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Do you think music is getting worse as the years go by?
if you want to become a hairstle person or teacher nail artist what lob would you pick
What do you think Foxface's name is?
Body hot to the to the touch but no fever?
What do you think these statistics mean?
What's your fave one direction song?
Is anyone going to see the hunger games catching fire the first night it comes out?
when a man calls his friends who is a girl and only just friends only, then suddenly calls her babes.
Who for Prsident (Jeff Dunham options)?
is foxface the best hunger games character?
If You Could A SUPER POWER What You Choose
Can you have more than 40 photos?
If You Could Go Back In Time Where And When Would You Go And Why
If You Had 1Million Dollars What Would You Do
Who's ur favorite Hunger Games character?
Who's your favorite 2012 dark shadows character?
Do U Like Waffles Or Pancakes
What Is Your Favorite Video Game
Do You Wish QFeast Was More Popular?
'The Great White North' nickname refers to which country?
what is braton cycle
One direction or justin beiber??
see if you can answer this
if you could be any animal what would you be
I love you, could you love me again?
He says he loves her She plays him She says she loves him He says its over. NEED ADVICE!!!?
how do i know if the boy i like likes me?
What is your favourite country, and why?
Why is the world like this?
Does anyone think The Wanted is like a grown up version of One Direction?
are you talent whats your talent
if you want become a president and someone lied and you not president how you feel about it
what is a directors job?
Did Zayn Malik & Perry Edword REALLEY break up?
Who is ur fave in one direction?
are you the perfect bff
help i need u help wat do i do???
Who Is The Best Hunger Games Character???
help me with my sore teeth please
what's your favorite song by adele?
Are Niall Horan & Demi Lovato Dating?
Which is heavier? Ten lbs of bricks or 10 lbs of feathers?
is it possible for a person to send a txt off a mobile phone but it be somebody elses number??
Who is your favorite House of Anubis character?
Are you Team Peeta or Gale?
Do you read the Harry Potter Books?
Are you a true Hunger Games Fan?
how many people like horses?
How do you follow people on this?? and how do you get followers?????
How do i get youtube videos on my qfeast wall?!
How do i confirm my e-mail address?
what a bout this bags ? I want to buy the best,doyou Introduction other to me?
how do i get followers??????????
How do I talk to this guy?
Is James Maslow & Halston Sage dating??
Has anyone seen "The Adventurous Adventures Of One Direction" on Youtube?
help i feel bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why is Draco's name in, "Draco Dormens Nico Titlium"?
If I have 4k likes on my page, why do I only see 14 people in the box when I check who liked my page on Facebook?
Team Peeta or Team Gale??!!
who is the author of" brif history of time"?
Read the description...
My computers wacked. O_o
How can I literally make my parents do ANYTHING?
What do boys like (as in what boys like in girls)
who is your favorite singer or band?
Doesn't Zayn Look Sexy With Glasses?!
Some long ago rule about marrying girls when their 11-13!
How can I convinve my parents to move?
how do you breath during a cleft palate operation?
how do you breath during a cleft palate operation?
how to stop a period
How can I convince my parents to let me go on a class trip to France?
What is Niall Horan's Fan Number?
How do u retake quizzes?
my car has a fault and i need your help.
crane inner boom repairs
Do u like ur parents or do u wish u could get totally new parents?!
Am i girly (read description)
R u Team Peeta Team Gale or Team Cato?
R u team Clove or Team Katniss or Team Rue?
who is your favourite artist?
Is house of anubis and victorious for girls or boys?
How did we get the Universe?
Team Rob or Team Taylor?
What is your favorite candy?
Can someone please describe the carbon cycle to me, in a straight forward and simple way.
i have a le pan tablet and i locked it and forgot my password
What is the name of the song in this commercial?
Do you prefer Gold, or Silver? Not for its value!
using the sun newspapers £50 million limit what would be the best team to select for the euro 2012 fantasy football team
how long has jessie j being on the uk the voice?
help from World children development funds to build hospital?
would you rather eat a snail or have a day with justice crew
my friends friend died and i am trying to help her cheer up she is 10, i want help to cheer her up
Why nurse put a 91 yrs. lady to share a bedroom with a patient who is ill with a respiratory infection?
can i change my username???
team peeta or team Gale!
On New Super Mario Bros. for DS, I got all the coins. Now what do I do to get to Worlds 9 & 10?