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Do you think naming kids after seasons/months/days is cute?
Most of these are girls names, and some are common like April, May, June, Summer. But then there's also Wednesday, July, Spring, Autumn, Wynter/Winter, November, etc. What do you think of these names?
3 / 1 by Spider_fam
What is the difference between emos, goths and scenes?
Please tell mwah so I don't offend those of a certain stereotype. Also punks look like this too, so are they the same? Also pastel goths how do they fit in?
1 / 0 by CUPCAKE2004
What is your interest?
Everyone likes different stuff. I like weather and I'm obsessed with it. That's my interest. What is yours?
4 / 0 by Kendall_Descalzi
What country do you live in? (1)
You can tell me if u want! a country is so big so I will not be able to find u!
7 / 8 by SparkleHeartOwl
Does anyone have autism?
Not being f**ked up but who knows if they do and a little surprise, I have autism as well!
4 / 4 by Batim17
What do you think of me? (3)
Guys I'm so bored! I don't know what to do. Go follow @derpyderpjuice and @twinkle.dinkle
2 / 1 by asherangelfan2018
What state do you live in? (1)
15 / 20 by asherangelfan2018
What did you do for the 4th of July?
9 / 1 by ABgaminggirl
How Do You Learn To Love Yourself?
It's been a few months since I've gotten on but that's not the case, I need advice. I've been insecure since elementary school and found out just last year in October that I have PTSD. (post traumatic stress disorder). Each mon...
5 / 1 by miss.smol.bean
what do your enitials spell?
mine spell arf or my internet initialls (kathryn moon white) spell kmw (clearly idk how to spell initaials)
7 / 4 by Blue_star
What are Wolves afraid of?
I want to know what are wolves afraid of!
1 / 2 by c.zhang19
What separates cult from religion?
What do you do when your locked out of your house?
I don't have a key a booby pin and i don't have a phone so i can't call anyone to pick me up I don't know what to do!
9 / 0 by ToriTheShark
what is the meaning of life? (6)
what do you think the meaning of life is?Type it down below
10 / 5 by Fox_glove_Fighter11
Do you go through this sometimes?
I hate the act that people just judge you based on what you look like instead of how you really are inside. Do you agree?
4 / 0 by numbsoul2021
What are some things that make you annoyed?
What rank do you think your in a wolf pack is?
I'm a Alpha but put that aside tell me how you acte a round people and i will tell you rank in a pack but if you now just say it.
3 / 0 by Darkwolves
How are stereotypes formed?
2 / 1 by Spider_fam
Is this weird? (1)
Merry meet! So I just wanted to ask the general public... here goes. So, I honestly hate myself. But, I love other people... no matter how much they hurt me. Making others happy and feel good about themselves makes me happy. I ...
3 / 0 by TicciTobyPsycho
Crazy & Funny :D