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Which Fairy Tail character are you most like?
Why is it that to bring balance to the force you must destroy one side of it?
whats your favrite fnaf charater?
Is this an okay drawing?
What Do You Think MaylathGalacticWolf 's Zodiac Sign ?
What would you do if your parents or guardians died?
will the world end on September 13/9/2017?
What do you admire in others?
Who are you, Qfeast?
What is the meaning of "when the chips are down"?
I have a friend. I don't really know how to respond to it, and he's been pretty flirty too. Help?
How to tell my friend that a guy likes her?
What are your thoughts on abortion?
Anyone else (1)
Do North and South Korea speak same language?
What is your zodiac sign? (1)
Would you put your child(ren) up for adoption?
Why are the British so obsessed with tea?
Why are the British so obsessed with the Royal Family?
if you would have a choose which God Would you be?
Is it bad that I sometimes feel like I am attention seeking when I am not?
Does anyone know when Simon Cowell first started on America's Got Talent?
Why does every keep telling me to eat more?
What is your idea or thoughts on rejection?
What motivates you to wake up each morning?
What is your favourite animal?
If we're doomed to die anyways, why bother living?
Would you accept an arranged marriage?
Are the parents always to blame?
What winx club character is your favorite?
i want i friend
whats your favorite type of music? (1)
Do you think that animals have feelings?
What is easier done than said?
Who is the first youtuber you ever watched?
Who is your favorite out of these two?
Which is your favorite?
D you guys know any good books?
Anyone know any GOOD Youtubers?
What rights do men have that women don't? ((Important: Read the description))
I can bend my fingers back far-ish, is that normal?
Who was the dumbest/ most annoying kid you had in your class when you were in school?
How do I know if he likes me?
Qfeast still exists? (Not literal lol)
Did you see the eclipse?
How to do the front splits fast?
How would you describe high school?
Does Candy corn fudge sound good?
Who's your favourite Vocaloid singer? (Idk)
What pokemon mystery dungeon game is your favorite in the series?
Is this a normal feeling?/Relationship Advice
Who is your favorite transformers pairing?
Continue with comedy anime?
What's your fav anime opening
Do you like dressing up?
What are your favorite boys and girls names?
What's your dream for the future?
Is this a good poem?
Do you still watch cartoons? (1)
When do you guys go back to school?
Who is your fave teen titans character?
If you could be any animal or mythical creature, what would you be?
What's your favorite animal(s)?
What is the dumbest thing you did when you were little?
Do You Want to be a Professional Author?
What do you think about the first day of school?
What's something dumb that your school has banned?
What is the dumbest thing you got detention for?
Do you have any allergy's or conditions?
When will I get my period? (5)
Nekos... This is an otaku/weeb problem... WHY DO I LIKE!?
What Aphmau character do you like the best?
Is it bad to be afraid of the dark?
When do you go back to school?
Good songs to learn on bass? (METAL)
What's the funniest word?
Do you think school systems are just dumbing kids down?
How did you end up on qfeast?
Do you have any quiz ideas?
Markiplier hit 18 Million subscribers today! What do you want him to do for 18 million?
Who is your favorite Joker from Impractical Jokers?
do you like siamese kittens?
If you had a Death Note, how would you use it?
What were your thoughts on the latest episodes of svtfoe, Battle of Mewni?
Death Note Fans! What was your favorite and least favorite series from the series?
Death Note Fans! What are your reasons for not liking Near?
Why do homophobes go out of their way to insult the LGBT community?
When roblox was added?
I'm doing a 16 art style challenge, so wanna join?
Who Is Your Favorite YouTuber? (8)
What's your favorite role in Town of Salem? ((Coven Included))
Who do you think should have won Britains Got Talent 2017?
do you like aphmau?
Can someone be arrested for planning to abduct and kill someone?
Any anim3 good enough 4 me 2 watch?
What two Dinsey movies do like the best? (An 2-D animated and an up to date one[3-D]?
Do you like the movie moana?
What colour are my eyes?
What is your favorite insult name?
What's ur favorite animal?