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Rottweiler or German Shepherd?
Newfoundlands or Saint bernards?
What do you think about this bed?
What about this kennel?
How cool is this kennel?
Anyone need advice or help???
I need some stuff to bring on a 4ish hour plane trip.
Who loves Blue Merle dog breeds?
Why do 1D annoy me so much?
Who here loves canines ?
Do you see the dog in this picture?
What are your favourite dog breeds?
Where did I get this picture from?
What do you think of kristen stewart?
what are really good films?
If you could date any celebrity in the world who would it be ?
who do you go for?jacob or edward?
phone is broken help?
What are your 3 favorite dog breeds?
Great Minecraft Server i recomend!
Whats your favorite video game?
What do you think of Australian Shepherds?
whats your name and name meaning!! dont be afraid mine sucks!!! :'(
Does anybody like Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens?
What big mixed breed is this?
Do you know what this mixed breed is?
dogs vs cats - Who is the best?
What do you think of this little cupcake?
Does Slendy have a gf????
What Should I do about this guy that I like?
How many rock music fans are there on here?
Who loves the song Give me love by Ed Sheeran?
I love dogs so much!!!
I need another caption please!
I need captions please!
Why do I have red spots all over my face????
Fav Black Veil Brides song
What jobs would Leonbergers have?
Which is best- The Japanese Akita or the American Akita?
what do u think about this doggy? :D
what what would your do if your dog did this?
Are you a blonde, brunette, black hair, red head, other?
The Vampire Diaries tv show?
Who is better Marianas Trench or Simple plan?
what do u think about this little hamster? :D
what do you think of this bunny?
Ideas for Christmas cards
How do you get your parents to egt your something?
Read the discription or you will not understand.
Do you love this picture?
Has anyone watched "Billy's Baloon"?
What breed is this type of dog?
I need help right now...
What are your thoughts on Snow White and the Huntsman?
i need to stop facebook from not letting me tag my picture with the names that i want to do
who's this actor from you only live twice
give me the sources code in opengl pool game
give me the sources code of pool game
give me sources code of pool game
Which Barbie movie do u like the most?(Girls)
Im planning to put a ls1 engine in a 1986 camaro z28. what will I have to change on the wiring?
Who says "MATHS" instead of math?
Which Timelord From Doctor Who Is Everyone's Favorite?
If you can be in any horror movie, what would it be?
i think i am in love how would i know
What are you afraid of?
Favourite Bones character?
Have you ever felt betrayed?
What do you think of this "front cut" dress?
What is the difference between the Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky?
Are tigers going extinct?
why do i fall in love so easlily
What is your favorite band or singer?
how much can i get for a teletrac satnav fot the citroen
When will I get my period?
Dahvie Vanity vs Jayy
Please help me i need the answers by tonite PLEASE!!!!
isnt this the most funniest thing ever! : D
Facebook or twitter ?
Drake or lil wayne ? Whps better rapper?
Cats vs Dogs! witch is better?
Why is it that most books about the future have the goverment controling society?
Whats your favorite keyboard face???
Black Veil Brides VS Falling in Reverse
What is Justin Bieber cell phone number?
here is a riddle hope you like it!
is it normal to be bi?
What breed is this dog?
If you had a Siberian Husky, what would you call him/her?
do anyone has a stalker
why cant you have one friend who wont go behind your back to your boyfriend?
what type of dog is this? (2)
what type of dog is this? (1)
Do you see the comparison?
What breed of dog is this?
What type of dog is this?
Can you tell me what this is?
Who thinks Harry Styles is hot emo?
What is the most interesting fact you know about dogs?
Who thinks that "Stand By Me" is a sad song?