Supernatural at School

Supernatural at School

Amber , a 16 year old spy discovers about , RSS, a royality run school, due to mysterious events happening nearby the school. To find the truth, she joins the school and gets just one year to solve the case. her eyes are drawn to suspicious Science teacher.

published on April 05, 201812 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.


Hey there! I wanted to write a mystery so bad so here it is. I am new at writing the stories of this particular genre. please comment your views on this. So pls comment &  pls rate this.

So the genre :  Mystery/School/Action/Supernatural/Fiction.
I hope you guys like this.

~ I don't own the pics
~ The names are just random & if it matches real life then it's purely co-incidence
~ Please ignore my spellings & formations. English is not my first language :-)
~please share your views like i should continue this or not ^.^
~And finally thank you so much for reading all this.
~ and as this is fiction , There may be some things questionable like  how can a 16 year old be a professional spy. This is purely fiction & supernatural so ..... there can't be perfect explanation .

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