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what are you gonna do for Christmas Break ?
Who is the best Nintendo Princess (And Why?)
Would you like to be granted immortality?
What is the difference between "job" and "profession"?
In your opinion, which is the most attractive job?
In your opinion, which is the most disgusting job?
Have you ever seen a conflict that involved gun shooting? If so, what happened?
can you overdose on melatonin ?
Who here knows Tape Face?
What are your Pottermore stats?
Why must you love someone enough to let them go?
Do you wish real life was like a manga?
explain and describe how your werewolf would be if you where one
Does anyone here have eczema
What's Melatonin for ?
what is love to you ?
what do you do when your bored !?
do you have a rival ?
What is your opinion on anime?
Do you think this is a good answer to my project?:
What is something you know you do differently than most people?
Can someone help me with math?
Who lives in VA?
does me having a sword creep you out ?
what do you think of Yandere's ?
Why do you want to kill me?
Do you believe people is thinking too much about money these days?
Is Anyone going to read Wolvez: The dangerous game part 1 story?
If you were to send a werewolf to the moon, would he be a werewolf permanently?
Do Transformers get life or car insurance?
Would you rather be homeless and a lot of family and friends or be rich and have no family or friends?
why has this site gone down hill?
How do I talk to the guy I like before I have to graduate and never see him again?
Who ever can give me the links to Highd=school DxD english dubbed ill show you how to down load videos deal?
What is your favorite thing to do when your alone?
What would you do without music?
Go to this YouTube vid and give it a like
What would be the worst thing that could happen (in your opinion)?
Have you seen Shelter?
What's Your Favorite Song to Listen to during the Holidays?
Who else loves Assassin's Creed?
What patronus are you on pottermore?
Is fawkes a horcrux?
do you like steven universe ?
How Do You Feel About Trump's Victory?
What was your first game system ?
what did you think of the FNAF SL custom nights update ?
What do I do in this situation?
I need a answer to this quick question (warning long details)
What is this mystery item?
Wierd dream or a door of fear?
What is the best book you have ever read?
Is it correct to have a space before a question mark? Like: "How are you ?"
Let's say your mom died today. How would you react?
Who is your top Singer or Singers?
Lets say your death came unexpectedly early. Would you die satisfied with your life?
Do you believe that Cheese is an element?
who is your favorite anime charatcher ?
do you like Game Grumps ?
What's with all the hype on Donald Trump?
Do you believe in Mythical Creatures?
What is the difference between president and chairmen (of a company) ?
What is the difference between president and CEO (of a company) ?
Any Ideas for Comedy skits for middle school kids?
How do you do an Arial Cartwheel?
What do you want for Christmas? (4)
What is Fnaf?
Does anybody blush REALLY REALLY hard when you see your crush? (I do it all the time)
Does blood have a smell? If so, what does blood smell like?
Which Creepypasta Do You Like?
What superhero TV show or movie did you see last?
Do you Believe in Santa Clause? (1)
What is your opinion on the Hello Neighbor game ?
what's your opinion on Lapidot
What's a creepypasta?
What is the difference between this an Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat XL ?
When do you think new Pokemon are coming in Pokemon Go?
what fandom's are you in ?
are you against cyberbullies ?
What fictional characters would you date and screw?
What is your favorite Gorrilaz song?
What is the best Homemade Christmas Gift?
What are you guys thankful for?
What is your opinion on the Kubz Scouts ?
What's your side of life? Or to be more on case, what's your meaning to the question meaning of life?
What is your aesthetic?
Thoughts on Hamilton?
who is your fave game charather ?
Any quiz ideas?
If you could get a tattoo, where and what would it be?
What do you like to do best in your spare time?
What do you guys think about yourself?
What is your favorite type of dog?
What are the main cultural differences between South Korea and Japan ?
What are the main cultural differences between China and Japan ?
What about the "New" Miley Cyrus?
do you like chica?
What if you were trapped in every game you ever knew?
Has anybody ever woken up from cryogenic freezing?
Whats your first language and do you know any others?