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my special place
A beautiful story about a girl. And sorry it is chapter book I wrote so... yea don't insult but what do u think. Stay tuned to hear more if u want. Write in the comments if you want more chapters of the book
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Number of The Beast
Join the story of a "mentally ill" man named Jon in his journey to uncover the mystery of his strange ability, and more...personal matters.
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This is my OCs Peppers backstory. I would like to thank @Cactus.Catoo for giving me the idea.
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Ask any Deku!
This is just a story of different AU's of Deku's you can do anything with
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The Death of Pymgys
Noah is the son of two case invesgastors when one day he hears on the television that his classmates had been murdered all in a span of 5 days . Noah takes thses cases into his own hands since the police aren't doing anything
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Basically; A bunch of weird concepts
This is something of a journal of weird ideas I have for another thing that ISN’T “Abnormal Days.” Mostly, Boot Leg Stands that I call “Incarnations.”
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Supernatural at School
Amber , a 16 year old spy discovers about , RSS, a royality run school, due to mysterious events happening nearby the school. To find the truth, she joins the school and gets just one year to solve the case. her eyes are dra...
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Starlight the forgotten alicorn
Starlight is the forgotten alicorn best coal friend of Scootaloo. All three of the CMCs realize that Starlight played a part in their dreams. Scootaloo got very emotional.
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Friend, Please... (A 2P! FrUk Story)
A 2P! FrUk songfic for the song Friend, Please by Twenty One Pilots! I will be posting in multiple parts! (art belongs to @bleshou )
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Libitina Project
The project file information from the Libitina Project. You're welcome.
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List of all the Genders
Enjoy, I honestly don't even know why I decided to make this. Oh well. Whatever. Just try and read all the these
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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Steig Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo combines murder mystery, family saga, love story, and financial intrigue into a complex and atmospheric novel. Harriet Vanger, scion of one of Sweden's wealthiest families disap...
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I Do What Is Enough For You (preview)
So many people struggle with identity, depression, and anxiety plus many other things. Based on my experiences and fear that I have, I decided to make a story based off of this! Though, this is only a preview to see what people...
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Judgement of Sins - Incomplete
Greed, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, these are reason for why 14 people are put into a game of life and death. Who will live who will die? You'll just have to see... Please, comment how you felt about the story an...
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What is Life?
Life! is Life! Life! is Sad! Life! is Happy! Life! is Love! Life! is Life!
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Uneasy: The First Killing
Who is the killer? And how will Seikatsu find out? All questions will be answered in the next book!!!
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Twins of Destiny
This is a story about two twins who were separated at birth for a mysterious reason but when they finally reunite, someone is out to bring them down. *** this is a work in progress so please don't judge me to harshly!
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The Silent Orchestra
It's been seven years since Alexandria has seen her best friend. Ever since, she's been searching, but with no avail. During her travels, she falls for a strange soldier, clad in red, black, and gold. There's something strange ...
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