How will you raise your children?

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I'd make studying fun for them.
I'd read them stories.
And play alphabet videos since toddlerhood for them, so that their brain develops.
If they disobey, I won't punish them finically, but mentally.
Meaning, making them regret it and having them know why it was wrong.
on November 02, 2017
I would use time outs while they were still young, (1-11) But when they got older punishments would be taking away a object they liked or grounding.
Example - Child pulls a toy off the shelf at the store after I told them not to.
Child is made to sit in the cart with nothing to play with and me not talking to them for 5 minutes, after time is up ask child if they be good for the rest of the time in the store.

Example - Child doesn't do chores then throw tv remote when asked See More▼
on May 10, 2017