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If you had to wear a mask for the rest of your life, what one would you pick?
What's your favorite popsicle flavor?
what's the scariest thing you've ever done?
Would you dye your hair? If yes, what color(s)
One Food Forever...
Why are they no Hillary protesters?
How do you imagine the future to be like?
Who's your favorite character, and why?
What do you believe in?
Why do so many Hollywood celebrities dislike Donald Trump?
I want to write an original song on the ukulele for chorus. I'm just sitting here in the dark. I need inspiration...
If someone killed one person you love, what would you do?
Three men are on a boat, fishing. Their boat flips over and they all fall into the water, yet not a single man got wet.
What is the resolution of the human eye in megapixels?
What is the stupidest thing you got grounded for?
What are the important facts On "To Kill A Mockingbird"?
How would you explain the concept of color to someone blind?
Day Contacts or Night Contacts?
my best friend just asked me out but i recently got hurt by a i say yes...cuz he's my bff
i dont know what to crush dumped and i think he was playing me the two days we dated...i really like him tho
Who are your naruto family members?
If you could be any Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, what Pokemon would you be?
What Naruto Characters would you want your team mates to be? What are your team mates?
What Kekkie Genkai does your clan use?
What are the exact differences between iPhone 6S and 7S?
What is the best present you have ever received? On what occasion?
My crush, a guy, looks at me everytime. Please help me. pls read description
Did you ever feel like your being watched or wake up in the night after getting a plush?
Who has a server for Minecraft PE that is hiring? If you do then plz tell me!
Have you ever been insulted in front of class by your teacher? If so, please describe the situation
Have you ever slept in class? What was it like?
What is your favorite soul eater character?
How do you feel about the US?
What is your thoughts on the Nintendo switch?
How do you delete quizzes?
What do you snack on mostly?
What is to you unforgivable?
Do you know any inspirational songs?
Have you ever adopted an animal ?
Why do domestic cats purr?
Why domestic cats sleep so much?
what is the costliest thing in life according to you?
How can I improve the following rap lyrics?
Do you enjoy anime?
does my crush like me? I talk to him alot and he laughs at the stupidist of my jokes...he also he teases me but its not mean
Have you ever been disappointed by your close friends? If so, please detail
Have you ever been disappointed by your family? If so, please detail
Who else likes to watch "Snapped" or something like it and just yell things at the investigators that they should know stuff?
Is the man in the yellow suit, the reverse flash?
What do you do when you are really down but have no one to talk to?
How to react when a close friend flirts with your boyfriend / girlfriend ?
What is the best way to confront a close friend who has stolen from you?
What is the hardest game you have ever played, and why?
What games did you complete last year (2016)?
What upcoming video game (2017) are you waiting for?
I need some help finding my charger
If you had to date a nightguard, which one would it be?
Can Anyone Give Me Some Fake Baby Girl Names?
Any tips for GTA5?
upvote peoples answers to this question. it gives u reputation points.
What would you like to know how to do that's farm related?
When can I start dating?
What Is Your Favorite Character In Attack On Titan?
What's the best way to stay warm during the cold ?
What movies are you looking forward to this year?
What is your favorite video game character?
What is the cringiest thing you have ever done?
Do you think Skorm deserved to be banned? Are you happy he was banned?
Do you believe in dragons?
can u find the name lilly(3 times)
Is the Ravenclaw Mascot a Raven or an Eagle?
Does anyone on this website obsess over bratayley?
Do you really know bratayley?
Ever have a crush on someone who is on the internet, a TV show, movie, book, etc.? If so, who?
If you could change anything about book 1 of Legend of Korra, what would it be?
Is it possible for a snake to kill by poisoning an adult elephant?
What is the oldest thing you remember? At what age?
Do you think Nick Wild and Judy Hopps should be a couple?
what's your opinion on Daft Punk ?
What is this movie called?
What do you think about fandoms?
Why do you think our society is so sensitive?
Have you ever called for an ambulance? If so, why?
Do you think D. Trump will start a new war somewhere, like Bush did in Iraq? Is so, where?
Do fishes see in deep ocean in darkness?
I like to yell... ALOT. I have no idea when I should yell and when I shouldn't.
Are you sad that Carrie fisher died?
What do you guys think about voltron?
Do you support the Reputation Points system?
Do you know her?
How do you avoid bullies?
Do you think Bill Cipher is popular?
What do you think is the meaning of life?
What kind of manga do you like to read?
What is your opinion on Tim Burton?
Can you feel sad reminiscing good times?
What would the world be like without any bad things in it?
When do you fall asleep on Christmas Eve?
Who would maybe want a Death the kid x reader?
What do you celebrate?