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A short poem. Viewer discretion is advised. A trigger warning just to be safe. I take no credit for the cover image. Please don't steal. Thank you. -Cris
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But then I woke up..
Here’s a short poem of a dream I had, and then the reasoning behind my dream. Later I’ll probably make it way better but I’ve had writers block for awhile so here’s a start :)
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Something I'd Like to Change About Myself
A monologue I wrote for an in-class drama project. Just thought I'd share it with you guys for some opinions before submitting it for a writing contest.
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My secret garden
This is a dark poem, if you are sensitive I recommend not reading this, you’ve been warned.
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The War got the best of me
A collection of poems. Love, Emotional, Happiness, sorrow, Distance, every feeling will be expressed through them. Hope they reach to everyone's heart <3 Love you, all!
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The Greatest Showman (soundtrack+lyrics)
I love this movie so much and I am creating this to help learn the lyrics! All the songs are beautiful with a beautiful message.
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((Credits for the First Sergeant and the wonderfully angsty Ink Disease go to Tori (@WaitForIt) , and her wonderful story “Lungs of Ink”. If you enjoy this, please go read her story. It’s beautifully written and beautifully ang...
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Knights With No Mercy
A poem I wrote recently that I would love some analysis/ opinions on. Try to guess the meaning, wonder how it could be improved, what parts do you like? Don't like? How do you interpret it?
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bumblebee angst i mean kind of idk rly
sigh im so bad at writing this sucks so much lmao but uh here take it anyways i guess :/ im only making one chapter of this the idea just popped in my head so i felt the need to write abt it the bees are hurt and i just hope th...
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Song Lyrics (Old School Hip-hop)
hey guys haven't done this in awhile so this is just throwback songs I did this for fun so enjoy
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Starting Now
Starting Now, my life just got a whole lot worse, so I MADE A POEM HAHAAHAHAHH im just trying to keep myself in a good mood! MEH Idk what else to put on here so...BYE
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Diary Of A Cringey Kid
It's just my diary guys, don't be snoopy yessh. Don't you read this, I command you nut to!
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Poetry Book!
I've loved poetry for more than I can remember. Whenever I feel turned down, it's always been there for me. In my opinion, nothing is better than a mind overflowing with ideas that scream to be written down. Just keep in mind...
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This is for my journalism page since the bullshit of page can't take more than 514 characters.
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Elegy of a Twilit World
A tale of love and tragedy comes to life in this story of a queen and her king. A promise broken, a memory lost; From the dawn of a new beginning to the sunset that ends it all.
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Poems (8)
This is just a group of poems I wrote for a class. Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading. :P (Btw wrote this probably 2014-2015, just fyi)
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Save Me Wonderland
We're all dead here... Ever wonder what happens in Wonderland when the sun goes down and the ghosts come out to play?
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