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Can you us HTML color codes on this website? Simple yes or no.
I need to know all I can about greek mythology. Plz help!
What Marve villein is the coolest?
What is the strangest thing you've read?
If you had to die by coldness or heat, which would be better?
What does it mean?
I need ANOTHER anime to watch. I'd appreciate suggestions.
Does anyone else on here think Gryffindor is the best house?
This is not a quiz. What do they whisper at the end of the Gravity Falls theme song?
Figure out this riddle!
Have you ever been caught without clothes on?
RIDDLE- I am water you can dance on and im not big or a body of water what am i
what is a funny moment of yours
Is true that revenge is your only option when someone does not show you any compassion?
give me ideas please :)
i need help, this could mean life or death :(
What grade are you in?
how do I teach my dog to speak/howl
Who do you think is the most important person in Monster High?
my stomach hurts what should I do?
Who is your favorite Death note character?
Who is best Light or Near?
Are you an introvert or extrovert?
Opinion on Babs Seed?
Do you like Calvin and Hobbes?
Do you think 3 year age differece is to much?
What is your favorite animal?
Hairstyle for softball
I have voices in my head!!!
Whats your fave sport!
Any good music suggestions?
Sports, Periods?
What should I do??? (1)
Does anyone else watch Casualty
What is this kind of person called?
who's hotter Taylor Lautner or Channing Tatum
Who do YOU prefer: creepypasy style
Whats your fave animal?
Will you come to the Rating page?
which color is better blue or red
I need an anime to watch. Any suggestions?
how many angels and demons are there?
Harry potter queastion that I always wondered
I'm I to young to babysit
how do you edit a already published quiz?!
What Makes A Horror Story?
I need to know! (Read description)
Should all band members be equal?
How do I tell him?
What Does BTW mean???
Is there a movie of Flora and Ulysses?
What fanfic should I do now?
What does it mean "this looks like spam"?
Who else here is obsessed with video games preferably kingdom hearts.
Which part of the Harry Potter books do you wish were in the films?
How do you know when your friend does not like you anymore?
For all you Harry Potter readers! In the Harry Potter book series what parts made you cry?
fill this out to make a divergent character
Dance or No Dance?
Seek The Truth Not The Rumors
What is your least favorite Harry Potter book? And what is your favorite book and why?
Who Do You Think Will Win The Super Rugby Season?
How many shoes should you bring on a ten day holiday?
What is your favorite video game of all time?
What is space dandy?
Who is your favorite singer?
on a scale of 1 to 10, how creepy is this picture?
What is your favorite subject in school?
Why do people bully?
Daring Do in Equestria Girls!
who do you like the most harry or liam?
Do you agree with Tonks being in Hufflepuff?
What Does Incredulous Mean?
Should I tell my parents?!
whats your favourite book series
How do you do a shout-out?
Has anyone seen the movie pompeii?!
who is the awesomest Star Wars character?
What is your favourite: Lions, Tigers, Jaguars or Leopards?
What is ur least fav show in the whole wide world?
help Please answers
Boy Problem
whats your fave tv show
do you like sports or are you a technology kind of person?
How can you post videos on qfeast?
Whos your all time favorite creepypasta?
What do you think about history?
i dont know what to do right now a poll or story and page please give suggestions
Do you want me to make this? PLEASE ANSWER!!!
What do you think Luna's Boggart is?
Are you on mid-term this week?
Does anyone here like TVD?Or should I say Klaroline?
white chocolate or milk chocolate
i know my grades have gone down since we moved and i dont know what to do
Have you read The Giver?
I'm writing a story and I'm stuck on a name any suggestions?
I know you have heard it before but which can first chicken egg or something else
JK rowling has said that ron and hermoine are not a gd couple.Wat do u thnk r harry and hermoine gd or ron or hermoine?
boy problems(girls only)
Boy Trouble! Help!