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What are Wolves afraid of?
I want to know what are wolves afraid of!
2 / 5 by c.zhang19
What separates cult from religion?
What do you do when your locked out of your house?
I don't have a key a booby pin and i don't have a phone so i can't call anyone to pick me up I don't know what to do!
9 / 0 by ToriTheShark
what is the meaning of life? (6)
what do you think the meaning of life is?Type it down below
10 / 5 by Fox_glove_Fighter11
Do you go through this sometimes?
I hate the act that people just judge you based on what you look like instead of how you really are inside. Do you agree?
4 / 0 by numbsoul2021
What are some things that make you annoyed?
What rank do you think your in a wolf pack is?
I'm a Alpha but put that aside tell me how you acte a round people and i will tell you rank in a pack but if you now just say it.
3 / 0 by Darkwolves
How are stereotypes formed?
2 / 1 by Spider_fam
Is this weird? (1)
Merry meet! So I just wanted to ask the general public... here goes. So, I honestly hate myself. But, I love other people... no matter how much they hurt me. Making others happy and feel good about themselves makes me happy. I ...
3 / 0 by TicciTobyPsycho
What is your greatest phobia?
Merry meet! What are you most afraid of? I have arachnophobia coulrophobia, acrophobia, Astrophobia, Athazagoraphobia and Parturiphobia. Yes I have a lot of fears. But this isn’t about me... it’s about you! What are your phobias?
5 / 1 by TicciTobyPsycho
If you had to remove one holiday...
What holiday would you get rid of?
5 / 6 by Spider_fam
What Is Your Sexuality?
Ya, I’d like to know cuz I’m very unloved and bored :( Also I’m pansexual I like all genders.
16 / 1 by Bl00m
Who is your favorite creepypasta shipping?
Merry meet! My favorite ships is Ticci Toby and clockwork. What is yours?
4 / 2 by TicciTobyPsycho
How do you explain to your parents that you really want to do something they probably won't approve of?
I want to learn to do something that my parents might not approve of... But I would need their help in order to do it... How do I ask them about it?
1 / 1 by The_Watcher
Are there harmless pranks?
List them and how you do them.
3 / 5 by kittyandkendal
What is your opinion on todays society?
Hello lovelies! I personally don’t have a problem. I just wish people would accept people for who they are no who they want them to be.
3 / 2 by TicciTobyPsycho
What's your opinion on what the Florida students are doing?
The marches, the walkout, new gun rules
2 / 1 by ABgaminggirl
What is the point in life?
I've been wondering this for a while now. I was always so happy but then my family moved to America and everything started sucking. I almost never saw my dad because he was always at work and my Mom was killed in the first mont...
1 / 0 by SamanthaKittyCat
What would you say if i got a tattoo?
Im just seeing who like my idea right now when i turn 18.
2 / 0 by Darkwolves
Crazy & Funny :D