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who curses more?
who curses more? mondo or miu? i confused because mondo cuss in every sentence but so does miu. so idk
2 / 0 by galqxy
How do you feel about Trans people?
I am trans as well as a few of my friends. And me and my friend do get picked on because of this. being called a freak or weird just because we don't feel right in our bodies. I just wanted to know, What is your opinion of tran...
9 / 33 by Casual_Red
why do girls always like the edgy charecters?
i feel like girls always preffer the more edgy charecters but i need to know why (why do i feel like this question is cringy...)
5 / 0 by Blue_star
Is it weird to be a tad bit obsessed with boy love anime/manga?
Okay I'll admit...I'm kind of more than a little bit obsessed with it. But I can't help it. So...I just wanted to know, is it weird to like that kind of stuff?
5 / 5 by Casual_Red
Does anyone like the zombie apocalypse theme I made?
Well I written a post about and I hope you could hear it. To those who can’t I feel bad but also find another way.
3 / 4 by Batim17
What is the creepiest thing you've ever experienced?
Just a random question
7 / 9 by Casual_Red
How many times do you go to church?
Well I heard that some people go there a lot an example Sunday’s and its due to their religion
4 / 5 by Batim17
How many have weddings you had been?
Been in 3 weddings, first one is my dad’s sister which I was young , second was when my mom’s uncle which that was 2 years ago, and third one would be tomorrow and it’s for my mom’s sister
10 / 9 by Batim17
what is wrong with me? (2)
I feel like a glitch
1 / 0 by Fox_glove_Fighter11
Is 14 too old for trick or treating on Halloween?
13 / 32 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q
When did/will you start school?
I have a friend who started school a cuple weeks ago and i sstill have 2 weeks before i start school so i was curious.
0 / 0 by ToriTheShark
Do you think naming kids after seasons/months/days is cute?
Most of these are girls names, and some are common like April, May, June, Summer. But then there's also Wednesday, July, Spring, Autumn, Wynter/Winter, November, etc. What do you think of these names?
5 / 3 by My_goal_is_to_have_the_longest_username_on_Q
What is the difference between emos, goths and scenes?
Please tell mwah so I don't offend those of a certain stereotype. Also punks look like this too, so are they the same? Also pastel goths how do they fit in?
1 / 0 by CUPCAKE2004
What is your interest?
Everyone likes different stuff. I like weather and I'm obsessed with it. That's my interest. What is yours?
4 / 0 by Kendall_Descalzi
What country do you live in? (1)
You can tell me if u want! a country is so big so I will not be able to find u!
14 / 28 by Sparkle_Heart
Does anyone have autism?
Not being f**ked up but who knows if they do and a little surprise, I have autism as well!
4 / 4 by Batim17
What do you think of me? (3)
Guys I'm so bored! I don't know what to do. Go follow @derpyderpjuice and @twinkle.dinkle
2 / 1 by asherangelfan2018
What state do you live in? (1)
15 / 20 by asherangelfan2018
What did you do for the 4th of July?
9 / 1 by ABgaminggirl
How Do You Learn To Love Yourself?
It's been a few months since I've gotten on but that's not the case, I need advice. I've been insecure since elementary school and found out just last year in October that I have PTSD. (post traumatic stress disorder). Each mon...
5 / 3 by miss.smol.bean
Crazy & Funny :D