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This is a bio poem from a character in a book I love, Eona. The girl's name is Eona. Hope you like!

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Chapter 1.

Bio poem of Eona

Fearless due to her ability to overcome fear in battle, strong due to her relentless courage and boundless energy both in battle and in peace, hopeful due to the fact she never gave up hope when the kingdom was on the brink of destruction.
Relative of Lord Tyron, the Ox Dragoneye, with whom Eona shares her status as a Dragoneye with, (although, he is not her blood-relative, only her colleague and a resistance ally).
Lover of Kygo, the young pearl emperor, whom she will do anything to protect because she loves him; peace, due to the fact that it is what she, Kygo, and the resistance are fighting for; deception, as she has been deceiving everyone for years saying she was a boy, Eon.
Who feels angry towards evil Lord Ido for murdering the other Dragoneyes; delighted when with Kygo because she loves him; an intense desire coming from her ancestor, Kirina, urging her to rip the pearl embedded in her lover’s throat to save the dragons.
Who fears Kygo’s death due to her intense love for him; High Lord Sethon taking away the only hope for peace in the kingdom, Kygo, and killing him; Lord Ido due to his murdering of her Dragoneye allies.
Who gives her loyalty to Kygo due to the fact that she loves him and that he is the Pearl Emperor; her life to the betterment of the country if need be because she wishes that her friends, family, and culture survive; all of her energy into making sure that High Lord Sethon doesn’t take over, because if he does, chaos will befall the kingdom.
Who would like to see peace in the kingdom due to the fact that peace is what she and the resistance are fighting for; High Lord Sethon destroyed because High Lord Sethon destroyed everything she and Kygo cared about, (with the exception of each other); her family because she barely remember them and hasn’t seen them since she was sold away to a salt farm, where she labored in the dirt until Lord Brannon came and took her away.
Resident of the Imperial Palace of Pearl Emperor Kygo and his father.
Mirror Dragoneye
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