A Story About A High School Girl

A Story About A High School Girl

This is about a girl that has 2 siblings she is the middle her mother passes away from cancer.Her and her brother need to take care of there little sister.But they are both in high school the little sister is in elementary

published on January 29, 202216 reads 10 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.

Chapter 1 first day of High School

Hikaru Uzumaki is a girl that goes to Sakura High in japan.This is her story. Hikaru was going to high school and she was very nervous she wants lots of friends but she's to shy.She enters the building and she goes to Mrs.Saki's class for her math class.She sat by Yuki and she took out her books and began reading. The bell rung after 1 hour it's time for her next class.She had only known her first class she hoped she had gone to the right class. She had gone to reading in Mr. Izumi's class but she was in Geometry! She asked Mrs.Hika if she was in this class at this period. Mrs.Hika said no. Hikaru got so embarrassed she ran straight to Mr.Izumi's class. But she'd forgot her books! She got to class on time anyways. She sat by Kate she was a transfer that is from America but her parents got a job offer here and she had to move here two days ago.Hikaru said hello to Kate and kate was very friendly they had a little chat untill Mr.Izumi caught them.He said not to do it again and excused them because they didnt know his rules and one of them where no talking in class!They apologized and 20 minutes later the bell rung. It was time for chemistry. She knew her other classes.She got her bookes from her locker and she went there just in time.Mrs.Sumi was a nice girl she let her kids talk in class because chemistry was boring to them but when she was in a bad mood she taught them chemistry.Hikaru was happy because she got to talk to somebody named Yuki Uzumaki ( Her twin brother ) They talked for a while untill the bell rung.It was lunch time and everybody was glad there was 3 more classes left well Hikaru wanted to join a club so she did she joined the student coulcil.Her and her brother then went to eat.50 minutes later the announcements went on.They said *Hikaru and Yuki Uzumaki ur mother's here to pick you up.* They where glad but they had a club meeting at 6:00 it was 4:50.
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Comments (2)

I like such stories and I'm happy to see there are 5 chapters. To me, studying is not so enjoyable thing but thanks to such stories I became more motivated. But it not works with math so I often use this source https://plainmath.net/ to get help with some of my tasks. I hope to see more and more chapters here!
on November 09, 2022
Its a work in progress but i hope you enjoyed anyways give me ideas on where Hikaru could of gone and yeah!
on January 29, 2022