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Is the universe finite or infinite? Does our universe have a margin?
Any story suggestions?
Are humans born evil?
If you can be in any Anime which would you be in
Plot Ideas Please For This Story!
Story Title Ideas
Warrior Cat Title Name Ideas
What's your favourite Hamilton song?
What is wrong with me? (1)
need cute nickname like lily (lilypad) rose (rosebud, rose petal)
any good animes
What's having a hamster like?
What is your favorite thing to do when you at bored?
Do you still watch Cartoons?
Age gap question. ( read description)
Will people ever learn
What is the most hurtful/rude thing a friend or family member has said to you?
If you could marry any hero or heroine who would it be? (Please also tell what show/comic/book they're from.
girls not allowed?
I'm going to middle school! Anybody have tips for me?
What's your most annoying encounter with kids in public?
Pose in Time, answer in a rhyme.
I have no idea what to do anymore
What is the angstiest song you know?
Can you tell me your story? (For the depressed)
What is your favorite pick up line?
is it bad that i noticed a pole but still accidentally walked into it?
What's your favorite yaoi?
What do you think of the new cast of Hamilton?
What's your favorite type of popcorn?
Who is your favorite Akame ga Kill character?
What is the weather were you guys live?
Why is Monday called Monday?
Has anyone started summer break yet?
Do I seem gay?
Has anyone ever reach the 25000 "disable ads" quota?
Who do you prefer Nightmare or Error Sans?
Why is your favorite color your favorite color?
um.. are you crazy?
Are you also into Lolita or kawaii fashion?
What's the right temperature that a house needs to be in general?
What's the biggest country of the world?
Is this thing pretty yes or no why
How do i know if im bisexual?
Which Is The Best Thea Sister ?
My musically account is David_tennant what's yours?
The struggles
Do you miss Michael Jackson?
What or who do I remind ya'll of ?
How long should a Cat girl/boy tail be?
Do you think Chara is good? Why or why not?
Would you read a Manga called: Origami?
Has any youtuber read or seen something you've done and showed/ read out loud on Youtube?
Why isn't fish technically counted as a meat?
Should she be mad at me?
have collected all 25 monstermon cards in kindergarten but haven't received the full deck. What am supposed to do?
Do you believe in alternate dimensions?
Who is the most powerful of the original five Teen Titans?
Does he like me? (Or am I overthinking this?)
What is the scariest/saddest/most disturbing PSA or PIF you've ever seen?
Where would you go if you had the ability to time travel?
Could a 15 year old win a fight against a 17 year old?
Should we have a pride party on here to celebrate pride month?
How will you support Beater Lives Matter?
Have any of you watched shadowhunters, if so who's angry about Joceyln's death?
What is your favourite Video game
Why do peoples think undertale is overrated?
What are you doing when you're old?
What is Animal Jam and why is it so popular?
Is it okay to draw smut?
What's something you don't have that people take for granted?
For what reason would you end up in jail?
Younger siblings
What's your favorite thing to do on the weekends?
Someone keeps calling me fat and ugly. It doesn't help that I'm insecure... what can I do to make them stop?
How do you think Supernatural is going to end?
what did you think of the new steven universe episodes ?
Who's your favorite character in yandere simulator?
How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you, even if it doesn't bounce off anything?
Do you think teens should be treated like adults?
I have five daughters, and each has a brother. How many children do I have?
What Weapon(s) does Masky (Creepypasta) use?
There's a boy who flirts with me. I keep getting mixed messages, What do I do?
How do you get your motivation back when writing a book?
What are some good things you've done?
What is a social justice warrior?
Can you guys give me some writing prompts?
Listen to 2+ songs and make a story out of it!
Do you play Minecraft Windows 10?
I read the word Yaoi... What's Yaoi?
I got religiously harassed by my classmates it normal to twitch...ALOT
Do you love rap?
Who is your top three undertale characters?
What Does Color Taste Like?
Who esle agrees that this is all you want for X-mas?
If you could go to a place in a video game, where would you go?
How do I know if she likes me?
If you were to live the life of ANY character, who would it be?
What might you name this cat?