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I would like your advice
Know any good songs???
How is this for a Hunger Games song? READ THE DETAILS.
Who would you choose as your ally in the Hunger Games from these people:Clove,Cato,Foxface, Thresh, Rue, Katniss,Peeta
whats the name of the movie
what is niall horans fan number
Book Crushes! GUYS AND GIRLS
Would you rather be a dinasaur if they weren't extinct or threatened?
what does soul mate mean??
Do any of you think about the people in poverty?
Are there any sport fans out there?
Have You Anything To Say About 9/11?
does my crush like me?
Do you know anyone who was at the WTC on 9/11/01?
What is your favourite Soap Opera?
I like this one boy but my parents dont wat do i do
Who else is angry with the extinction of animals?
What is your favourite type of pet?
Whats better Hershey's or M&M's?
Is this funny in your opinion?
do you belive that there is a girl in somewhere that loves lady gaga more than some boys?
What is your favourite movie?
Have You Ever Wanted To Ask Me Something Well Then Heres A Questions And Answers
How many types of dogs are there in the world?
What do you think Katniss's moms name is?
Why do people actually ask this question??
If you could date any anime character, who would it be?
RANT ON ALOT OF STUFF. (Read Detailz Plz...)
What is your favourite type of dog?
if u have a normal look are u hiding it or ur just being u
Who bought the hunger gams movie????
i have a toshiba window 7 c655d-s5518 laptop the charger that i had broke and i got a new one but it wasn't the same charger, wh
Doesn't The Hawaiin Flag Look So Cool
can you belive that there are someone(a band) like one direction in another country?
what are the social,cultural,religous and spiritual views on death and dying
Awkk moment discussion.
Team Peeta Or Team Gale?
Wats your fav. jb song off of believe
have you sean Fred 3 wat do you think about it
I need help how do i get over a boy that you have liked for 2 years
More guy advice xD... Dunno wht to believe...
does anyone watch sgt.frog?
Can I upload videos onto Qfeast?
Has anybody watched "My spoon is too big"?
Eternal Life - Do you want it?
If you want to make a fictional character, what do you want to name it?
where can a 14 year old get a job
why is the alot of 1D quizes??
Why is this happening?
who is allah and who is imam ali as
if a cscr motor is wired with a potential relay will the start windings be energized when the relay contacts are open
If you could decide, would you put the Capitol children through a Hunger Games?
What is a hipster? I'm asking cuz idk!
Who would you be from the Hunger Games and why?
Why is everyone soo addicted 2 One Direction??!!
Chinese Zodiac Chart 1995-2012
How many types of dogs are there in the world? (Mongrels and Pedigrees)
Why do all youtube videoz appear as a link??!!
Do you want to be a bunny?
Who is your favorite Mario character? or sonic character?
Do You Love Gossip Girl
Do You Have a Celebrity Crush? dB
"It's Gotta Be YOU!" A One Direction Love Story (chapter 2)
how u feel when u apoligize for a fight or bad thing
who provides university education in Scotland?
any Instagramers here?
Help Me See Description
What are some good ideas for riddles?
If You Could Control One Element What Would It Be
what should the pressures be for 225x40x18 tyres on a 2005 golf tdi
what do u think is better 1d,btr or justin bieber
How old is Carrie underwood
I need guy advice... I really like him and I don't know what to do..
is bloody mary real?
Does your sibling annoy you?
What would you do if you met one direction or saw them
How can i get him back?
is tiz funny to you or not ( 3 )
whats your element if you had one?
whos your faverite death note character?
Is avacado a fruit or a vegetable?
Whos ur fave person in the olympics?
Who likes chariots of fire?
Favorite one direction song
is tiz funny to you or not ( 2 )
What is your favorite Season?
Why is life like this?
What do you think people use more? Their hands or their feet?
Do you have a DSi ? If you do, can you tell me how 2 fix my L & R Bottons?
What do you think people use more? Their hands or their feet?
is tiz funny to you or not
What is the Big Deal with Having a BF?
should baton twirling be an olyimpic sport?
Guys Please Help a troubled man!
if u only had 1 pick of food to eat for the rest of ur life, what would u pick?
What is ur Fav tv show
Do u like Harry styles
Can someone help me with this?