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What's the meaning of bellow proverb? (English is not my first language)
Can the Milky Way galaxy be seen by the naked eye in a clear sky?
What's yo favorite song from a tv show/movie?
What's is yo favorite musical?
What Genre is Divergent?
How Old Do You Have to be to Publish a Book?
divergent in more than 3 factions?
Do you think cats are smart?
Casting for Hear The Crickets Calling
Why does everyone think that the Sonic 2006 game was bad?
What is the poorest country in Africa?
Did anyone beat Nastia Luikin in gymnastics?
On the Hunger Games, how Do You Know Their names?
Can you take something to grow taller?
Till what age does a girl grow in height ???
Do you think girls should wear makeup to look prettier?
Is this a good theme some for Jackie's Dauntless side?
What is the difference between insanity and sentience ?
Why Do People Talk to Themselves?
Gravity Movie Curious?
When does school start/finish in your country?
Does my crush like me or am I just kidding myself?
Can best friends become more than friends?
is eminem the best rapper alive?
Can a song make you cry?
Do you think slow cars are so not cool?
Villain ideas anyone? Please read description.
when will i get my first period (2)
Has anyone else seen the Delirium film?
what song is better?
How do I tell them they took it the wrong way?
iz a ghost watchin me?
Why do people blame cruelity on animals?
How do I get back out into the world?
do yall think teen tains go is better than uncle granpa
please help im confused
Another Riddle!!!
What fandoms are you in?
bo you think its fair for me to be grounded all summuer
How do you get back to save quizzes?
have you guys seen the new gozilla movie and if you have what did you think about it?
Who's Your Favourite from Five Seconds of Summer?
What Is Your Favorite Minecraft Mob?
How do you politely tell someone TO GET OUT OF MY LIFE?
Do you speak any languages that aren't your country's language?
Has anyone ever heard or seen RWBY?
Do you play an instrument? If so which one? :)
What is the answer to this riddle?
What Are You Going To Use To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?
Do you think the big 3 will stay together?
who watches attack on titan
How To Train Your Dragon 2 Video Game
how many questions would be in a "Good quiz?"
What is your favourite 5 Seconds of Summer song?
Is anybody writing a book?
Who's your favorite character in "Legacy of DnP"?
should i get my first period this month?
When should I get my first period?
How Do You Deal With Depression?
what should i do? (8)
Help! Ubuntu 13.4 OS
why are we in love with boys who lie
What's Your Prediction for Tonight?
The following number is the only one of its kind: 8,549,176,320. Can you figure out what is so special about it?
What would Mount Rushmore be if they could all sing?
I am thinking of watching a new anime! Any suggestions will be widely considered!!!
Are fire balloons banned in the UK?
Who wrote the book "Jivan Kadha Ki Ful"?
Is this true!!? (Love Question-mwahaha)
Why do horses kick us?
besides the Master-ball, what is your favorite poke-ball?
do you think one direction this is us better than divergent
Do you wanna star in a movie?
Interesting time periods?
What do you thing your pregnancy craving would be if you were to be a female :3
What is Your Favorite Movie? (2)
What do you think of Harry Potter?
What Are Your Favourite Songs?
What is the best part of Zayn Malik?
is it possible to be turned on by a smell?
why ar boys lieing when they wanna date a girl
what is the best? brutality or stamina/speed? dagger/sword/duelwield or claymore
What Are Your Fandoms?
who is the strongest? naruto vs ichigo ninetails vs final getsuga tensho
I'm sending a love-letter-pls HELP ME! what do I do?
Why is the internet is addicted?!
if you could wield one soul eater weapon for a day and be his/her meister, who would you choose?
Who do you think will win the 2014 Fifa World Cup
Does anyone know how to message?!?!
What is your opinion on hotdogs?
More Riddles!
Can cats have self esteem problems?
Who are the ice climbers?
How Do You Pronounce Yveltal and Xerneas??
What was the scariest thing that ever happened to you?
what's the translation when a guy actually makes u mad?
What Superpower Would You want?
Is you're best friend a boy or girl?