Fiction and Nonfiction
Acids Rain
I thought I could trust family,... Furious at her family she runs away forgetting common sense, her family were trying there best...
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Hurts to smile..
Meet Raven, a normal girl until her eighth birthday, everything changes, will see survive? Or will th fire Burn and drive her insane...
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Why? (1)
I was your average 12 year old girl, black hair with twisted ends, blue eyes, tanned skin, ya know 
Dreaming of being someone, or something.
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Broken Wings {} The Fallen (two book series)
"Ke'ala!" Nalani yelled I was pushed backwards into black. All I saw was black, it surrounded me, crawling into my head and crushing my thoughts... I could do nothing.
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Would you come after me if I walk away?
Lilith was a Normal girl, being shy she only had one friend. But weirdly one day she walked away. In this story, you will learn the importance of friendship. And to always "keep your old friends one is silver the other gold.
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Angel (1)
this is about two people who have run away from home and their lives gets better after a couple of months and soon they find in each others arms
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One Literal second
Zaila was gifted with a powerful magics. But will she find out what it means?
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The Never ending
Meyume is a normal 15 year old single girl, until THAT day, it happened...
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These Ears
A young carefree islander girl find out the true power of being three quarters wolf at age 14, until she meets her true parents... They changed her, unwillingly
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These eyes
This mix of dark and fantasy and mystery is perfect for bedtime or just for fun! As always please like, follow and comment ?
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Darkness Ziki
This delish mix of fantasy and dark is perfect for all ages and reading groups. Please follow and comment- Raven
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Mysteries of Wind Lake
'She twirled the knife in her hand and walked away from the graveyard. Mye lay next to a tree near the graveyard. Minx didn't notice her. Minx swiftly turned around a couple minutes later. "Mye." she whispered, and threw her kn...
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The Woman with the Cipher Tattoo
Thirteen-year-old Dipper and Mabel are back in Gravity Falls for their second summer, but straight off the bus and right off the bat, Dipper runs into what seems like a classic mystery just crying out for the boy detective - wh...
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The Boarding School
A teenage girl is sent to a boarding school for smart young female students. Everything was okay at first, till things started getting bad.
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Murder Mystery in France
Sonic and Jackie had waited forever to go on their honeymoon to Paris, France. They think it's all love, but when a murder takes place in their hotel, they realize how wrong they are...
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Songs I made
These are just random songs I made up in my spare time. I hope you enjoy them!
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With Love
Nala Steele, a noble lady of Manor Steele and daughter of Jonathan Steele, has been missing for barely a month before her family decide to take drastic measures on finding her. Alexander Mason, an amateur detective with an int...
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Always Invisible
Everything was boring. Until one day everything changed. I was now.. Invisible.
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Tsniku Aika's Life Story Part One
Tsniku Aika's Life Story is about a high school girl who starts seeing figures and faces darkness over and over again but cane never get out. If you can't see the problem then, that ain't mine.
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The Mysterious School
Marnie Black, a college student at Elmsfield University, never guessed that she would uncover a hodgepodge of mysteries buried in her school's history. But it happened. Murders, kidnappings, hangings, suicides... her school is ...
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