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The Greatest Showman (soundtrack+lyrics)
I love this movie so much and I am creating this to help learn the lyrics! All the songs are beautiful with a beautiful message.
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((Credits for the First Sergeant and the wonderfully angsty Ink Disease go to Tori (@WaitForIt) , and her wonderful story “Lungs of Ink”. If you enjoy this, please go read her story. It’s beautifully written and beautifully ang...
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Knights With No Mercy
A poem I wrote recently that I would love some analysis/ opinions on. Try to guess the meaning, wonder how it could be improved, what parts do you like? Don't like? How do you interpret it?
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bumblebee angst i mean kind of idk rly
sigh im so bad at writing this sucks so much lmao but uh here take it anyways i guess :/ im only making one chapter of this the idea just popped in my head so i felt the need to write abt it the bees are hurt and i just hope th...
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Avengers Rap Battles
Introducer: Welcome to the house where all like to meet, where everyone roast each other while someone gets beat. The rap battle begins in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1. (Ocs also included).
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Song Lyrics (Old School Hip-hop)
hey guys haven't done this in awhile so this is just throwback songs I did this for fun so enjoy
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Starting Now
Starting Now, my life just got a whole lot worse, so I MADE A POEM HAHAAHAHAHH im just trying to keep myself in a good mood! MEH Idk what else to put on here so...BYE
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Diary Of A Cringey Kid
It's just my diary guys, don't be snoopy yessh. Don't you read this, I command you nut to!
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Poetry Book!
I've loved poetry for more than I can remember. Whenever I feel turned down, it's always been there for me. In my opinion, nothing is better than a mind overflowing with ideas that scream to be written down. Just keep in mind...
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This is for my journalism page since the bullshit of page can't take more than 514 characters.
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Elegy of a Twilit World
A tale of love and tragedy comes to life in this story of a queen and her king. A promise broken, a memory lost; From the dawn of a new beginning to the sunset that ends it all.
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Poems (8)
This is just a group of poems I wrote for a class. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading. :P (Btw wrote this probably 2014-2015, just fyi)
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Save Me Wonderland
We're all dead here... Ever wonder what happens in Wonderland when the sun goes down and the ghosts come out to play?
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Midnight Song
The midnight's song is pure and silenced by all, listen and find your midnight
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Top 10 Tupac Songs
Hey yall this is my top ten Tupac Shakur U guys can rate five stars if u wanna see more top ten songs
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Hetalia Character Songs
I own non of these songs Qfeast so I swear to Andy if you delete this because of copywrite or some shit I will hunt you down Anyways, these are Character songs to the Countries in Hetalia Enjoy the heartbreaking, sad, emotional...
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Quotes and stuff
well um this is a story where its quotes and thigns that has helped me with my life i don't know how much or when i'll update or anything so yeah.
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FNaF songs! (1)
If I didn't sang one you like, comment below please! I will search up the lyrics and place them down.
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Vocaloid English Song Lyrics
I have put together all of the Vocaloid song lyrics. If you want a specific song, tell me in the comments. These are directly translated to English
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