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Favourite colour?
Can you help me, please?
Will you miss Good Luck Charlie?
Did U Like Today's Cartoon Network?
When I Insert My Flash Drive In The Computer An Error Message Appear Your Storage Device Is Not Formatted
Exclusive Advice
What are u guys dressing as for Halloween
what would your one wish be?
can you get a gas fitting to service both a gas hob and a gas cooker
How do I get money?
Baby sitting a 3 year old!
Do you guys wanna ask me anything?
Hey what is your favrite food
What kind of person do you think you are?
If you had one wish?
cash loacotor
What would you do if you where bullied?
Holt Hyde or Heath Burns?
How do I ask him out???
Time for a riddle?
If you have time for a riddle...
Can you solve this question?
Do you think we can live without love?
Is patrick funny or not?
Do you think squidward is boring?
What quote, morals and things do you live by?
who's better BEN or Link??
okay what would you if this happen to you?
How can you get friends if your homeschooled
Should I be Jeff the killer or The Grudge?
Is Snivy a girl or a boy?
Am I flirting with him?
How dare you drop that thunthunthun!
Where are the geeks and the nerds?
who has heard this song
Please help! Mayjor problem needs answer NOW!
any ideas for kids and adults stockings?
I need some things to do at a slumber party
who's ready for Halloween???
HELP!!! please, my bird could die of this
What is the best musical?
does anyone know about any of the new animes that are coming out this year?
Do you believe in phoenix the fire bird?
What are the best best-selling books for you?
What do you guys wanna be when you grow up?
Future dreams?
What do you think of One Direction?
What do you learn from mistakes?
What is the full meaning of A.I.R.
do you think tdi Courtney and Gwen will ever be friends agin
all ur fans would love it for you to put the game on nintendo 3ds will u do it? pleeeezzz
Does anyone else do this?
How do you get inspiration for a story???
Airsoft gun what to buy a Mauser l96 sr or a well mb04 or any airsoft gun in the price range of 100-200 pounds
Does anyone know the song "Don't laugh at me" By Mark Wills????
Girls Can Do What Boys can do?
Would you rather die now or live forever?
who's better Jeff The Killer or Slendy?
Which Band Is Better? : Panic! At The Disco or You Me At Six?
Do you watch Adventure Time or Regular Show?
What is a good age to start dating?
What Do You Think My Name Is In Real Life?
Does He Like Me?
Who else thinks religion wars are stupid?
Dream job?
how many of you like creppypastas?
how many countries in the world
I have a boyfriend, but I'm starting to like another guy what can I do?
doe's anyone do digital art or just draw like crazy?
Who were the only two presidents of the United States to be impeached?
What do you think about math?
What to paint on my canvas?
Can someone give me more infomation about app inventor for android?
Should I be his best friend, girlfriend, or avoid him?
I feel like keeping to myself, why?
Need help...again...
Solve this if you can...
Are you up for a riddle whether awesome or lame?
new employers number
Will you be a hero?
The meanest insult you can come up with that DOESNT involve swearing.
can we stop paying our payment protection policy if we are claiming PPI from that company
I signed a document to allow sale of family home when 18.what was it?
I have writers block
Which Sonic Couple do you love the most? (1)
Which Sonic Couple do You Love the Most?
what is the name of Abdul's shop
Who has heard of the Redroots???
Which girl is more attractive? Or are they similar?
I need activities to do?
Who's more witty than me?
Got time for a riddle?
Should I be nice to him?
Are you guys up for a challenge?
science fair project ideas?
Who reads Invisible?