do people say Yolo?
what is creepypasta??
is it true that Zayn and Perry (from one direction and little mix) are getting married?
Who is super excited for the One Direction movie to come out?!!!!
why do some people get freckles
when I connect my usb to my tablet how do I access the files I have saved on usb stick
If you had a choice to be any Creepy-pasta, what would you be and why?
Here is a riddle for you
I have a riddle for anyone willing to try it
Does anyone need any advice on something in there life? I can help
how to you tell someone you love them
Do you think witches are real?
do you think i should get a ipad mini or a iPod ?
How do you get blood if you cant bite anyone
Do you believe in BIGFOOT?
Would you like 30 day challange's?
why do dogs bark?
why do people have different colour skin?
Why the Egyptian Police is allowed to shoot people with live ammunition in the current protests?
Ans this riddle
Do you play roblox?
What are good names for a rabbit?
Can I have some advice?
have you encounter anything scary, or played the scary maze game, or any scary screamers? If so, then tell me about!
why are some people gay?
Any good pop songs?