it is about me and my interested and my hobbies and my friends and my school life

published on March 31, 201314 reads 9 readers 1 completed
Chapter 1.

all bout me

body: my name is brooke i love to shop mostly with my friends we go every weekend unless im busy or they are busy but it doesnt matter really i like staying at home and watching tv and be chilled out.
im not doing good in school but i try there are just so many destractions i like to talk and i like to just do nothing sometimes.
i never do homework i'd rather get detention but i never go.
i hate math i also hate science and i also hate english and every other subject but drama is quite fun andin music you get to make noise but sometimes you dont have to do anything its really fun.i love food im skinny but food is amazing i love being surrounded in burgers and fries and cake and other delious things.
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omg!! thats my name!!
on January 20, 2014