This is the same book I posted a part of in "Poems." I added part of the second chapter as well, even though I haven't finished it yet. Hope you like it!!!

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Chapter 1.

Where's the President?

As Renné made her way toward the inn with her family, she thought about what they were about to do. Most people would think it would be suicide to even attempt it. But Renné let those worries slip into the back of her mind, and by doing so, recalled that day not so long ago. ...
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        What started out as a normal day for Renné turned bad really quickly. When Renné got out of bed in the morning, she noticed her parent’s’ house was strangely silent. Usually, her three-year-old annoying little twin brothers Matthew and Joshua were up by now and making her morning miserable.
Even though Renné was almost twenty, she still lived in her parents, Jack and Sofia’s house, but that was only because their family was so poor her parents didn’t have enough money to buy a house or even a run-down car for her.  Renné had to make a living on her own, as she had done since she was fourteen.
Once Renné was dressed, she went downstairs and into the kitchen to get breakfast started, but was surprised to discover her family gone, dirty dishes in the sink, and two notes on the table. When Renné picked up the first note, she read what follows:

Dear Renné,
We have taken your twin brothers somewhere safe, if you want  to see them again, come quietly with the one who calls himself Gauntlet. He will find you if you try to escape, for he is one of the most renowned trackers alive today.
Your worst enemy,
P.S. Don’t try to find your brothers if you somehow escape, for they will go to a place where you will never find them again. Remember, their lives are in your hands.

Renné’s face had gone deathly pale as she read the first note, and to say the least, she wasn’t looking forward to the next one. Still, Renné faced her fears and took a look at the second note. She read as follows:

Dear Renné,
Do not pay attention to K.’s threats. He will not harm your brothers, as he still needs them as hostages. My name is Morkai, and I am here to help you rescue your brothers. Your parents are here, safe. That is one of the few reasons you should trust me, but enough talk. I will see you soon, and your parents and I will be waiting for you in your basement.
Your friend,
P.S. I hope someday, if not today, you will trust me.

A whirlwind of thoughts raced through Renné’s mind. Could it be that there was hope for my brothers after all? Renné wondered as she raced down the steps to the basement. Still clutching both notes as tightly as she could, Renné hoped with all her might her parents would be down there with her brothers, and this would just all be one huge joke they had played on her.
But as she jumped off the final steps and turned the corner, she found all of her hopes crushed. Her parents were there, weeping softly and clutching each other as tightly as they could, in fear that if they let go, they would vanish from the Earth. Renné waited around for a few minutes, until they saw her.
When they did, it seemed as though life returned to their faces, for when they looked upon her, they had hope again. Renné’s father, Jack Goldsmith, embraced her in a hug and almost squeezed her to death. Her mother, Sofia, on the other hand, waited patiently until Renné was seated before kissing her lightly on the cheek.
Jack burst out, “We were so worried, we thought K. got you too!.”
Sofia said sternly to her husband, “Now Jack, Renné must be confused and worried for her own safety at this point. Why don’t you explain to her what happened to her brothers, as well as... well... the other thing. Okay?”
“I guess,” replied Jack as the smile slipped off his face.
“What other thing do I have to know about?” asked Renné with a slight tremor to her voice.
“Nothing really, honey. Your father will explain it all to you,” replied her mother, elbowing Jack in the stomach. “Won’t you Jack?” she asked with another elbow.
“What was that for? Oh... yeah, I guess I’ll explain it to you, Renné. I’ll tell you a story. ...”
So Renné spent the next forty-five minutes listening to her father tell the story of how K.’s men had broken into the house and kidnapped her brothers. Apparently, Jack and Sofia were lucky to get away, and couldn’t save both themselves and their sons as well.
“And so you see,” concluded Jack. “It would have been utterly impossible for all of us to escape with our lives and our sons, and sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to fight another day.”
“Speaking of sacrifices, Jack, would you please explain to Renné about the other thing? She’s been waiting much too long already.”
“Fine. Well, Renné, you have a sister,” stated Jack flatly.
“You have a sister named Alexandria who is actually your twin. She is the same age as you, too, and goes by Alex.”
“Wow... I never knew. ...”
“We will get ready to leave in the morning, right?” interrupted Renné’s mother.
“Where will we be going?”
“To rescue your brothers, of course! We’ll pick up Alex on the way.”
The three of them fell into an uneasy sleep that night, and in the morning, they joined up with Morkai and made their escape. Their day was filled with much travel, and soon enough it was nightfall again. They stopped at an inn to get some sleep, and the next day was almost the same as the first. The only difference was this time, during one of the breaks between traveling, Renné’s parents explained where they were going. It was only then that Renné realized why they were being so secretive.
It seemed as though Renné’s brothers were taken to the highest security prison on the planet.
They soon arrived at an inn located close to the prison, and it was there Renné met her long-lost sister, Alex. To Renné, it seemed as though she was looking into a mirror. The sisters soon found they had a lot in common. After chatting for a while, they soon came up with a plan for rescuing their brothers.
The next day, the sisters stepped into the prison for the first time, and thought a prison break wouldn’t be so hard. It was then the alarm bells in the building started to ring. ...
To be continued.... If they make it out alive!!
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