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Any Christmas animation ideas?
Is it good to be tired all the time
Which breed of dog is the cutest?
Who is your favorite Disney character?
What is your favorite gun in call of duty?
What is the worst candy you've ever tasted?
Why do some people dislike Onision?
What is the weirdest thing you have heard about animals?
do you watch brataley if you do are you sad about calebs death?GIRLS ONLY
What is your favorite fandom? (book)
What Do You Guys Think Of Selena Gomez New Album? Revival?
What would you ask a creepypasta?
What did you think of the episode 'Dipper and Mabel Vs. the Future'?
Do you think Selena Gomez will make a good couple with David Henrie?
What are some cool songs that I should hear?
Could I have adhd?
How do you know when someone really likes you?
What is your favourite Fairy Tail character?
what's your favorite scary movie?
Were you ever bullied?
What are you advices on moving? (Specially with a cat?)
Who is your favorite 5 SOS member?
What is your worst fear?
What is your favorite FNAF song?
What creepy pasta's do you like and what do you suggest?
What's your favorite quote from any fantasy/sci fi book?
Why do people dislike the question "What is your favorite color?"
What is your favorite time of day?
How do you feel about the work I publish?
who is your favorite harry potter book/charecter?
Your thoughts on shadow Bonnie?
Happy Howloween
The Invention Of Hugo Cabret
Who is your favorite and least favorite Homestuck troll?
What are some really cool powers?
What word(s) come to mind when I say "Mama Mia!"?
If you could fill anyone's shoes, who's would you fill?
Who are your favorite creators/writers/ect.?
What did you dreamt of last night?
If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?
Why is KwDdog on YouTube I mean it's weird "KwDdog?"
Do u do this super weird thing too?
If you could go into any anime, TV show,game, or book which one would you go into and why?
What shows do you watch that others think are just for kids?
what is your kik?
who is your favorite idol/ singer?
what is your favorite word?
what is your favorite letter?
What is the highest amont of money in pony clicker?
Do you think 1234 is a good password?
What do you do when your bored?
What are you being for Halloween?
What is considered junk food?
Why do you think you cry?
What one word do you think of when I say "Donald Trump?"
I think a fly flew in my ear. What can I do?
Favourite Vocaloid song?
What's your impression of Canada?
Who is your favorite author?
What is the evilest Disney Villain?
Who is your favorite Autobot/Decepticon?
I don't have the courage to ask my crush out!
Who's Digital Artists Here? (Or Who's Hand-Drawn Artists that have a Scanner?)
Who Know Webtoon?
why do you like dan and phil?
Have u had any weird dreams?
Peach or Zelda?
When will I get my first period? (4)
What annoys you the most?
Who is your fav Gravity Falls character?
What's your favorite superhero?
How do I deal with my mom?
What do YOU want FNaF world to be?
What is one thing so embarrassing that you'll never forget it?
What is your fav One Does not Simply Meme? (Post Link)
What are some ways that can cure an animatronic from boredom?
Why do you call it "qFEAST." It it just doesn't sound right "qFEAST?"
I like this guy...
Has anyone ever felt like this (Mild Depression)? What does it mean..?
What is your reaction when someone asks you out?
what do you think of Sebastian Michaelis?
Crush help needed really bad!
Why people like to judge ?
Why are some people racist?
whos your fav youtuber?
Are you a Whovian?
Do you know what brony dance party uses to make his vids?
Did you ever have any strange dreams?
Who's against Child Abuse?
what language would be cool to learn?
Is it bad that I love to be fat?
What's your favourite book series ?
Which fantasy book series is your favorite?
(FOR GUYS) How clingy is too clingy?
Do you get annoyed when...?
What's Your Favorite Thing to do on Qfeast?
What did you think of the season finale of Star Vs The FOE?
I love books! Do you? What are some of your favorite books!
What should our talk show's name be?
whats your most favorite anime?