Basically; A bunch of weird concepts

This is something of a journal of weird ideas I have for another thing that ISN’T “Abnormal Days.” Mostly, Boot Leg Stands that I call “Incarnations.”

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Chapter 1.

The President’s Incarnations

The President of Aspara laughs to himself. “I heard that kid’s Incarnation is almost perfect. A fine addition to my collection.”

His five Incarnations and counting will leave you chilled!!

“Gimme Gimme Moah”
An Incarnation that resembles a cartoon glove with a single eyeball. While it doesn’t have much combat ability, it does have two powers that give the Pres an advantage. The first power is to allow the user to harm Incarnations with his own body or with other objects that it latches onto. The second power is to steal Incarnations from dying Incarnators. This combination of the two powers enabled him to steal the other four incarnations and sparked a horrific obsession to collect incarnations and gain endless powers!

“Freak Out”
An Incarnation that looks like a blue box and a long, skeletal neck that carries a giant cyclopian head. What does this one do? Simple; this incarnation temporarily disables the powers of other Incarnations. It basically scares an Incarnation so bad that it’s abilities become far too difficult to use for a short amount of time.

“Infinite Disgusting”
This Incarnation looks a lot like a cute mushroom being, but its power isn’t as cute. Within a 40 foot radius, Incarnators will be covered by a strange slime that changes properties upon being struck. Before you get struck, the slime would be green and make it difficult to move. Then, when the Pres punches you, you will find yourself flying for a sec from the punch and sliding around uncontrollably as the slime turns magenta and loses all friction. Of course, the slime wears off eventually, but getting stuck in this sticky goo is a nightmare!

“Big Hijab Value Meal”
Seems to resemble an eggplant with a rather masculine face and 4 cartoon legs. It can’t fight very well, but dodges things easily and its power is to have small objects gravitate around itself or larger objects and shoot said small objects as bullets. It’s not particularly interesting, but the gravitation lasts for as long as one object stays in the circle of gravity or if the Incarnator is killed off.

“Purple Pyll”
Definitely the best one. It resembles a skull without sockets with a serpentine tail and robot arms attached to the head. Its power is to not only freeze time, but when time resumes, it at first starts at 25% of its usual speed and gradually “thaws” and speeds up until it resumes at normal speed. It has a long cool down time, however
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