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What website will allow me to create my own website that is similar to cubpenguin/fantage/secretbuilders etc.
are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber a good couple?
do u like the Hunger Games?
Should Hazel be with Leo or Frank?
how many hours of sleep do you have?
why does the sky change colour when it rains?
what did you get for christmas????
Complete this movie one-liner and say from which movie it comes
how can i find my biological father?
What has happened to Hotmail?
What are clouds made of????
what is the real name of liberty's statue?
are u on team jakob or team erward
whats your favourite food?
what is better harry potter or twilight?
If there was a fire starting in your house/apartment/hotel, what would be the first thing you do?
how can I install my printer hp F 4180 with out disk
what places do you enjoy visiting?
Do you find me attractive?
what is your fav website?
what colour should be used the most
which dr is your fav? (Dr. Who)
What harrypotter character is your fav?
what celeb is your favourite?
what did you get for christmas?
Toys are easier to care for than real pets.
Wondering which computer to buy of the 3 options I'm considering
Endengered animals, do you care about them?
why do you have to wash your hands
How do I confirm my email address without having the email?
What Christmas gifts you received under the decorated tree?
what it feels while dieng
how does bandwidth of a semiconducor varies with temperature
For what type of bird is a "council" the collective noun?
Whaaaaaaaat is this weird? plz can people answer my Q PLZ?
my sons father is denying him can i still claim csa ?
i made my boyfriend a painting for Christmas, im worried that its to girly.
Why do people remember nearly every lyric to lots of songs but not something like the periodic table as easy?
Are first response pregnancy tests accurate? ?
Durkheim used the concept "anomie" to mean the same thing as Marx's concept of "alienation." true or false
What does this dream mean?
If you could hang with one celeb in the world who would it be and why?
Do you believe in Santa Clause?
whats ur fav pancake topping?
What is your favorite holiday?
please suggest best divorce lawyer in delhi
Do you find it easy to trust people?
Why is it that guys ignore you once you tell them how you feel?
i doesnot have reliance phone but i have reliance net. so how to pay bill through online
Which is the best Harry Potter book/movie?
the music from the aqualtis washing machine advert
how can dengue infection be transmitted from a diseased to normal person
early 70s they played a song that talked about disasters in other country's
What is the best fantasy book?
What's your favorite episode of Regular Show?
What recourse do i have if i have been sold a below value car
Why are CAPITALS considered bad??
I just read the deathly hallows.....and I'm sooooo sad what did u feel when u finished reading the deathly hallows?
How Do You Get Rid of Bad Habits?
ten question that conclude in political greatness
do you wish a random guy said hi to you nd danced with music
How old is the Great Wall of China?
Is This A Bad Thing?
christmas gift for my boyfriend?
What Holiday do you like the most?
Who do i contact if i have a grievence with the property managment company
what D is a language no longer spoken
What is your favorite book?
why is my boiler heating the radiators when its set for hot water only.
How can you describe "TRUST"?
what is the meaning of # in c++ computer language?
Which is the best gift you have received from the one you love?
can you wash an electric blanket
who is the friend of sundar who always comes with him to gokuldham society?
why don't you make a game of Korean artist maybe super junior?
i'm 18 and just had my first nose bleed, it lasted for about 20 min. & a large clot of blood came out. is this normal?
Why is this boy so confusing??? :\
Do you know what is written in the secret messages in the menu of the Dead Space 2 game?
what is the life of a LG 50 inch LED TV
who is the current CEO OF APPLE CO.?
What is your favorite genre of music?
how many bricks are there in 28.5lbs
why are otters endangered
how do you transport a 40 meter steel beam from manufacture to site
Is Justin Bieber hot?
what animals hibernate in winter in the uk
What's you favorite food or foods?
To Write or not to write
how do you get your voice back!!!!!!
i've been a little stiff...-back goes CRACK- yeah i didnt make quizzes what quiz should i make?
rihanna:O NANA WHAT MY NAME? cereal man:rihanna.rihanna:o nana what my name? cereal man:this bitch wanna get hit?
What is needed to get a vehicle going?
What is your favorite thing about this website?
What is the FUNNEST thing you have ever done?
Help me choose between these two guys please!! i'm so confused!!
I think i'm in love with my new boyfriend, but my best friend (who is also a guy)
is ethical egoism a deontological theoery
best reasons to over turn a tempery TPO I have had put on my trees.
what is the most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to you!