Mirrored Shadows

Mirrored Shadows

How could this happen... How did I?.. Why... Nothing matters anymore I I, am I dead?...

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I sat in the darkness of the orphanage. Alone. No one ever took me so I was always left behind... Standing up I looked in the mirror. Silver shone back at me I saw silver, I had no reflection. Footsteps echoed up the hall towards where I stood. "Uri!" I looked towards the door as 'Mrs Lang' Walked in followed by a woman with dirty blond hair and a guy with curly black hair. The girl wore an aqua blue top that said ' live, love, laugh' and dark blue jeans. The other guy was wearing a grey top with shorts. "Uri turn the lights on" Mrs Lang growled and I turned them on. "Well I guess we don't have a choice do we?"

I sat in silence as they drove me to my new home. The house was brick with a chocolate brown tile roof. "Now Uri you can call me auntie Thea and call my husband Tyrell ok?" I nodded and walked inside to two boys sitting I front of a TV watching some sort of tv show. "Hi mum!" They said without looking up from the tv. "Buys this is Uri I want you to make her feel at home here" Tyrell said gruffly "hi" I muttered to them looking at my feet. Thea ruffled my hair and led me to my room. It was a cream coloured room with a bed in the corner "Um so Uri are you hungry?" I nodded "well there are apples on the table and sandwiches on the pantry" Thea said with a smile and I walked out the room "owww!!!" "HAHAHAHHAHAHAH" I growled like a wolf as I held my wrist. "Aunty Thea!" I shouted with tears in my eyes the boys ran off. She looked it over and said "it's a green stick fracture" she rushed us all into the car to go to the hospital. "Drama queen much" one of the boys muttered to them selves.

We got back home I wore  a black and purple cast. 'Why did they do this?' I threw a book at the wall with my bad hand. 'Why?... I thought as tears trickled down my face...
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