This is my OCs Peppers backstory. I would like to thank @Cactus.Catoo for giving me the idea.

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Chapter 1.

The problems start

When i was younger i had a great time with my family until i had started to see people or creatures as i call them. When i started to see them i couldnt sleep and my mental state started going down. My parents noticed but didnt do anything about until it got worse. They made me a doctors appointment to see if i had schitzophrenia. When the day had come for the doctors appointment i didnt get any sleep because of the creatures, they keep me up and i tried sleeping every night but nothing worked. We had went into the doctors off ice and the doctor had said "Hello there you must be Pepper" "Yea my names Pepper. But why am i here" "Your here because we are checking if you have schitzophrenia" "I dont have that i just wanna go home" "Well im sorry Pepper but we have to check why you arent getting sleep" "Oh im getting plenty if sleep" "We're just going to check ok" "Fine" The doctor took me to the room and checked for schtzophrenia and sure enough i had it. We went back home and i went up to my room and slammed the door.

~That night~

Im seeing more creatures than usual so i had sat up and started to draw one of them as i had been doing the past few weeks since this started. I have almost two full notebooks of all the creatures that had come to see me. Ther are some creatures that were scary but i like those ones, the ones that look nice i dont usually draw but when im bored and the nice ones are the only ones there i draw them. I have one notebook for creepy ones and one notebook for the nice ones. But i know i have insomnia but i never knew i had schitzophrnia but now that i know i have it, it makes me happy. My mental state kept going down and my parents were talking about something. I had grabbed both my notebooks and brought them downstairs and showed my parents, they screamed and i laughed so they signed me up for a therapy, did i wanna go, NO. I had to go to therapy anyway.
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