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Do You Love Gossip Girl
Do You Have a Celebrity Crush? dB
"It's Gotta Be YOU!" A One Direction Love Story (chapter 2)
how u feel when u apoligize for a fight or bad thing
who provides university education in Scotland?
any Instagramers here?
Help Me See Description
What are some good ideas for riddles?
If You Could Control One Element What Would It Be
what should the pressures be for 225x40x18 tyres on a 2005 golf tdi
what do u think is better 1d,btr or justin bieber
How old is Carrie underwood
I need guy advice... I really like him and I don't know what to do..
is bloody mary real?
Does your sibling annoy you?
What would you do if you met one direction or saw them
How can i get him back?
is tiz funny to you or not ( 3 )
whats your element if you had one?
whos your faverite death note character?
Is avacado a fruit or a vegetable?
Whos ur fave person in the olympics?
Who likes chariots of fire?
Favorite one direction song
is tiz funny to you or not ( 2 )
What is your favorite Season?
Why is life like this?
What do you think people use more? Their hands or their feet?
Do you have a DSi ? If you do, can you tell me how 2 fix my L & R Bottons?
What do you think people use more? Their hands or their feet?
is tiz funny to you or not
What is the Big Deal with Having a BF?
should baton twirling be an olyimpic sport?
Guys Please Help a troubled man!
if u only had 1 pick of food to eat for the rest of ur life, what would u pick?
What is ur Fav tv show
Do u like Harry styles
Can someone help me with this?
Can STD tests be wrong?
Are you interested in a tablet version of Qfeast?
you want 2 look hot well i will give you some ideas
whats your fav accesorie for girls
why do most brothers and sisters always argue or fight with each other?
Is this a good idea? (Read below)
When do you go back 2 school?
Is it an insult or a compliment when a guy sayz "You look better with the lightz off"?
Who are the 5 GB eventing Riders at the olympics?
Have an kopy kater? Answer here!
If You Could Have A Voodoo Doll of Someone Who Would It Be
"It's Gotta Be YOU!" A One Direction Love Story (chapter 1)
What do you think how God made us?
What is the FUNNIEST PRANK You've EVER pulled? :D
How do you stop bullies?
where can I buy a Vodaphone sim card in Bogota,Colombia
Do you think music is getting worse as the years go by?
if you want to become a hairstle person or teacher nail artist what lob would you pick
What do you think Foxface's name is?
Body hot to the to the touch but no fever?
What do you think these statistics mean?
What's your fave one direction song?
Is anyone going to see the hunger games catching fire the first night it comes out?
when a man calls his friends who is a girl and only just friends only, then suddenly calls her babes.
Who for Prsident (Jeff Dunham options)?
is foxface the best hunger games character?
If You Could A SUPER POWER What You Choose
Can you have more than 40 photos?
If You Could Go Back In Time Where And When Would You Go And Why
If You Had 1Million Dollars What Would You Do
Who's ur favorite Hunger Games character?
Who's your favorite 2012 dark shadows character?
Do U Like Waffles Or Pancakes
What Is Your Favorite Video Game
Do You Wish QFeast Was More Popular?
'The Great White North' nickname refers to which country?
what is braton cycle
One direction or justin beiber??
see if you can answer this
if you could be any animal what would you be
I love you, could you love me again?
He says he loves her She plays him She says she loves him He says its over. NEED ADVICE!!!?
how do i know if the boy i like likes me?
What is your favourite country, and why?
Why is the world like this?
Does anyone think The Wanted is like a grown up version of One Direction?
are you talent whats your talent
if you want become a president and someone lied and you not president how you feel about it
what is a directors job?
Did Zayn Malik & Perry Edword REALLEY break up?
Who is ur fave in one direction?
are you the perfect bff
help i need u help wat do i do???
Who Is The Best Hunger Games Character???
help me with my sore teeth please
what's your favorite song by adele?
Are Niall Horan & Demi Lovato Dating?
Which is heavier? Ten lbs of bricks or 10 lbs of feathers?
is it possible for a person to send a txt off a mobile phone but it be somebody elses number??
Who is your favorite House of Anubis character?
Are you Team Peeta or Gale?