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Who likes cookies in starbucks? Or anything in starbucks?
If I was only to told you the things below, how would you react?
In your opinion, whats your favorite social media?
Who is your least favorite person and why? what's your favorite anime boy can be it can be from any anime but must be a boy
Would you ride this tornado?
How do you smirk?
Should Doom Slayer (or doomguy) be in super smash bros ultimate?
do you know what I coiuld use as names of warrior cats?
uhm well... what's your favorite character in black butler?
Are there any adults on Qfeast?
Do you guys think Kahoot's music is a bop?
What is your favorite video game? (4)
Tell Qfeast something about you.
What is your favorite musical?
What was the scariest time in your life?
Gladioli Arts
Do you like Latias?
Do you like Latios?
Own Character Auditions for New Story!
do any of the old qfeasters miss the drama?
Do you like forklifts?
Is That Safety Shoe Protects Me From Accident?
if you could wish for anything in the world?
What's your favourite movie? (2)
Anybody play PUBG mobile?
Dino run anyone?
Favourite video game?#1
Does anybody attend Wellington College at Shanghai? Which Year? Which House?
I accidentally drank borax solution
Do you guys know any good animes?
Does anyone have a dog?
What time is everyone on qfeast?
Is there any anime that made you cry/upset?
what is wrong with me? (2)
Does anyone have a cool name for a device
What do you like about the USA ?
How to deal with a creepy guy at school?
Does anyone else get terrified for no reason whe they go to the doctor?
What is qfeast to you?
does anywon have a cat or a dog
What is the best Mario Kart track?
Does anyone have a good name for a kind of monster? I also need a name for a device.
What is the best Mean Girls quote?
Does anyone still play Pokemon? And I mean for the DS.
What are rep points and how do you get them?
Does anybody like Emily Bronte?
Which Super power?
Who would like to be part of a story?
Which one of you guys like BTS?
who thinks that this website should have an app?
Is anyone obsessed with Taylor Swift?
Do you agree with this FROZEN theory? (This is my original theory, not the game theory guy's)
Which character from the MARIO universe is most rejected?
favourite animal?
What three nations knigs where cousins?
Can someone make me fan art?
What is profile picture of?
What started the "hi welcome to chillis meme?"
In your opinion what is the best song ever?
In your opinion, who is the absolute WORST singer?
Who was the absolute worst person you've had to deal with?
What is the easiest language in the world to learn?
What is the worst you've ever been sick?
How to describe being exetremely sick for a story?
least favourite colour?
How can I make a second qfeast account?
How was your first day at school?!
What bad thing do you think fiction glamourizes way too much?
What is a vegemite (veggiemight?) sandwich?
What are the best lyrics you ever heard?
favourite type of milk?
You walk outside and someone randomly throws a fridge at you?
I'm playing mystic messenger and I want to choose Zen's route first How do I do that?!
Is 14 too old for trick or treating on Halloween?
Which is better, always knowing what you really shouldn't, or being oblivious to the obvious?
Is Popularity a reward, or a burdane?
Do you agree that if actions speak louder than words, its pretty quiet?
Which is scarier, Lies... or truth?
Who here Cant smile wiiithout someone?
Which is worse? Solid lies, or twisted truth?
What motivates you to do good?
Answer, or question everything?
Hide from fear, or run from responsibility ?
How do you think of Fanny (bfb)?
whats your favorite artist (song)
If you were in a dire situation, of life or death, out of your friends or family, who you choose to die?
Is knowledge Power, something we chase, or a belief of what we think we understand?
Is Life a Quiz, an Adventure, or a Road?
Christ is not a religion. He's a friend. Amen?
Is God a Friend or Insurance to you?
Ever wonder 'Why'? Its hard for Him to answer prayers when no ones praying anymore
Is God a Crutch or a last resort?
Do you pray to God when you DONT need something?
Which is easier, blaming God, or fixing things?
Is NF a rapper, or an Artist?
Does anything last forever?
Why be satisfied with a flashlight, when you can jump4thesun? (1)
Pain... breaker, motivater, or teacher?