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The 500+ followers page! ^_^
This is literally just for people that have more than or equal to 500 followers; I just recently joined this group myself. :)
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White Collar Fans 4Ever
If you like the TV show White Collar, join. It's that simple. :P I will allow everyone that asks to be a member, so join if you want.
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Marvel Fans... XD
Well, if you're anything like me you love the Avengers and everything about them. Especially Loki... XD
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Funny LOLz
These are just some funny things, pictures and such. Join if you want, post pictures and jokes and have fun. :)
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Do you like dragons? If you do, than this is the page for you! Talk about dragon myths, and find out what other myths and dragon lore are out there.
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Language of the Elves
This page is where you learn about the language of the elves. It is really interesting, I promise!!
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Artemis Fowl Fan Page
This is a page for lovers of the series Artemis Fowl to come together and discuss stuff.
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Uniting against bullying.
This page is for people to come together and discuss different ways to eradicate bullying in your school or neighborhood.
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Young Author's Camp
Every year I participate in an amazing camp for young writers. The camp takes place every year during the summer in Benton, Maine. It is an amazing opportunity and every year I have benefited from it. If you are between or at g...
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Sophisticated Vocabulary Media
My best friend Amanda thinks I always use "big words," so I created this page as a sort of "guide" for those of us who did not naturally acquire a sophisticated vocabulary index built into their brains. Anyway, I hope that by c...
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Books!!! Books!!! Books Galore!!!
This is a page I created, (my first!!!), for people to discus the latest books, their favorite books and book series, the books they are making, their favorite genre, and other such book-related topics. This is also the place t...
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