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Out of these people, who do you choose to be your best friend?
When will this end?? I'm sick and tired of it...( please read descrption)
Name the breed! Everyone! Have a go!
whats your favorite book????
favorite memory of Paul Bearer?
HELP!I need lots of help now!
If guns don't kill people, but people kill people. The does that mean that toasters don't toast toast, but toast toast toast???
Can somebody please help me?
should my boyfriend and I brake up?
Has anyone ever noticed that & kinda looks like someone dragging their butt on the ground.
Does Logan Lerman actually play Albus S. Potter?
How do you let a requested member join your page?
Why are my sent faxes totally black when received?
What do you do when you're bored?
I'm stuck in the middle,can anyone help me?
What's wrong with me?
What is the most important thing to you?
If you could be anybody else, who would you be?
what can i do with my bffs on my 14th birthday
Which is your favorite couple Jiper, Frazel, Percybeth,Tratie(Travis and Katie) or Jover(Juniper and Grover)
Are you like this? Please read below.
What is the girl's real name huh?
Where is Rosedale, Baltimore?
Is your homework hard?
whats up with all the Lucifer worshipers messaging me?
You think One Direction is a good band?
Have you got your mum a mothers day present yet?
name the scariest creature in any movie or video game?
Which player has scored the fastest century?
Which player has maximum number of one day ducks?
Have you people no shame? There are SO many fakes on this site.
Superman facts from the 1900s
Directioner or Belieber?
Entrepreneurs Day Help Needed!
Undertaker Vs CM Punk Wrestlemania 29... Will CM Punk break the streak, or will the Undertaker become 21-0?
Where is the ambient lighting on my new (2013) Ford Fiesta Zetec S?
Mixed signals or not?
what should i do for my french project
Is there such thing as a miniature monkey and can you have them as pets?
What are your favourite dog names?
dose any on no wat happened 2 sonamy?!
Who here does sewing!
what do you chose yes or yes
who thinks niall horns laugh is the best sound in the world?
does anyone else love fly leaf
Guess the breed everyone!
What do you do when the guy you love falls for your best friend?
Who will face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29?
Alberto Del Rio Vs Jack Swagger for the world title at wrestlemania 29... who will win?
The Rock Vs John Cena Wrestlemania 29 One More Time... Who will win?
Do you think you're an Author?
Can I Scotchgard my dog?
Who recognizes what theme song this is?
i set my parking brake on my polaris crew know it wont go in forward or reverse but you can push it neutral
Friend troubles. What do I do!!
When will I get my first period?
Which One Direction song do you have the most Memorized?
Do English Bulldogs and Siberian Huskies get along?
Am I like the only who hasn't read Harry Potter and/or The Hunger Games???
who loves nightcore?
who loves anime shows?
Has anyone heard of the Goo Goo Dolls?
What is an ideal name for a Goldendoodle?
What are some fun easy projects to make??
How do you make a Minecraft parody?
How can i get money for an ipad mini?
What is the best drink?
Is there anything new thats similar to a hawking hbb1?
Is there such a part as a high speed bleed valve on a boeing 757-200?
What dance style is the best?
Do u pick ur nose (dont lie!)
why do people pretend to be something thy are not
the volume on my mac book air isn't working
Where can you buy felting wool?
What Does Biodiversity Means?
What is wrong with my dog?
What do you think of the new WWE championship?
does anyone know who HATSUNE MIKU is
What should i expect at the x factor tour?
Little mix info? (and other celebs)
Here is a horse trivia question
Do You Think Faries Are True?
Can you tell me who these people are?
what name is better kiana or kyra?
Does this guy like me?
Do you think I take good pictures?
What Name Is Better With Aiden Kyra or Kayarrah
ethics and professional conduct
is this funny?!?!?!??!!!?1?/!/
What music genres does Elton John cover?
If you were a vampire would you rather bite humans or animals?
how do i stop my dog getting lonely, sad, depressed and crying when we go away?? (1)
whats your fav girls name?
where do I find writen instructions on how to play the PC game Portal ?
why preacher is being sympathetic to winn-dixie.
Got any upseting problems? Then you have come to the right page ;)
What Team Are You Vampie Or Warewolf'
what country's/states have you been to?
Is my fish healthy? Will he die?