We are not the same

this is my first ever story made so im sorry if its bad but ill try my hardest on it

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We are not the same
Chapter 1.
The war

The war

Once in a lifetime there was peace between humans and magic makers people with magic, there was a human that had magic too which was a surprise too a-lot of people. Humans called her witch while magic makers called her a miracle. One day the humans went to far and abused her So she killed the people in the town And the humans killed her and this was how the war got started.

Humans side of the war
The General is talking
WE SHALL RISE AND FIGHT AGAINST THESE WITCHES. They are dangerous, unsafe and we shall need to eliminate them.
so thats what the humans where planning to do. Even though it was the humans fault people listened to the general and recruited hunter. They did this before they start the war to make it easier for the humans to win or so they thought,

magic makers side of the war
The leader is talking
WE SHALL NOT LET THE HUMANS GET AWAY WITH THIS.We need to protect our land, our home, and our rights of freedom. Its not fair its those humans faults we saved them thousands of time and this is how we get treated: so they fought and protected the land and the children a-lot of people were dying and it has only just begun.

The short backstory a fight between humans and people with powers but there was a few people on each side that wanted peace after the war. Those people gave birth to their children(our ocs)  and their children want to make peace too but the people with powers are hiding there powers so people think everyone is human and the humans are hunting them and trying to kill them. Will this war ever stop
if this is a good story chapter let me know if you want me too continue to chapter 2
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