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Would you rather always have to write with your other hand or always have to write with your eyes closed?
Would you rather travel around the world in a hot air balloon or travel around the world in a sail boat?
Would you rather wear a bicycle helmet everywhere you go or carry an umbrella everywhere you go?
Would you rather be the first person to land on mars or be the first person to live on the moon?
Would you rather be able to sleep upside down like a bat of be able to sleep standing up like a cow?
Would you rather wear big clown shoes for a month or have to wear a huge Mexican hat for a months.
Would you rather have to live near a dumpster or live near a really noisy area that is even more loud at night?
Would you rather have invisibility powers or be able to fly?
What is Your Favorite Justin Timberlake Song?
How can I get permanent elf/pointed ears without surgery?
Do you think I should do Would You Rather questions? If so, should they be gross or not gross?
What are some good comebacks?
What is your favorite JavaScript Framework?
Coke, Pepsi, or Gatorade/G2?
What are some healthy snacks?!
why sould ancidents sould be reported without delay and recorded
describe the limits of your own capabillities with regards to pollution incidents
describe the limmits of your own capabilities with regards to pollution incidents
Is it just me or is it awkward when teachers get in your face and yell at you?!
what is the largest city in india?
whose your favorite hogwarts teacher ?
Help ???? Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can my boss reduced my hours 12 weeks before holiday pay to allow him to pay me less
What Is Your favorite Type Of Music?
Which of the Avengers characters is the best??
when was thje leaning tower built
Why does James Potter have messy hair?
What is your favorite movie?
You're a HG tribute,facing the gamemakers for your final training score:What would you do to impress them?
Computer problems...
Whats better seriously: The Hunger Games,Harry Potter or er...Twilight?? lol
can someone please tell me a little about hunger games before I read it?
compare the structural behaviour of timber
if there was no oxygen and you cut yourself would your blood be blue?
Does anyone else just watch Formula 1 for the opening music?
Which Is Better- Harry Potter Or The Hunger Games
What is your fave Flo Rida song?
My bff and my guy friends were dating!
Have you seen a movie called "The Exorcist"? If so, did it scare you?
What does "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus" mean?
Okay, okay, calm down or Angel?
What is your favorite animal
Is the Hunger Games worth reading?
A boy in my class thinks I like him! (Girls)
Who wants a facepalm button on qfeast?
What do you prefer and why twilight or Harry potter
Why do all guys think all girls wear makeup?(This is not a riddle!)
Which Radio channel do you prefer?
Is it okay 2 post copy righted pictures?
Is there really going to be another Phineas and Ferb movie in 2013?
if my parents are not married can i leave with my dad without getting the police involved ?
Dorthea Dix, Mother Bickerdyke, and Clara Barton were all instrumental in organizing the profession of who?
The objective of General McClellan's Peninsula campaign was to capture what?
Within three months after the election of 1860 how many southern states had left the Union?
If you got a letter from Hogwarts would you go?
Should I watch the 7th Harry Potter movie?
Who is your favorite Victorious character?
Who is James Madison?
who is jayfeather, hollyleaf and lionblaze's mother and father
Who is your favorite Muppet?
What book are you reading right now?
Where would you rather go for vacation?
How was the religious freedom issue handled differently in pennyslvania than it was in massachusetts
Is there a diferense between goth and emo?
Which TV presenter is married to Frank Lampard?
Why do people think twilight is better then harry potter cas its not
What is your favorite pet? (1)
How long Does take for you to make a quiz?
Are you adicted to something? (If so, to what?)
who knows singer called maKsim
team peeta or team gale?
should i dump him for the other guy
What is your Favorite type of Dessert!
Do you think Cat and Robbie from Victorious should date?
Question about a camera lens
Do you like Harry Potter, The Hunger games or Anne of Green Gables better?
Do you have pet? (if so,what kind?)
Which Owl City song is better? Vanilla Twilght or Fireflies?
Who is your favorite chipmunk Alvin,Simon,Theodore,Brittany,Jeanette,or Eleanor?
If you could have 1 super power, what would it be?
according to this photo which district do u live in?
who saw the hunger games and what would you rate it?
Who are your favorite singers?
who is folling on qfest because i wont to know!
what kind of pets do you have?
Do you belive in Magical creatures?
which district would u want 2 live in?
will a turbo from a 2002 renault laguna 1.9 dci privelage fit a 2001 1.9 dci dynamique
What do I do? I REALLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!
who is going to see the hunger games the first night showen
If you were stranded on an island with a shoe a plank of wood and a panda bear how would you escape.
Are you going anywhere for March Break?
why do polar bears have small eyes
What is your favourite dinosaur and why?
In your country, when will you celebrate Easter? What month and day?
Is it possible to lick your elbow?!?!?
do british and australian guys talk weird??
if u could live in any state where would u live?