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What Subjects Would You Take At Hogwarts?
I can't believe she ditched me!
Did Umaga the wrestler die because he had a heart-a-tack
Friend's Party or Gymnastics?
not saying I am but if I where to start a personal paintball league would you join?
what color do you think best describes you?
What type of horse is this
What should I do????!!!!????!!!!
What's the saddest song you've heard?
What do the New Age Outlaws say after "we got to words for you"?
What Is a Good Dance Crew Name?
Can you solve these 8 riddles?
Can you solve this riddle? (2)
can you solve the riddle 2
Why do people think school is so bad when you are there to learn?
I love to sing when I am sad and happy
Answer if you want please
I have missed a lot of school and my teacher is having a hard time helping me catch up...
my sister and me use to be close but now were not how do i fix this?
Which Monster high or After ever high students would you like to see as a mobian?
can you solve the riddle?
What is 1Ds real phone number
Try to solve this riddle! (2)
heya I need peeps to enjoy my making so I need tips
Try to solve this riddle! (1)
What weapon does Hoodie the Creepypasta use?
Try to solve this riddle!
wwoud you rather wear boots , tennis shoes, or dress shoes
If you could redo any moment of your life, what would it be?
How to get long nails fast?
Who else watches Horrible Histories?
What does that number in parentheses next to a quiz or page or whatever mean?
How to tell if ur guy friend like you
Why everyone thinks that ukiss kevin is gay?
Help? Please?
what is the best way to stop bullying?
In the Hunger Games Does Prim Die?
In the Hunger Games, does Katniss choose Petta or Gale?
Keep calm and love tobuscus
Do you think art is fun?
Fav kind of birds?
Which chocolate is the tastiest?
If you had a bunny what would his\her name be?
Do you think you're good at writing?
Can I have some advice? (1)
If you make quizzes do you take your own quiz? (For quiz makers)
Does anyone like Dove Cameron?
i don't know whats wrong with me please help <:"(
what do I do everyone is making me feel like no body
Fun outdoor two player games?
THE ULTIMATE QUESTION: Harry Potter or Twilight?
What were you like wen you played slender?
i need help :((
why do people grow old
If you could go back in time to a civilization who would it be
What do you think is the best vacation?
where should I take a vacation
what is the best song from 1D in 2013
Do you love Degrassi?
why do people die?
What is Frozen about?
What comes first?
Is there a reason?
Why do you love Harry Potter?
Did anyone else notice how in "Equestria Girls" Pinkie takes a drawing off her dress and it somehow becomes a real balloon?
Is Sweetheart a good name for her?
Do puppets scare you?
Which One Next?!
Why did the Romans die?
i really need a good anime to watch can i have a list please and a descricption about them i have nothing to watch at the moment
What two things would you take on a island in the middle of nowhere?
why doesn't cartoon network show all the episodes of regular show ?
Do you know how to make rubber band bracelets
which is your favourite one direction member?
Who else saw Frozen?
How old was Freddie Mercury when he died?
Does anybody remember me?
Has anybody noticed this?
A riddle for you to answer!
Does anyone not dream or dream in black and white?
Did you ever had a series of nightmares when you were little?
What is the worst fashion trend?
do you think wolves are cool
what should i accessories should i wear first day back from winter break?
Do fish get thirsty?
My favorite mortal kombat character is subzero, what about yours?
Lego Batman has a girlfriend?
Read description below ;) (numerology)
does anyone listen to black veil brides?
Have you ever wondered why they make Ariana Grande so dumb in her shows.
who here knows who marshall lee is?
What was the best thing that ever happened to you?
Read the description!
Why do people like Twilight?
What are you self-conscious about?
Acne Issues
Do you think wolves are awesome?
Who plays Virtual Families or Virtual Villagers ?