my special place

my special place

A beautiful story about a girl. And sorry it is chapter book I wrote so... yea don't insult but what do u think. Stay tuned to hear more if u want. Write in the comments if you want more chapters of the book

published on July 14, 20201 read 1 reader 0 not completed
the start

the start

There she was all alone and calm. It's loud all around the world but there it was quiet. Listening to the calming rain made her feel tempted to sing, even though see hated even doing it around her self. She was so relaxed and free. She had been here for quite a while but knew it was time, time to leave. She stayed seated closing her eyes listening to the rain but got up. As she left the calm quiet cave she felt a scenes of hope for a new life. Outside she walked into a beautiful green placer of trees. The rain dropped on her face as she stepped deeper into the forest. The rain dropping on her face didn't annoy her. As she saw it the rain was more alike to her, it can have a positive effect on things and others like how it can make trees grow much alike as how, although she didn't realise she had a positive effect on many things in her life. The rain was peaceful much alike as her. The forest ended and she raised her leg to get on her bike. As the wheels slid on the slippery road Cassidy thought about what would happen when she got home. Her home was different to others her home was loud and  different. As soon as she reached the house she got a huge knot in her stomach. She found her hand trembling so much that she couldn't open the door. She stepped back, closed her eyes and held her hand out. As the door creaked she hurried inside to her room hopefully her mum wouldn't come in...
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