Fiction and Nonfiction
my chess story
its so sad it little drowed my pet fish is made me so sad and made me so sad
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they are tasty, good on pizza, they make you grow, and they are even part of chinese food!
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middle finger
?? f middle finger mf flip off third finger best finger come on stupid requirement
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Best Dry Fruit Seller In India
There are lots of sites in online... But is the largest wholesale suppliers of dry fruits, raisins, saffron, coffee beans, cardamoms, almonds and honey.. They are best at giving quality products and customer sat...
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A song i made
ENJOY!! I made these lyrics all by myself and the song is called My Starlight
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Poems I made(2021-ongoing)
Pretty self explanatory I suppose. Basically just brainstorming some poems I've made lol
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Where It's Quiet
I had to do a poem for English class, and decided to post it on here! (lalala trying to fill up t-
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My favorite songs (3)
These songs aren't mine I will give credit to the original owners at the beginning of each chapter. Now without further questions, the songs I found on Google!
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Best Quote Collection
A list of profound quotes that have had a profound impact on my life at one time or another. Or just quotes I find cool, can relate to, get inspired by or that I like for no particular reason at all, lmao. This book lowkey migh...
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The Healing of the Storms
This a poem/ song lyrics book. Expressing my feelings in words so u can all understand
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Poems/ stories/ Songs about my life
idk its just a way to express my self through the words. U can see little glimps of me and my past if u read this plz dont try to act like im important. I know im bad at this stuff
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a honest displeasure
i got to much time on my hands i wanna try to write to express some of my frustration i am a poet by no means so if its bad i understand<3
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The Entire Bee Movie Script (2)
Fresh out of college, Barry the Bee (Jerry Seinfeld) finds the prospect of working with honey uninspiring. He flies outside the hive for the first time and talks to a human (Renée Zellweger), breaking a cardinal rule of his spe...
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Life (1)
This is a poem even though it is short it is nice? What r u waiting for? GO TAKE IT!!???
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Autism the poem
Posting for criticism this is serious short poem themed around autism not to be disrespectful
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Poetry Collection (2020)
I have a poetry collection already, but its from several years ago, and my writing style had changed immensely. So here are more recent poems from this year.
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Poems (6)
These are poems that I write when I'm upset and it helps me get my feelings out and I put them out so people have something to relate too.
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it's not poetry it was just the closest thing there lyrics to songs is what this is not all the song have all of the lyrics
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A short poem. Viewer discretion is advised. A trigger warning just to be safe. I take no credit for the cover image. Please don't steal. Thank you. -Cris
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