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This is the same book I posted a part of in "Poems." I added part of the second chapter as well, even though I haven't finished it yet. Hope you like it!!!
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it is about me and my interested and my hobbies and my friends and my school life
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This story is about a young girl who's father, (the president) gets kidnapped. She and her friends try do unravel who kidnapped him and rescue him.
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Scary Night
Scary night is about a group of friends who go on a trip that was what they thought it was going to the time of there lives but then they get lost in the forest and they have no chocie but to travel through diffrent worlds tryi...
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Sprit of the Wolf (1)
its just the introdution of my new story i hope u all like it sorry for any spellling erros it just im ruing out of time to type it down hope u like it and the names of the people r from one of my fav books DarkVision u should ...
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Tales of The Unpredictable
Ever had an unexpected surprise? A shock that appeared when you least expected it? Well, you're not the only one it happened to...This is, the tales of the unpredictable. New tales will be made one at a time
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Im back!
just the 2 book of days of my life so please read the frist book! before reading this one because the frist book is really great!
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Lol for those of you who dont know who the are, we are a group af awsome friends who stand together and fight agianst the haterz on qfeast! (This goes to potterpox, clove, hannahpower, tornadoe, catoandclove)
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Torn Within (Sonic The Hedgehog
okay this is chapter 2 of my story and last time sonic had a nightmare and sonic is turned into a vampire by a hedgehog vampire named Kai and he meets other vampires named Jordan, Victoria and Drake and lets see what will happe...
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