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If you're surrounded by pansexual stoners are you surrounded by pots and pans?
I just wanted to share my stupid joke
3 / 0 by ndnstert917
So many websites
Are you on any other websites. And if so which ones
2 / 1 by MichaelJackson
What's your favorite animal? (3)
Any kind
4 / 0 by MichaelJackson
R u a girl or a boy or neither?
Just asking to c
5 / 3 by shallot
so guess how ghehknelauxpeaue is pronunced
using samples from actual english words, i have changed the spelling of (guess the original name) to the monstrosity that is ghehknelauxpeaue. the first person to guess what this name is wins.
9 / 8 by Aureospace
why do some ppl get so mad over stupid things?
I'm honest to god curious. I made a joke that my dad told me and she got all upset. When I saw her the other day she still wouldn't talk to me. Its been 2 months now.
3 / 0 by AutiWay
read the description?
k so explain this This 36 yr old guy kept hitting on me so I warned him to be careful with texting me cuz it could make him look like a pedophile. Well he claimed that he was gonna block or report me for harassing him. How the ...
4 / 0 by AutiWay
why is almost everyone so sensitive today?
i made a joke (well it was a question mixed with a joke) here a while back and someone got all mad at me for it and stopped being my friend because of it. the joke was "If you take an Asian person and spin him around several ti...
1 / 1 by AutiWay
How do you handcuff a one-armed man?
fr tho i have a ton of questions and this one confuses me the most lol
2 / 0 by AutiWay
Tw? how do you (personally) handle accusations?
to me, if i wasnt there then i can never know what happened. therefor i remain neutral until there is undeniable proof of one side being in the right. but some people are different and have their biases, and im genuinely curiou...
3 / 0 by Aureospace
What would you do if you met me in real life?
If you met me in real life what would you do
3 / 0 by hansedak000
What is your opinion on MBTI types?
Personally, I find them to be really intriguing and I often find myself rambling on whenever someone gets me started on them, which is rare for me (since I don't talk to people very often). If you're into MBTI types, what is yo...
1 / 1 by cairngorm
I need 161,296 reputation points for ads pls
What Does Deep Thoughts Mean?
Everyone kept saying that I was deep, but I don't know what it really means exactly though...
2 / 0 by sadlonelykitsune
Favourite type of flower
Favourite flower and why?
8 / 14 by Planty_Lightofdarkness
what do you think about momo?
many people have been complaining about momo so i want to know what you think.
11 / 12 by kazzanne2004
does ANYONE go to cactus or at least live in palmdale? what schools do you guys go to?
How old are you guys?
heys im 14, just wanna see how old you guys are.
25 / 32 by DemonQueen
Crazy & Funny :D