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The Lonely Vampiress
Her eyes, black as night, bored into his soul. He stared at her inquisitively for a second or two. "What are - " But then, she smiled, and as the skin of her lips stretched across her teeth, revealing her nearly inch long fangs...
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Poems (8)
This is just a group of poems I wrote for a class. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading. :P (Btw wrote this probably 2014-2015, just fyi)
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A Collection of Hamlet Poems
This is a collection of poems written from the perspective of Hamlet characters. It was my final for a class I took earlier this year. They are written in shakespearean dialect, and are from the perspective of Horatio, Hamlet, ...
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An Unforgiving Adversary
This is a true story. It's an essay that I wrote for a class in late 2015 or early 2016. We were doing a unit on college essays, and this is what I decided to write for my assignment.
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Fire of Revenge
This is a story based off of my poem, Strike While the Head Wears the Crown. I will elongate it eventually, but this is the quick version of the story, which I had to write for a class. Enjoy!
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Geometry Stuff... XD
This is just some theorems, postulates, properties, and all kinds of other geometry stuff. Enjoy!
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How to do Algebra
A short few pages on how to do basic Algebra 1 and Pre-Algebra. Its not too bad, i promise.
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My Skiing Memoir
This is a memoir containing a few (real) stories of me skiing. I have had many awesome adventures and funny stories skiing, and I wrote this for a writing class, so I hope you like it. :)
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Dragon Princess
This story is about four young friends that discover they have a whole different identity: they are dragons. I will add more to this over time. Thanks for reading! Enjoy!
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Commander and Linet Story
I am sorry, but I have taken this story off qfeast because it is going to be the second or third book of the Dragon Princess series that I am going to publish.
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Linet and Lucius
(I promise I will make a better title later) This story is about a girl named Linet that discovers that someone is planning to asasinate the Roman prince, so she abducts him in order to save his life.
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Secret Avatar
This is that Avatar story I polled about. I don't care what people are gonna say, and I'm gonna post it anyway. BTW I wrote this when I was younger but edited it and added to it recently. Hope you like it! :D
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Book of Science Poems
This is a group of poems that I had to do for a project for my science teacher.
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Bio Poem
This is a bio poem from a character in a book I love, Eona. The girl's name is Eona. Hope you like!
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Biography of Archimedes
This is the biography of Archimedes. I wrote it for a school project, and I think it is okay. What do you think?
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This is my friend's story. I do not take credit for writing it. Although, I must admit that is is amazingly awesome.
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A Lemon Tart Disaster
This story is different from my others. It is geared toward the younger crowd, so I think some of you will like it but if you don't, that is most likely the reason.
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Rise of the Dragons
This story takes place in ancient Rome, and the main characters, Linet and Gareth, are married. It has some twists to it, and I hope you like it!!!
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I give credit to Erin Hunter for inspiring me to write this story. It is similar to the Warriors series. I wrote it when I was younger, so it isn't as good as my others.
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