What's your earliest memory?

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Answers (3)

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This boy showing us, his preschool friends, his toe. Which had no toenail.
I swear, that image scarred my mind.
on November 02, 2017
my earliest memory was a dream
it was where i was in my stroler with my mum was pushing it when all of a sudden we are next to a drain.My mum then accidentaly pushed the stroler over and i fell in the drain and that kept repeating untill i woke up and i was 4 maybe 3 not haveing any memory of anything but i new my teddys name my sisters name and how i was at my dads house it was like knowing everything but knowing nothing at the same time.
on January 03, 2020
My house was on fire and there was some reason a bunch of airplanes and all my parents died with no firemen. I was 4 when I dreamed that lolz
on September 28, 2017