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mustaches or swag????
Do I have ADHD or ADD?
Is the things I think normal?
What is the point of TV?
What is a good single word with same meaning as the "the person whom I am talking to" expression?
can animals get pimples?
Can anyone come up with a starter to this blurb?
Window 7 or windows 8?
When will my 1st period come?
can i charge for my services
What's the difference between last and latest?
my girlfriend broke up with me help?
What is the best bubble tea flavor???
Does anyone on here have a muzy?
What Should I do????!!! AGAIN!
What are some good books
Who's better? Shadow Sonic silver or Knuckles or tails
Did you know, that at any given moment, you are no more than three feet away from a spider?
wat do u like more m&ms or skittles?
should the elderly get free bus rides???
Favorite Animal? just wondering.
What was your first Anime/manga you read/watched?
Who's the better Youtuber? Ray William Johnson (RWJ), Pewdiepie, Nigahiga, Jacksfilms, Hoiitsroi, or Smosh?
what is better chocolate or candy?
*sigh* I have this friend that isn't being herself and it is making me heart broken...c-can you help me?(Completed!~)
Is anyone a fan of Macklemore?
I broke my moms lampshade and she is really mad what will i do?
Which Would You Prefer, Hot Dog, or PB&J?
My parents won't let me be homeschooled
Do you enter your details, press enter and you can't register?
I'm depressed, I really like a boy but he ignores me, what should I do?
What would you call this dog?
How upload a song onto your pages???
If you were a voice actor in hetalia what Hetalia voice would you be? and why?
When does a Growth spurt happen?
I'm a BIG fan of manga+ anime. Is there a helpful site on how i can improve my anime drawing skills?
how do i make my hair grow??
Who has heard about Amanda Todd?
What kind of dog would suit this Bow Tie Collar?
I want to talk to someone on Skype, but how do I know they are who they say they are?
What is the Meaning of Life?
How do you get rid of your nightmares?
Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall or Louis? (1)
Harry, Zayn, Liam, Niall or Louis?
Which dresses/suits should we have at my Half-brothers wedding?
What's your favourite dessert?
Goddess qiuiz. Which goddess are you (girls ONLY)
what hairstyle should you get and what make up should you wear?
What kind of Easter egg are you hoping to get for Easter?
Who's excited for Easter?
What are the parole districts in Illinois and why can't I find any details of this online anywhere?
Have you ever been hurt by someone so many times that you feel like giving up?
Read Description Please....
Could you please help me!
Do you ever see or hear things that aren't there? ( If you have what?)
What breed of dog do you think this is?
What is a really unique breed of dog?
What breed of dog would fit my family?
How can i sow my true feelins towards my boyfriend
I like a guy and I think he likes me what should I do
how do you revise for SAT tests??
Sugar, Pepper,Chilli or salt?
my mum filled out an esta form what do i do
What's the name of the game
on my laptop i have three usb ports but one of them is a sata usb what does this men
Why does people don't care about others feeling?
How do you get an email address without your parents knowing?
Your favorite Love Song?
Looking for help with textile course!
Read the description.
What Religious belief do I hold?
Who is alita chanhom?
Does fruit count if you eat it with chocolate?
Can anyone tell me what I should do?
am i in luv or obbsesed?!!
If they tell you that you will get your visa in two weeks is it true?
Read the desription please:)
What do you guys think of Makai and Koishii?
What is the nicest dog you have ever seen?
Harry Potter riddle can you solve it?
moving to a fixed term contract
Do you know these girl bands?
In what year did Pizarro join Balboa?
Can someone,anyone help me?
Out of these people, who do you choose to be your best friend?
When will this end?? I'm sick and tired of it...( please read descrption)
Name the breed! Everyone! Have a go!
whats your favorite book????
favorite memory of Paul Bearer?
HELP!I need lots of help now!
If guns don't kill people, but people kill people. The does that mean that toasters don't toast toast, but toast toast toast???
Can somebody please help me?
should my boyfriend and I brake up?
Has anyone ever noticed that & kinda looks like someone dragging their butt on the ground.
Does Logan Lerman actually play Albus S. Potter?
How do you let a requested member join your page?