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What would you do if you met me in real life?
If you met me in real life what would you do
3 / 0 by hansedak000
What is your opinion on MBTI types?
Personally, I find them to be really intriguing and I often find myself rambling on whenever someone gets me started on them, which is rare for me (since I don't talk to people very often). If you're into MBTI types, what is yo...
1 / 1 by cairngorm
why does everyone hat e me now?
be honest
3 / 2 by WestNFS4Lyfe
I need 161,296 reputation points for ads pls
What Does Deep Thoughts Mean?
Everyone kept saying that I was deep, but I don't know what it really means exactly though...
2 / 0 by sadlonelykitsune
Favourite type of flower
Favourite flower and why?
9 / 16 by Planty_Lightofdarkness
what do you think about momo?
many people have been complaining about momo so i want to know what you think.
12 / 13 by kazzanne2004
does ANYONE go to cactus or at least live in palmdale? what schools do you guys go to?
How old are you guys?
heys im 14, just wanna see how old you guys are.
25 / 32 by DemonQueen
is ANYONE else here a pisces or born on march?!?
please like please cme on muy dudes, am i really the only one? also thats me and my ugly ass stupid ass ghetto ass brother, let me tell you not to be racist to my own kind , but i dont act BLACK. anyone can tell you that about me.
12 / 1 by DemonQueen
Is it ruder to stare at people or to avoid eye contact?
i'm very socially anxious and overthink everything and this has been worrying me for a while please help
5 / 4 by Iscopeee
Describe Humans in the Simplest Terms
God's mistake.
4 / 1 by Banksy.Rat
Why do people say dont give info about yourself?
All these people say don’t give people your full name and stuff like that?
5 / 0 by EmptySoul
What is your opinion on transracial people?
Transracial = born a certain race but identify as another race Transracial = cringe
7 / 5 by Alexandru
How do you feel about Trans people?
I am trans as well as a few of my friends. And me and my friend do get picked on because of this. being called a freak or weird just because we don't feel right in our bodies. I just wanted to know, What is your opinion of tran...
14 / 61 by YandereQueen
why do girls always like the edgy charecters?
i feel like girls always preffer the more edgy charecters but i need to know why (why do i feel like this question is cringy...)
4 / 0 by Blue_star
Is it weird to be a tad bit obsessed with boy love anime/manga?
Okay I'll admit...I'm kind of more than a little bit obsessed with it. But I can't help it. So...I just wanted to know, is it weird to like that kind of stuff?
5 / 5 by YandereQueen
Does anyone like the zombie apocalypse theme I made?
Well I written a post about and I hope you could hear it. To those who can’t I feel bad but also find another way.
3 / 4 by BatimGal11
What is the creepiest thing you've ever experienced?
Just a random question
7 / 9 by YandereQueen
Crazy & Funny :D