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Just Let It Out, Bro
Ever got fed up about something/ someone, and you just need a place to vent that frustration out? Then this page is for you. Or to post something cute/funny, to lighten the mood for others~ Rules: 1. Do NOT tag the person you ...
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page for teenagers!!!
only for teens,seniors r not allowed!!! :P :P :P.if u r 10-18 years old then join with this page!!
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Supporting Gay Relations
If you think that it's okay to be attracted to someone of your own gender then join this page. I believe that people have the freedom to choose who they want to be with regardless of what sex they are.
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I create covers
I make book covers, I also make covers for other sites. This is for people who need book cover. My examples can be found here now:
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West Skies RP
Be a flying mythical creature, or a human who hunts them, if you are not a creature you must be a hunter... things that would classify for flying creatures are anything with wings (Angels, Demons, Fairies, Shape-shifters, Drago...
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The Story Writers' Circle
Writers, come in. Talk about your stories, writing and the technicalities of writing, any advice you need, critique
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Review My Story, Please!
Looking for opinions or advises about your story? Just post your story link here
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Qfeast Roleplaying Pages
A top list of roleplaying Qfeast pages. Find and share rp pages! Important: as before, all rp pages shall be marked as 'profile'
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Qfeast News
Check out the latest news & updates from Qfeast: new features, tips & tricks, most popular items. Welcome to the official Qfeast News Page!
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Qfeast Contests
Are you a creative writer? We’d like to encourage you to take the challenge and write your hearts out! We'll make you famous on Qfeast, plus prizes!
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Dark rp
This is a Dark rp where u can have secreat Behind u or also can be a mithical crea true To rp fill this 1name2 age 3Power weopens or abilitis4species (human,lost ángel,demon,ángel,dragón or a Insanity girl/boy 4gender 5personal...
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Would you rather
A selection of would you rathers! Anybody can do it! So no need to get membership , but I'd be happy enough if you subcribe!
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Worry Page
Are you worried about something? Just post it on here, no one will laugh, and someone who's gone through this situation themself will tell you what to do.
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Harry Potter Fan Club!
For all the potterheads out there hope you can subscribe or be a member! WARNING UNCONTROLLABLE FANGIRLING!!! subscribe reqest anything lets talk about hp and our love or it!!!! :D <(^_^)>
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Animal Abuse Needs To STOP!!
This is about animal abuse and how it seriously needs to stop. If you love animals and agree that they don't deserve it please subscribe and request a membership. Please help me make this a very popular page so everyone can see...
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Random dreams!
Have you ever had a random dream? Or have you ever had a lucid dream (they are dreams that you can contol) Write them down! I'd love to hear what goes on in your mind! XP
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Yep, since my other one was deleted (thanks to my little sister) SO I'M MAKING A NEW ONE!! So yea, you can Roleplay anything here. BUT THEIR ARE RULES!!!! 1. no sexual stuuf (that's kinda nasty but you can kiss or whatever) 2.I...
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Grr! ! ! !
Ever had something that really bugs you? Here's a page to let it all out! If you disagree, speak up and say why you think so. No fighting, please!
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